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  1. I know some people don't like them, but I love the packaging of the Columbia Miles Davis box sets. I find it easy to get to the disks and the booklet, and like that they always stay together. The kind I most dislike are the Mosaics that are unnecessarily large and bulky.
  2. Speak for yourself. In the last few batches I've only found one or two that interested me, but almost all of these interest me because I've been waiting for them to be remastered domestically. The only one I have is Bass on Top. I'm very, very happy with this list.
  3. Excellent condition. $30 to buy or make an offer. PM if interested.
  4. I have an excellent condition Hutcherson Mosaic Select available for sale or for trade. $30 postpaid to the U.S. or make me an offer. Will do a swap of Mosaic Selects if there's something you have available. Paypal only if you decide to buy.
  5. I posted about my most recent Mosaic listening experience on my blog: foucaultslunchbox.blogspot.com
  6. Up. I will take the best offer, and will also consider parting with it for cash.
  7. All materials (discs, inserts, box, booklet, etc.) in like new condition. Looking for other Mosaic sets in return, or other stuff of interest. I will automatically do a trade with the first person who can offer me an excellent-condition copy of the Stanley Turrentine box AND a good copy and translation of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time.
  8. Beiderbecke, Trumbauer, and Teagarden, Disc 1. The vocals are annoying.
  9. Today I made a Mosaic purchase that I believe will forever change my life. I bought the Django Reinhardt set, and by early next week I will be sitting back, pretending I am listening to it in a smoky Paris cafe while reading Sartre.
  10. I'm thinking about getting the Stanley Turrentine.
  11. Exceeded expectations: Alice Coltrane - Journey in Sachidinanda Lee Morgan - Lee Way Jimmy Smith - Groovin' at Smalls Paradise Grant Green - Idle Moments (I heard it was special, but now I'd say it was one of the greatest jazz albums ever made) Ike Quebec - Blue and Sentimental Evan Parker - Topography of the Lungs Max Roach Mosaic
  12. I have this set and would say it's definitely not essential music, and if someone isn't a real huge Coltrane fan they have no reason to need it. I would return it if I were in your position. As for me, I have my Coltrane phases. December tends to be my Coltrane month, when that's all I want to listen to (and I prefer the later Coltrane.) During the summer I never listen to Coltrane.
  13. People in a position to know are confirming this. Chris Albertson says it is true over at All About Jazz, and Lois Gilbert says it is true over at JazzCorner. Haven't heard any details, though.
  14. I really like his trumpet work on Disc 5 of the Roach box, which I was listening to last night.
  15. Cool, thanks for the tip. I'm planning on ordering the John Patton Select in a few days, and I may supplement it with one of the singles. I am attracted to the Ellington if only for the Sun Ra-ish title (which I know is not what the music sounds like, but still, it's a nice title).
  16. I like the J.J. and Kai disc. That will probably be my first Singles purchase from them.
  17. Cool. I've been thinking about getting this one after hearing Patton for the first time on The Natural Soul. Any other opinions on this box? Most of the discussion in this thread seems to be about what was and was not included in the set, which really isn't an issue for me since I have nothing by Patton. Thanks.
  18. My copy arrived on the 14th. Now if I can only finish grading these exams and writing this paper, I can relax for a few days and listen to some music.
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