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  1. Hmmm...good point. I should be more specific: I wish they would reissue more titles that I'm actually interested in. Every Blue Note batch, there's usually at two or three that grab me.
  2. It'd be nice if the Prestige reissue program would mix in a few more wildcards and less of the obvious stuff that has already been released/reissued many times, like the Miles, Dolphy, and Rollins.
  3. Well, this one here is a 24-bit RVG remaster. I just love the mini-lp design and the sound on this one is great to my ears. I read in a different thread where somebody suggested that the quality of the remastering of the Japanese reissues has declined in the last few years or so, so I was wondering if it was a "safer bet" to go after the JRVGs from the 1990s, as opposed to the more recent ones.
  4. I recently picked up my first of these from another board member, Kenny Drew's Undercurrent, and on my third listen I am blown away by the sound quality and also love the packaging. I'm starting this thread to see if anybody has any more of these that they are looking to unload, but also to try to find out the ins and outs of Japanese reissues, which seem to be ubiquitous. From comments made on other threads, I gather that some feel that the remastering quality has gone into decline in recent years. If this this the case, when did these reissues reach their peak? Thanks!
  5. PM sent on Strange Strings and Night of the Purple Moon.
  6. Glad you're enjoying it, Conn. That's one that I could just never get into.
  7. I have for sale or trade the Andrew Hill and Charles Tolliver Mosaic Selects. If interested in buying, the price is $30 for each set, shipping in the US included. Both sets are in used but like-new condition. For international shipping rates, please contact me to arrange a price. I will only accept payments via Paypal. If you'd like to trade, send me a list of what you have available. I'd be willing to do a straight up Mosaic-for-Mosaic deal depending on the set, and also am right now looking for some 1960s Impulse cd reissues. Thanks!
  8. PM sent on Sun Ra's Nuits de la fondation maeght, vol. 1.
  9. I picked this book up on a whim last week and have been extremely impressed with it so far, about 50 pages in. The design and layout of the book are worth the price alone, but it also contains a lot of very interesting nuggets and anecdotes about the music, as well as the personalities behind the label. The best jazz book I've come across in the past couple years.
  10. Perhaps I should listen to it again. It struck me as containing mostly throwaway material...easily my most disappointing Select purchase so far (I have about 7 or 8 of them).
  11. Specific examples, please. Just listen to his own Blue Notes (compiled on the Chambers Mosaic Select) and you get lots of examples. I have listened to it many times. I was hoping you could list a specific solo that demonstrates the point you are trying to make, so I could evaluate for myself.
  12. Hopefully this Hill Select will be better than the last one.
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