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  1. Guy Lafitte

    So, here I am playing one disk by Guy Lafitte and popping the next after that, and the next one after that. Not that I have many, but he's such a nice, warm, and friendly player it's hard to depart from this sweet stuff and move on. Any opinions / recommendations?
  2. Inspired in part by the BN Screensaver and by a lazy weekend, I spend some time with photoshop and a collection of BN covers and came up with some animated covers. I hope my output will inspire others here on the board. I know there are some true animation kings among us. So let's have a ball! I like this one, but as an avatar, it belongs to Parkertown I never took the effort of inverting this great pic until now. my new avatar: my favorite "funny one": not very satisfied with this one: the very first one I made: you will buy this record.... you will buy this record...
  3. In the continuing series: Stuff From The East That couw Buys At The Vinyl Shoppe, we are proud to present: Ianci Körössy. BTW: This is not the start of the "stupid music"-thread vol. 2 Unlike last time when I posted some sounds from the East, I know exactly what to think of this. Mr Körössy is a brilliant piano player from Cluj Napoka, Rumania. He was not allowed to play his jazz music in his own country, so in the 60s he moved to Germany and later on to the USA. He returned home some years ago and continues to play. There is a short bio here; google lists some additional sites of interest, but not many. Searching with alternative spelling brings us to Japan, where apparantly some of his music has been released on CD. A search for "Korossy" (US spelling?) at the usual CD outlets tells me there is one US release of 50s/60s material. If anyone happens to know it, please to post your comments. I hope to get this one soon myself. To the music. The cover posted above belongs to a 10" LP released on the Czech Supraphon label; judging from the catalogue number I'm guessing it must have been recorded around 1960/61. Körössy plays standards, varying from swing classics like Honeysuckle Rose to bop staples like Perdido. He is accompanied by Miroslav Kefurt on guitar (2 tracks only), Milan Pilar on bass, and Karel Turnovský on drums. His style is a swift boppish one with immaculate precision. The latter makes it sound like a classic concert virtuoso is at work and gives it all an awkward constrained touch. A live solo performance recorded 1961 in Warsaw (Jazz Jamboree) emphasises this virtuosic touch. I never really put any energy into finding out more about Ianci Körössy, but roaming the links google provides tells me he's someone who went through some darn interesting phases in his life and probably also his career. Not known to be overly drawn in by piano players, couw has to admit that this man's music does click with him. Now some samples for all of you to enjoy (right click and save): (links removed) Perdido The Man I Love Body and Soul all three taken from the above pictured 10" LP All The Things You Are solo performance taken from a Polish LP feat. some tunes from the Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 1961; even if you don't like the above three tracks and want to give up, I would suggest you still get this one, this is something else! I hope posting otherwise unavailable music as mp3s is not causing any problems; I will take these down in a week or so. I only wish this marvellous stuff out there and make Mr Körössy's name hum in the back of some heads.
  4. Blue Note Reissues for 2008...

    "Up at Mintons" also featured Horace Parlan. Its only CD issues have been in Japan. I have JRVGs of them and I assume there was a previous TOCJ. MG there was a domestic "doubletime" 2CD set as well. Those with the ugly yellow/blue diagonal banner.
  5. Blue Note Reissues for 2008...
  6. June Christy's This Time of Year

    I think it's something they put in the tap water
  7. June Christy's This Time of Year

  8. RIAA'S latest stance

    actually that looks like the core of the case the me; read the brief, the part about the unauthorised copies is on p. 15.
  9. recommended software for .rar/.zip--->mp3

    your winrar will continue to function, just that there will be a pop up message each time you open it telling you to register
  10. Help me choose my next Ellington purchase

    my money is on Booker 'Two Solos' Ervin
  11. images of musicians enjoying cigarettes

    marred indeed!
  12. Nero Problems

    no doubt I am dead wrong, but your post reads like an advert for a caste society where all are created equal but those with the proper dues and tormented souls are more equal and allowed to spew at the cost of others and the group. Cool beans if the group can handle it, but obviously it cannot. Sure there are lots of folks who are not vocal about being bothered and sure there are those who see nothing wrong and are rather vocal about that. Heck, there may even be some who are exalted by it all and are having a field day right now. But there is definitely also an increasing number of folks who are simply appalled or otherwise not amused; people are leaving this place -- full stop. This place is turning into a cliquish affair for the selected elite. I am all for a loving community where everyone can be themselves, but it is simply to utopic to be. So everyone adapts and I fail to see why that would not apply to those with the loudest mouths and the foulest language or those with the most exquisit CV. So let's have that community you speak of, but focus a bit more on behaving ourselves instead of going into rampant mode demanding everyone swallow everything. Just cut the crap and be nice to each other (and the rest of the world).
  13. "Donald Byrd: the Hardbop Years"

    I remember reading -- but where? -- that Fuego was Byrd's only recording on pocket tp. Listening to The Cat Walk (title tune), I'd say this is his normal trumpet sound of the time. The pocket trumpet (on Fuego) sounds less open and a bit hoarser than that.
  14. Nero Problems

    There is proof of this board scaring off some industry folks. I am in no position to elabor, but it is so.
  15. Nero Problems

    Heck, your post got the honour of being the little drop that did it. If you want to accuse me of lack of humour, the pic in my profile is much funnier than yours. Hah! the thing is, Chris, that this seemed just another tidbit dropped in just another thread, but there have been so many tidbits in so many threads that it is becoming a bit of a burden to the board. You still have not addressed that point. Your concern is with this board if I am to believe your posts on the celebration thread. Maybe you should address not only the monetary aspects and be happy, but also address and help re-shape the content of this board.
  16. Nero Problems

    This is so small-minded I would never have expected such a comment from you. If you fail to see this as part of (and merely part of) the bigger issue then so be it. Maybe the differences run too deep and cannot be reconciled. Maybe you chose to see it this way, that would suck big time. Take it to PM if you wish. All of the shit written here has to do with the board and with the positively huge google presence all of it may serve or hurt the band.
  17. Nero Problems

    thanks Jim, this REALLY helps evading the issue. ladidadidaah
  18. Nero Problems

    in his initial post couw was wise enough to point out that: "...the thing is that the "negativity", as it has been called, of this board is not about all the shite that goes on between members of this board calling each other names and whatnot. The real issue is the crap that gets slung to all those outside of this board. The inter-member shite is commonplace with BBs like this and has never been a problem, it's the outward going shite by a select few who have chosen this board to vent their frustrations that is the real problem." you have yet to address that point. Instead, you have been hiding behind good weather messages of a reborn board and behind silly comparisons of online profiles. If any moderator wants me to tone down and take back my "bitter old Chris" comment, I will do so immediately. Heck, I will do that right now and apologise for hurting your feelings. See, this inter-member shite is easily solved indeed. But what will *you* do if you are asked to keep your personal vendettas towards non-members to yourself and not spill them on the board under the name of a band trying to make a living? If you can promise to keep that stuff to your memoires, I promise I will never again call you bitter old Chris. Meanwhile, we reached #1 google status, yay
  19. Brian Wilson tries hip-hop

    previous discussion
  20. Japanese releases 10/2007 - 11/2007
  21. Nero Problems

    Would it make you feel better if CA had written something nice thing about Peter Nero? If you're going to run scared about what people may find when they google "Peter Nero" then you've pretty much defeated the purpose of free expression on the net. IMHO I would have felt much better if Chris had just shut the fuck up and written nothing about Mr. Nero as there was no need whatsoever accept possibly Chris's ego. It's all free expression of course, but it also falls down on the band advertised in the URL. If Chris wants free expression wrt his ego he should get a blog. He can even link his utterances there through any thread here, just not post it under the current band related URL. For all of us, we should freely express ourselves if needed but not succomb to old scores and any other bills to be settled outside of this board. Freedom of expression should not mean freedom of insult. Apparantly to some here it does.
  22. Nero Problems

    I assume you are not so dumb that you could not deduce the software bit from Dan's post. Which begs the question, WHY are you replying to a topic you know nothing about? Why not breathe and let it go? This really is the question if you care to bear with me. Why not just keep the negative shite to yourself? Even if it's meant to be funny -- is it? If you cannot keep it to yourself: get a blog. Please explain to me how I am wrong in that this board (too) often provides a window for some members to vent negatively on people outside of this board (or even long dead). If you wish please assume I am an old lady and show me due respect.
  23. Nero Problems

    This thread is an excellent example of what is rotten about this BB. Let me spell it out: A guy starts a thread about a technical problem, that's what theses BBs are for, right? Another guy makes a suggestion that proves to provide the answer, even better in terms of social service. Good place! Question solved, thread closed. Yes, but no... Then bitter old Chris A. has to step in with a "semi-joke" -- which is not really funny -- about how much of a prick the pianist is who happens to carry the same name as the computer programme. Following that, instead of calling him the asshole he is, his old chum has to put some little coal to the fire. Thankyouverymuch. The appropriate reaction of a BB would be: WTF??!! But I don't read that here. As it is, whenever the world looks for Peter Nero in their google inspired webworlds, they will very easily fall into this snakepit to find that the man had a quarrel with good ole bitter Chris and is a prick to boot. Real good advertisement for the Organissimo band of course. This board has LOTS of search hits -- believe it or not -- and therewith huge google impact; search for the two names of the Nero guy and you find this thread among the top20 results already today. This post will probably make it edge closer to the top... All that is written here has impact on the google world out there. Of course freedom of expression is holy, but maybe not at all cost; the solution would be to get your own blog, Chris. It's easy to set up. There you can spout all your horrific stories that do not really fit into discussions here, even if you managed to squeeze them in on a loose and twisted sort of logic every now and then. Maybe you'll even reach high on the google-o-meter like this board does. Hell, you're not alone so maybe your peers will follow to create a blog-like wiki of how things really were and are. See, the thing is that the "negativity", as it has been called, of this board is not about all the shite that goes on between members of this board calling each other names and whatnot. The real issue is the crap that gets slung to all those outside of this board. The inter-member shite is commonplace with BBs like this and has never been a problem, it's the outward going shite by a select few who have chosen this board to vent their frustrations that is the real problem. At least for a forum connected to, paid for by, and maintained by a band. So if the band name is disassociated from the forum that would help a lot. If some of the members would think twice before posting that would help lots more. Maybe I am the asshole that doesn't understand properly and maybe I will follow brownie anyhow -- like him I still have lots of discs to spin and appreciate.