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  1. Tonight in Paris: Mai Sugimoto (as), Raymond Boni (g), Paul Rogers (b), Anton Hatwich (b) Part of the Bridge project. Percussionnist Camille Emaille as first part.
  2. Benny Goodman - Yale archives vol.1 Jackie McLean quintet feat. René McLean - Dynasty
  3. Got the digital versions of all three on Bandcamp yesterday and listened to Solos. Excellent!
  4. Abdullah Ibrahim, tomorrow at Jazz à la Villette in Paris.
  5. Yes, in the Latin quarter (and I believe in the suburbs too), really nice store.
  6. Interesting, thanks! Also good to see more labels looking into INA recordings.
  7. In the basque region right now (where paternal side is from). Cooking, swimming, occasional hikes, tapas, etc. The local Ravel festival this year celebrates Xenakis' 100th, so will be seeing a concert.
  8. Thank you, I do have access to a University library and hadn't thought of trying to borrow it through this type of inter-city book exchange program.
  9. After 5-6 years without an electric, got a latter period Jacobacci strat model with Schaller pickups (SSH configuration) and a Fender Champ 12 tube amp (red knob) to work again. Very happy with this.
  10. Stopping Time, Paul Bley's autobiography with David Lee is hard to find, at least in Europe. Would really enjoy reading it, if ever anyone has tips to find a copy.
  11. Thank you Pim for the very interesting selection! Two that I have listened to in recent months (one on Bandcamp, the other borrowed on CD from local library) and should have thought about are the Khan Jamal and Vijay Iyer. The Iyer trio seems especially obvious now in hindsight. Many other albums that I have never heard and will listen to during the summer, thanks again!
  12. Same here, Barcelona to Paris. On CD1, great sound, and already impressive variety. Thick booklet with interesting pictures.
  13. Got it from jazz messengers, should be arriving today or tomorrow!
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