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  1. I remember the first UK single, somthing about Sheena being a drunk docker if my memory serves me well, saw them at the Roundhouse supporting the Groovies,blink and they were gone, cartoon music, never felt the need to dig any deeper
  2. Yes, they did rip off Spirit, and coincidentally, thought that Kaleidoscope were their ideal band! Unfortunately Led never followed this intuition and begin to playTurkish baglama or flamenco, unlike the mighty and unjustly forgotten Kaleidoscope...Taxim!
  3. So he had Red Krayolas Parable of the Arable land? a diversion... On the famed Texas International Artists label, home of the 13 Floor Elevators-now that was a seriously obscure and rare choice in the UK at the time! And I thought I was the first one to bring Parable to the UK when I found a stash in Stockholm in 1975, together with half a dozen other albums on the label! Parable was as far out as anything on ESP! And Mayo Thompsons future trajectory after Krayola/International Artists through Corkys Debt,Art and Language/Click clack/ Pere Ubu and so on, is one of rocks least travelled but also quietly influential paths.. And Jimi had it filed together with the Zodiak Cosmic Sounds, hippy dippy astrology narrated by Cyrus Farrar on Elektra?
  4. hello again Lupe, yes to many of your recomendations in particular Fons Garcia and the sublime Buika! have you tried the Flamenco guitarist Nino Joselle? start with Paz, his take on the music of Bill Evans. EDIT OOOPs, just reread your post and see that you do indeed know Nino, but even his other 3 albums are of interest. And there is the flamenco sax and flute player Jorge Pardo,But no standout album....
  5. SF in the 60s had some great names. How about Black Shit Puppy farm? or, the Only Alternative and his Other Possibilities? or, Dancing Food and Entertainment?( ok so thats not so weird, but a bloody good name for a band!)
  6. I think, as I remember it, that french maoists caused the disruption, as an anarchist myself I recall less than edifying conversations with several of them! as to how everybody got there and home afterwards I remember being 4 days late (!) for work after the festival. And, no I dont remember Miles at all!
  7. Good morning Lupe! since you already have Tacksim Trio, you are already aware of the fine Doublemoon label-plenty of great stuff there, try the sax player Ilhan Ersahin for starters. The founders of the Doublemoon label -the positif organisation-were founded to bring Sun Ra to Istanbul, where they got permission for the Archestra to parade down Istanbuls main street the Istikal Caddesi! They also maintain the cities best jazz-and other musics-performance place, Babylon. I will unearth some more ideas during the next few days Try also the very fine Telvin trio on the Kalan label.
  8. For North African/Mediteranian try Trio Ifriqiya, one of my albums of the last couple of years. But dont get me started on Groove a la Turk! Because like african music, Turkish, can be a serious danger to the wallet!
  9. No, I am sorry, no information about the Chicago groups attitude to Melly. In truth, the London group at the end of the war had an ephemeral existance.You must also be aware that the surrealist movement has had its fair share of splits and expulsions, and this group was no exception, Mesens and Toni del Renzio mutual distaste for each other ensured that the London group never acheived the cohesion which would have warrented its participation at an organised level in the International surrealist movement. methinks that Melly remained a surrealist in attitude, but being an anarchist, he steered clear of getting involved in later attempts at renewed organised activity. Paul Garons books publication precedes the formation of the 1980s London group around the reveiw Melmoth,and I dont even know if he knew about George at the time. It might be however that the Chicago group did have a problem with blue men singing the whites? During the 80s and 90s there was an explosion of information about the history of the movement in different countries largely as a result of the work of Edouard Jaguer in Paris.
  10. George was a member of the London Surrealist group at the end of WW2, which did not survive beyond the end of 1946. He worked at Mesens London gallery. Surrealisms next organised presence in London was in 1980. George was not a participant in that group, tho his larger than life persona was often invoked by those surrealists close to the anarchist review Freedom. George did star in a recreation of a cafe meeting of the old group filmed to accompany the large Hayward exhibition of Surrealism in 1978, where he recites a poem and then throws cutlery in the air which rains down on the old timers. During his final illness he remarked that as a surrealist he quite enjoyed having alzheimers! Anybody reading this is encouraged to read his hilarious autobiography Owning up, and its sequel Rum,bum and concertina.
  11. Dont wish to muddy the waters about the dragon release, but the Monk was deleted and not reissued long before the Monk estate released the Stockholm material, whereas the Getz and Miles material continued to be available, so perhaps what is true in the one case is not necessarily so in the other?
  12. Besh o Drom, hungarian Roma/jazz mash! awesome! Time for a Roma music thread methinks
  13. Dmitry, correct english is arse hole. And it applies here in spades.
  14. Uhum Kenny methinks you need the Freddie King box-I know I did! Its my first taste of the Bear Family, arrived a couple of months ago-and even Wifey, who doesnt like the blues, loves it!
  15. A major shock for wifey and I. Her first album is possibly, no exageration, amoung my 20 favorite albums, and that after 40 years of record collecting... We have our own experiance of breast cancer, so far with a happier outcome, but this disease has a tendancy to be chronic and turn up out of the blue again at any time. That Lhasa was unaware that she had the illness is tragic and of course meant that the outcome was unavoidable. horrible news.
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