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  1. Mosaic needs to regenerate its catalog. All the offerings now seem much too bourgeois for my tastes. Whither the avant-garde? Protest? Revolution? All the remaining options seem like they were churned out by the same mill.
  2. I bought the 16-disc box as well, but found that it's bulk meant that I never listened to it. So I've been getting these smaller boxes and am much more pleased. More easily digested music, and the sound is better. But more power to anyone who can dive into a 16-cd box.
  3. Yeah, Mosaic markets itself to pretentious jazz snobs, not to mainstream tastes. And I think that's probably the smarter plan anyway.
  4. You probably have discussed this somewhere else, but can you be more specific? What jazz does he have a poor appreciation for?
  5. How can Mosaics not be good value for your money when you can sell almost any set that goes OOP for twice what you paid for it on EBay?
  6. I once briefly worked for a guy who sold engraved baseball bats. He'd take cheap pieces of wood, engrave a facsimile signature of Mickey Mantle or some other guy on the bat, and then sell the thing for $150. That was a fast-buck artist. Cuscuna, not so much.
  7. if you email Mosaic, I am sure they will tell you the answer to your question. According to Mosaic there are currently no sets heading for the "Running Low/Last Chance" list. I didn't mean my earlier comment to suggest that people shouldn't support Mosaic. People should support businesses that put care into their product, and undoubtedly the marketplace is tough these days. So, I'm thinking of getting one of the $100+ sets with this sale. Any recommendations? These are the ones I don't have. I like almost everything Mosaic does (but not everything). Oliver Nelson Buddy Rich Jazz Crusaders Count Basie Columbia Small Group Swing Sessions Woody Herman Roy Eldridge Johnny Smith Sarah Vaughan Joe Venuti/Eddie Lang Sonny Stitt Benedetti Charlie Parker recordings Any thoughts?
  8. So if you get a 7-disc set you might save a little less than 10 percent on your total order. What Mosaic needs to do is have a massive "Everything Must Go Sale" in which I can get 60 percent off everything in stock.
  9. I just ordered the Dexter Gordon Select...which I am very much looking forward to hearing.
  10. I've been systematically going through trying to pick up every Paul Chambers session I don't already have. I have all the Chambers Riversides now, and most of the Prestiges, but there are still a few I need to get.
  11. The only ones I have from this bunch are Bass on Top and Morgan Vol. 3. This is the most exciting RVG batch since I started buying them about three years ago.
  12. All cds are $6, shipping included. Please inquire about international rates. All payments by Paypal. PM if interested. Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel - Buzz ON HOLD Billy Bang - Vietnam: The Aftermath ON HOLD Anthony Braxton/Matt Bauder - 2+2 Compositions The Contemporary Jazz Quintet - Actions (Unheard Music Series) ON HOLD Emergency - Homage to Peace (America #08) ON HOLD Charles Lloyd - The Water Is Wide ON HOLD Maneri Ensemble - Going To Church ON HOLD Blue Mitchell - Blues On My Mind: The Riverside Collection NAM - Song of Time: Live at the Vision Festival ON HOLD Greg Osby - St. Louis Shoes ON HOLD William Parker - Sunrise in the Tone World William Parker - Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace Roswell Rudd - The Unheard Herbie Nichols, Vol. 1 ON HOLD Archie Shepp & Mal Waldron - Left Alone Revisited ON HOLD Wadada Leo Smith/Susie Ibarra/John Zorn - Fiftieth Birthday Celebration ON HOLD Wadada Leo Smith - Lake Biwa ON HOLD Wadada Leo Smith - Luminous Axis ON HOLD Wadada Leo Smith - Tao Njia ON HOLD McCoy Tyner - Extensions ON HOLD John Zorn - Filmworks Vol. XIII - Invitation To A Suicide ON HOLD
  13. I know some people don't like them, but I love the packaging of the Columbia Miles Davis box sets. I find it easy to get to the disks and the booklet, and like that they always stay together. The kind I most dislike are the Mosaics that are unnecessarily large and bulky.
  14. Speak for yourself. In the last few batches I've only found one or two that interested me, but almost all of these interest me because I've been waiting for them to be remastered domestically. The only one I have is Bass on Top. I'm very, very happy with this list.
  15. Excellent condition. $30 to buy or make an offer. PM if interested.
  16. I have an excellent condition Hutcherson Mosaic Select available for sale or for trade. $30 postpaid to the U.S. or make me an offer. Will do a swap of Mosaic Selects if there's something you have available. Paypal only if you decide to buy.
  17. I posted about my most recent Mosaic listening experience on my blog: foucaultslunchbox.blogspot.com
  18. Up. I will take the best offer, and will also consider parting with it for cash.
  19. All materials (discs, inserts, box, booklet, etc.) in like new condition. Looking for other Mosaic sets in return, or other stuff of interest. I will automatically do a trade with the first person who can offer me an excellent-condition copy of the Stanley Turrentine box AND a good copy and translation of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time.
  20. Beiderbecke, Trumbauer, and Teagarden, Disc 1. The vocals are annoying.
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