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  1. I have far more Feldman in my collection than Glass, but the Glass music I listen to is his early work, precisely because of its austere and unsweetened "relentlessness".
  2. Too rarely seen and too little talked about. I like those records.
  3. 1984. LondonJazzCollector has a useful label guide.
  4. If you make that a requirement (replacing "singing" with "playing"), I will have to get rid of 97% of my record collection.
  5. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned here, I think. I will add Alexander von Schlippenbach's "Globe Unity" (Saba) and "We'll remember Komeda" by Michal Urbaniak, Tomasz Stanko & co. I can tell you that used records bins here are overflowing with at best mediocre releases of glossy MOR-easy listening jazz on both labels. Sadly, these seem to be much easier to find and cheaper than the quality stuff.
  6. "Intervall" deserves to be much better known. It is a truly great album. Unfortunately Discogs tells me that the reissues of "Intervall" have become very expensive. I've never heard the CD, but the reissue on vinyl is of very high quality. It actually sounds so good that it now sits next to the original on my record shelves.
  7. The Dancing Wayang label released a couple of nice free jazz albums on vinyl (Mats Gustafsson, Peter Evans, Phil Minton...). The first 100 copies of each release came with a bonus 3" cd (or cd-r?) with extra music.
  8. Post deleted after reading a previous post more carefully.
  9. Thank you for this. One small note: five tracks from the 1962-64 Savoy sessions were first released on the "New Music: Second Wave" sampler (1979).
  10. I have more or less pristine originals. I do wonder how much better those newly remastered reissues can sound.
  11. I have had the good fortune and privilege of attending countless concerts of his, both solo and with numerous other musicians. Almost every one of those concerts was an uplifting and invigorating experience. He was indeed a brilliant performer. I have particularly fond memories of the heydays of the Free Music Festival organised by him. What I heard and learned from Fred and other musicians there, on and off stage, influenced me profoundly musically. Thank you for the music.
  12. The most desirable test pressings of this title are the review copies with the screen-printed sleeve.
  13. I don't think the sad news has been reported here yet, but the utterly unique and extremely versatile musician, artist and arts organizer Hartmut Geerken died last week at the age of 82 (21 October 2021). He will be sorely missed.
  14. I share your enthusiasm, but actually they are from Nicaragua.
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