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Favorite Blue Note cover

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He receives credit for photography. Bob Cato is listes as "design consultant".

I met a commercial photographer about 20 years ago, and I asked him if he had ever heard of Reid Miles. Of course he had, but he was completely unaware of the BN work. When I showed him some prime examples, he was amazed that it was Miles' work. Apparently, Reid Miles went on to great renown in the commercial photography industry for his "crowd scene" work, of which this cover is but one example.

Who knew?

So it's all a photo. Some of it really looks painted. Thanks Jim.

Learn somethin' every day.


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Can't seem to link to the Gokudo scans (problem with "dynamic pages"...). At any rate, my favorite BN covers tend to be earlier than most of those mentioned (10" LP's and 1500 series covers). I like Clifford Brown's "New Star On The Horizon", and the one with Gigi Gryce and Brownie with the yellow cover with the fish theme. I also like the Warhol cover for Burrell's 1543; "Jimmy Smith At The Organ"; Lou Donaldson's "Swing and Soul"; and the shot of Hank on 1568. From the 4000 series, "Midnight Blue" is a favorite, as well as "True Blue".

I also love "Gooden's Corner", because I had a hell of a time finding that LP, and never thought I'd get a copy (naturally, the Mosaic set came out soon after I did).

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