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Favorite ALTO player on the scene today


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Same deal as the "favorite tenor" thread, but only pick your favorite ALTO players that are currently under the age of 50 (born after 1954).

My clear first-choice (unless I'm wildly forgetting somebody else), has got to be...

Greg Osby (born Aug. 3rd, 1960). In particular, he could nearly do-no-wrong in my book from about 1996 to 2002. I haven't "loved" either of his St. Louis Shoes projects (both the studio date, and the live one), but they're still very good in their own way -- even if Osby's going in a different direction that I'd personally prefer.

Who are your favorite alto players, that haven't yet turned 50???

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Kenny Garrett is by far the greatest alto player under 50. Put him next to Greg Osby and watch him get burned. I swear. Numerous saxophonists if asked off the record would choose Garrett over Osby. Osby is good but in terms of being able to swing and play the saxophone - Garrett takes all these other guys to school. I saw him sit in with Wynton's sextet at the Vanguard and he totally smoked all those cats. It was like a joke. Listen to him play Bird on Roy Haynes album - he breathes fire. The only guy who comes close is Steve Wilson - and people call him a Garrett clone (what can you do?).

Others at the top of my list:

Justin Robinson

Dave Binney

Antonio Hart

Miguel Zenon

Dick Oatts (he may be over 50)

Damn there aren't too many I can name that I really dig that much. And I'm an alto player....

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