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Since all the links in the list did not work anymore after a forum software update, it was necessary to update the list. The links above the line are the new ones, sorted alphabetically by topic. Please understand that it will take a while to locate all threads and post new links. There are a lot of new threads started after the old list was created; links from the old list will be removed after they are updated. I will ask for omissions once I'm done. Thanks for your patience!


Album Covers Showing Alcoholic Beverages

Album covers all in B&W -- minimal color, if any 

Album back cover art ....

Album Covers with Bare Feet

Album covers with a barn or barns

Album covers with real big bass fiddles

Album covers with Cactus/Cacti

Album covers with carousels, but not the musical

Album covers with cats

Album Covers Showing Clocks

Album covers with clowns or circus related.

Album covers with Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola on the cover.

Comic style album covers

Album Covers Featuring Musicians In Costume

Album covers of daughters and sons of famous musicians

Album covers with doors

Album covers showing the Eiffel Tower

Album covers with musicians/models eyes closed

Album covers with fog

Album Covers Featuring Moderne Furniture

Album covers with ghost images of the artist

Album covers with Stained Glass on the cover

Album covers with Gnomes

Album sleeves featuring great haircuts

Album Covers showing women with big hats!

Album covers with people hidin' ....

Album Covers With Hoping Against All Hope

Album Covers That Simply Ran Out of Ideas and/or Money

Album covers with people jumpin'

Album covers For If You Don't Want To Know, Don't Ask

Album Covers with Lighthouses

Album Covers showing musicians lying down

Album Covers Showing Maps or Globes

Album Covers That Bring Back Bad Memories

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" - album cover art with mirror images/effects ....

Album Covers With Sexy Mouths (And/Or Lips)

Album covers with neon lights on buildings

Album covers with onions

Album Covers with People in Sorrow

Album Covers With Everything But The Phone Number

Album covers with the leaning tower of Pisa

Album Covers That Look Like a Liquor or Cigarette Ad in a 1969 Playboy

Covers photographed in front of Rudy Van Gelder's venetian blinds

Album Covers That Say It All 

Sexiest album covers

Album covers showing shoes without feet

Album Covers with the space exploration theme

Album Covers That Let You Know Up Front Where You Stand

Album Covers with Surrealist Art 

Album covers with women on swings

Album Covers with Trains, Locomotives, or Rolling Stock

Album Covers That Make You Say "Uhhhh...."

Albumcovers with a view from the ceiling

Album covers showing vinyl records without cover

Album covers with windmills

Album covers with women on wheels

Album covers of musicans writing music


Special threads:

Album covers at original locations


Links below the line do not work anymore!


Abum Covers That Make You Nostalgic For Africa Brass (board member name)

Album Covers Showing Album Covers

Album Cover Backs That Feature Lots Of Other Album Covers

Album Covers With Pictures of Animals

animated album covers

Album Covers created by famous artists!

Album Covers Showing Bathtubs or Showers

Album Covers/Titles That Make You Say "BFD"

Album covers reminiscent of Blue Note

non-jazz album covers in the BN style, BUT NOT copies of specific BN LP's

Knockoffs of jazz albums covers... BN covers in particular, and others too.

Album Covers Featuring Invisible, But Apparently Bodacious, Booty

British Jazz album art

pictures of jazz musicians WITH CATS... album covers, or otherwise

Album Covers of Albums With Celebrity Non-Musicians Making Music

Album Covers w/ cityscapes, street-scenes, buildings ...

Album Covers With The Clothes Too Small

Album Covers showing people in coffee cups

Album Covers Featuring Amazing Combovers

cool album covers

Album Covers With Unintended Consequences

Album covers with cows on them

Album Covers That Look Like Crown But Aren't

Album Covers Featuring What Could Be A Very Good Etch-A-Sketch Drawing

Album Covers Referencing Drugs

Album Covers That Look Like ECM But Aren't

Album covers with eyes

Album Covers featuring Big Eyes!

"Strange" "Foreign" Album Covers

Jazz Albums with a gimmick

Album Covers That Would Not Exist w/o Hairspray

Album Covers Showing Men with Big Hats

Album Covers w/ Fickle Sonance Hats

Album Covers showing hats but no women or men

Album Covers Showing Multiple Images of the Artist

Album Covers Which May Contain a Photo of The Magnificent Goldberg

Album Covers That Most Resemble The Magnificent Goldberg's Avatar

Album Covers That Bring Back Bad Memories In Part Or In Whole

Album Covers That Should Come w/a Mr Microphone

Album covers showing money

Album Covers Showing Name or Title Multiple Times

Albums with titles based on leader's name

Album covers showing native drums

Album Covers with Native Masks or Shrunken Heads

Album covers showing nothing (or almost nothing!)

Album Cover Photos Taken From The Wrong Side

JAZZ album covers with really BAD photos of the musician(s) therein...

Album covers from the same photo shoot

Album Covers Showing Pinned Threads

Album Covers Featuring The President of The United States

Album Covers with Gratuitous Punctuation

Album Covers That Think They're Sexy But Aren't

Album Covers w/Sheet Music On A Stand, Be It... ...playable or not...

Album Covers For If Sinatra Was A Woman

Album covers that make you smile

Album Covers with 'Sound of Music' allusions

Album covers that are not square - (shape-wise, I mean)

Strange Album Covers

Album Covers With Implied Farting Trumpet Players

Album Covers Named Tune Up!

Album Covers That Look Like Verve But Aren't

Album covers showing signs of wear, but no people, no hats

Album Cover Featuring REALLY Bad Wigs

Album Covers with Wine and/or Cheese

Album covers featuring people with the 80's porn actor look

The "One Artist, One Album, One Chair" Thread

Album Covers Guaranteed To Get Your Ass Back In Bed ASAP

Album Covers For When Steve Allen Is Not Steve Allen-y Enough

... and finally there's this one:

Lester Young Aladdin LP Covers

...and this one:

Always With The Big Glasses, That One Is - Ray Barretto Album Covers

... and this very special one:

lp cover likers look here

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Links did not work anymore after forum software update

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excellent!! Thank you Mike for this!!


Oh YES!!!

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I'm afraid this won't happen ...

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I hope so; I have to admit, after seeing the list, I've changed my opinion.

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Cast in a vote with the moderation team ...

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Build a poll & I will come.

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Some fan should start it. Besides that I told the moderation team that I will not start such a poll.

Make sure it asks to pin this thread, yes or no.

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Let's simply keep it up ... the pinned threads are new to the list.

Edited by mikeweil

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One more for the list!

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WOW so many album cover threads! Maybe we should have a sub-forum catagory for them!

or - i know - why don't we just PIN THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The moderation team has communicated it will neither establish another sub-forum nor pin this thread. Let's accept this.

I will simply keep it up - like now, after adding another covers thread to the list.

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One new thread added.

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Two more added.

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Added a one-post thread I had overlooked.

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