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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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The Solo Guitar of Bola Sete (Fantasy). A beautiful record, not reissued on CD, I don't think.

John Young Trio--Themes and Things (Argo). A really nice record.

Milt Jackson at the Museum of Modern Art (Limelight). A truly elaborate gatefold.

Harry Sweets Edison and Eddie Lockjaw Davis-- JawBreakers (Riverside stereo, black label)

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The Latin Jazz Quartet/Eric Dolphy - Caribe - Prestige, japanese pressing.

A bit puzzled, it sounds stereo, but I believed it was a mono recording, at least I never saw a stereo New Jazz (or later Prestige) pressing :unsure:

As I'm sure you've experienced, a lot of jazz sessions for a couple of years were taped in stereo but originally came out on mono LPs. The stereo versions, for better or worse, began to show up on later LP pressings and/or CDs.

True, actually it's interesting to listen to these later pressings... and deduce that the monos are better!

In the late sixties, Transatlantic (UK) issued a lot of Prestige albums in stereo, without saying they were stereo on the sleeve or label. Some of those were early PR material, previously only in mono, as TTK said, others were stereo issues - eg Don Patterson's "Satisfaction", Groove Holmes' "Soul messaage" and "Spicy".

Earlier, I had a listen to

Harold Ashby & Paul Gonsalves - 2 from Duke - Columbia (UK) (A Lansdown prod)

George Freeman - Frantic diagnosis - Bam-Boo (and if you really want to hear George & Von wail over a truly funky organ band - try and find one of these)


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You are right! Most of the early recordings on New Jazz and Prestige were reissued in stereo in Milestone's twoofer, at least in Italy it was a bargain series called 'Jazz è bello' (Jazz Is Beautiful :rolleyes:), that was my first exposure to Dolphy, Rollins, Monk and many more. The series included also the Riverside's recordings.

Now spinnin:

Gil Evans - Svengali - Atlantic

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