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Norah Jones


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Just read that Diana Krall plans to marry Elvis Costello. An interesting musical marriage. Perhaps Elvis can influence her to more more edge and grit in her music. If one were breeding for musical development, this would seem a good pairing.

So, who should BN's favorite songbird ( B) Norah Jones marry? What match could we hope for that might make her a more classic BN artist? BN really doesn't have much of a tradition of female jazz artists. Maybe, with astute "breeding," we can put Norah more solidly in the jazz camp, maybe get her in the "great tradition" of BN jazz. Hey, if it works, we might even heal the great breach in the BN camp between pro and anti-Norah BNBBers. :o

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Why do we have to marry her off, or have her become "solidly" in the jazz camp?

I know this is just tongue-in-cheek stuff, but I'm so tired of Norah-bashing. . . she's a talent and doesn't deserve a lot of what I read about her on these boards, in my opinion.

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Man, how do these old men get so damn lucky! Tony Iommi, of Black Sabbath fame, married Maria Sjöholm OF Drain STH fame(Surely you heard of them???)love.jpgThe lovely couple...

Here is the cover of the groups last cd before they broke up...


It's just not fair I tells ya! :(

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For Norah Jones SACD fans:

Blue Note will release the CD as:

This is a Hybrid Super Audio CD playable on both regular and Super Audio CD players.

Release Date: 05/20/2003

Originally Released : 2002

Discs : 1

Label : Blue Note Records

Catalog #: EMI17472C

$13.29 from Deepdiscountcd.com (no tax/no shipping) :rolleyes:

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