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  1. yes, Gheorghe, i am still alive after a time of silence. all is well and good.
  2. 2.99 ? unbelievable maybe saleman and grob never ever would pin it down today for this Price!
  3. i think it Comes from a Radio Show called "lyon´s busy" with Jimmy Lyons. i found one from 12.12.1949 with the Dave Brubeck trio playing various rhthms with "crazy rhythm", "fascinating rhythm" (vocal by Barbara ritchie again), after the Commercial a Little bit of "Lover" and than variations of "how high the moon". unfortunately only part 1 here: https://www.otrr.org/OTRRLibrary/otrrlibrary.html?idp=12802 Keep boppin´ marcel
  4. terrible, this colorized Versions of old original black and White films!!
  5. bichos

    Claud Carrière

    look here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  6. ricky riccardi has alway high praise for all satchmo (including hello dolly.....) Keep boppin´ marcel (...i know: shit storm is comming over me.... :-)
  7. another rarity just poped up. i think you can hear how prez is smiling during this telephone interview. in fact he said nothing.. Keep boppin´ marcel
  8. there was a bg camel Caravan in 1936? i think they start in the summer of 1937 with the swing School? Keep boppin´ marcel
  9. thanks ian bradley for this interesting and informative blogspot link!! Keep boppin´ marcel
  10. can you Name the musicians in this amazing film footage? is it from a garden Party in paris???? Keep boppin´ marcel
  11. not an answer to your original question...but here it is: https://pastdaily.com/2015/01/25/roy-eldridge-coleman-hawkins-all-stars-with-arthur-prysock-at-birdland-1952-past-daily-downbeat/ Keep boppin´ marcel
  12. oh my goodness, the People at gettyimages had no idea of their Pictures. they put a date of a Picture of lester Young as ca. 1970!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shame!!!!!! https://www.gettyimages.de/detail/nachrichtenfoto/photo-of-lester-young-photo-by-michael-ochs-archives-nachrichtenfoto/74301025?adppopup=true Keep boppin´ marcel
  13. thank you, mr. dan Gould. once again preparing my Holiday season in the sun. Keep boppin´ marcel
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