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  1. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    nvm that, I want to know about the box below it labelled POOP FLUSH RUSH.
  2. Ok, I re-read the lyrics and it looks like you're right. So? What, are you still here?
  3. Pet peeves

    White hairline serif text on black backgrounds = illegibility.
  4. Mainly for the worse, since the advent of the internet.
  5. Pet peeves

    I'm looking at you, Mosaic.
  6. But it's not wrong. There's no reason to believe he didn't mean "certain people are starting to (expect to be beaten)."
  7. For someone who claims to be linguistically inclined you don’t have much appreciation for the English language. That’s like saying you’re musically inclined but as far as you’re concerned the difference between A and A-sharp is splitting hairs. Splitting hairs is what gives language its richness. A wide variety of subtly different words allows a writer to choose which one expresses and describes best. If you read in a novel “She winced” it ought to mean something different that “She cringed.” And why would I take offense at the use of the word "dog" to address persons? Do you mean to say they don't know the definition of "dog"? OMG illiteracy is worse than I thought! I don't see any indication he meant wince. Anyway, wince doesn't rhyme.
  8. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    1937-06-30 Savoy Ballroom, MBS 1938-06-03 NYC 1938-07 & 08 probably The Famous Door CBS broadcast, Famous Door, New York City, July 23, 1938. (Live 1938 at The Famous Door, NYC [1997 Jazz Hour CDs]) 1944-01-10 Lang-Worth Transcriptions, Liederkranz Hall, NYC All sets on The Golden Years (Jazz Archives) except where noted.
  9. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    I was saying, in Basie's day all you had to do to hear the music was turn on the radio at the right time, but now you're saying we can't make it easy to hear it.
  10. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    This applies to people who buy pieces of plastic to place on their shelves as much as to people who download digital files to store on their hard drives. I'm sure you're familiar with the obsessive collector type who fetishizes the physical product to the extent that he has six remastered super deluxe editions of the same title in his collection. Hell, you may be one of them. Just because you paid $50 and waited two weeks to get a CD from overseas doesn't mean you know the music better than someone who downloaded a bit-perfect digital copy of it with scans for free in minutes. So if Mosaic, say, issued a box set of Basie's complete broadcasts, I guess that would be only for dabblers. Anyone who bought that box wouldn't be able to appreciate the music because they didn't work hard enough to acquire it. XD
  11. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    We could do it right now, unless you insist on being able to buy a physical product. Among the lot of us we probably already have all the material. We could assemble it, sort it, compile it, and make it available online via, torrent, soulseek,, etc. It might not be strictly legal but what's more important, preserving the music or not pirating long OOP CDs?
  12. Record Store Day 2021

    I am surprised to learn there is such a thing.
  13. Which is the stronger physical reaction, wince or cringe? A wince is generally confined to the face but perhaps can include the shoulders. Cringing involves the whole body in an attempt to protect its sensitive areas from blows. Now, which action is more appropriate to reading a dad joke online? I can't think of any off the top of my head. I think if someone did something deeply embarrassing in my presence my reaction would be to turn away, to try to disassociate myself from him, to withdraw if possible; to the observer that might appear similar to cringing but is not motivated by the same emotion.
  14. Old Testament Basie: filling gaps

    There are 3 CDs of airshots on EPM/Jazz Archives alone and that's not even counting the AFRS Jubilee recordings -- or are you talking about the Famous Door only? It seems unlikely anyone would mistake JR for a woman, but now that you mention it perhaps it was Helen Humes.