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  1. How's the music and the sound quality? Great bands... Also, what's the total playing time? It looks like three entire sets!
  2. Lovely. IIRC Big Sid missed the date...
  3. Martial Solal at Newport was a fake. I don't know if the live recording was faulty or they just recorded it in the studio and added the applause for the vibe, and of course the Joe Daley trio was also a fake live recording (both RCA).
  4. To answer the initial query (and speaking from memory), I believe the video consists of the first half-hour of the 1970 gig (ie disc 2 of Live in Paris). It's a wonderful video, which captures the fluidity and concentration of the Ensemble at its best, and the visuals add something substantial to the audio version.
  5. Joseph Scianni has recently (in the past 10 - 15 years) recorded for Bob Rusch / Cadence / CIMP. This includes a solo piano recital, NIGHT PEOPLE. I've not heard it, but am intrigued... in part as it wasn't recorded at "The Spirit Room." Another one: Jack Reilly. Studied with Tristano and Hall Overton; like Denny Zeitlin or Don Friedman or (name your own), a player with a unique approach to modal structures. Dates on Progressive and his own Unichrom label. BLUES-SEAN-GREEN, with Jack Siz and Joe Cocuzzo, is a good introduction to his work. Thanks for the heads up about Scianni's CIMP album. I must look that up!
  6. Lowell Davidson. His only recording for ESP doesn't sound like anyone else, with a kind of delicacy unusual in "free" pianists of the time. Apparently Ornette recommended him to the label. I also like Joseph Scianni's duo album with David Izenson on Savoy. The only other recording by him that I know of is the recently issued Don Cherry/Pharoah Sanders 5tet side. Another really distinctive voice. Any other fans of these two?
  7. These are also available on emusic in the UK, and there seems to be a steady flow of reissues, including Paragon and Streams from earlier decades as well as more recent FMP releases. There is a similar reissue programme on emusic from the "Chet Baker Estate", including material from a range of labels, and like the Rivers the presentation doesn't have the "feel" of a pirate label... M
  8. He was principal trumpet in the NY Phil before taking up conducting and plays the astonishing opening trumpet solo on the NY Phil recording of Elliot Carter's Symphony for Three Orchestras (with Boulez). Apparently Carter admired Schwarz and wanted to write something that would stretch him, which it certainly does. IIRC the opening is meant to evoke the opening of a Hart Crane poem with seagulls swooping around the Brooklyn Bridge. And the trumpet solo does a lot of swooping...
  9. One of the first jazz LPs I bought back in the very early 70s, the Ornithology with Fats and Bud is still one of the essential jazz recordings for me. Both this and the Columbia shown below play back above pitch; there is a remastering on one of the Andorran labels that corrects this (surprisingly enough!) It was a shock to hear the pitch corrected version (just that little bit slower and calm), but actually it makes sense when you get used to it. Has anyone else logged this?
  10. Adventure/Equation is of course on Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy! A classic performance.
  11. John Gilmore: Fantastic solo on Andrew Hill's Compulsion, and some great spots with Sun Ra (I think the big feature is called Adventure/Equation, can't remember which album it's on). He said that he loaned his instrument to a colleague who dropped it and broke it and that he (Gilmore) never played it again. Eloe Omoe did some great bass clarinet work on some of Ra's 70s albums as well, including one on the long bonus track on the Universe in Blue reissue that has shown up on ITunes, Spotify, eMusic, etc. And I think Robert Cummings (sic?) had some impressive solo spots in the 60s with Ra as well. Apologies for being to lazy to look up the details! No discographies to hand at the moment...
  12. newer info: someone from the saturn list said that there was mention of releasing these remastered versions on disc. Ah. Any details about timescale, etc? I've downloaded two already (am enjoying a lot) and was thinking of pushing the button on a couple more, but if real discs are imminent... Thanks! As I really enjoy John Gilmore's soloing, this is good to know. Yes, thanks for the info and recommendation. I saw the release advertised, looked at the set list and decided I could do without yet another typical mid 80s date, but if this is a Gilmore fest then I'd better add this to my list. Next to Ra, he's the soloist in the band I always want to hear more of!
  13. Love his playing, I think I have all of his recordings, and I second the recommendations of To My Queen: the very best of his 60s recordings. Tell Me Only the Beautiful Things from 1976 (I think Candid has reissued this) with WILBUR WARE and Andrew Cyrille is another favourite. Lawrence of Arabia OK, but as Felser pointed out, good to have it with the even better Unity on the twofer. A unique, uncompromising voice, and uses the vibes in a way that takes the instrument to a different place from most. The two Steeplechase duet albums with Richard Davis also go to different and marvellous places. And I'm very fond of the duet album with fellow Philadelphia resident Sun Ra...
  14. Thanks for the all the detail: it's really helpful. The shorter tracks are available seperately, which is useful. BTW I have now downloaded "A Fireside Chat..." and the improvement in sound quality is startling. The lenghty title track is impresses even more now that you can get Vincent Chaney's opening horn solo in rich, full sound, and Ra's organ freak-outs sound fantastic as well. I think it's "Rose-Hued Mansions of the Sun" to sample next: another great, late conducted improv....
  15. I just downloaded Astro Black from ITunes. It's a masterpiece (THE masterpiece?) of early 70's Ra, and although I've only listened to it on my iPad, the sound is excellent, with lots of detail. I'm not an audiophile, so don't read more into this than you should. The LP version (of which I have an old rip) was quadraphonic, and listening to it in stereo gave a very peculiar mix; the new stereo remaster is a great improvement in this respect as well. Ronnie Boykins is the key player throughout, and his bass is front and centre in the mix. The bass playing on the title track might be his finest hour, and I should really copy this over to the BASS PLAYERS thread... I'm going to try A Fireside Chat with Lucifer next. The long title track is another of my favourite "late" Ra performances, and I look forward to hearing it in improved sound. Let's hope they do Omniverse next, my favourite small group Ra of any period!
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