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What live music are you going to see tonight?


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tonight in Aberdeen Konrad Wiszniewski!


New great young lion of Scottish jazz Konrad Wiszniewski will be in the Blue Lamp with John Rae on drums, Paul Harrison on piano and Andrew Sharkey on bass. Konrad is making a big name for himself in the UK with performances with Claire Martin, Tommy Smith and his own quartet.

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Nothing this week, but last week, I was on The Jazz Cruise and oh my GOODNESS!!!! Lewis Nash Quartet with Renee Rosnes, Peter Washington and Steve Wilson; Bill Mays w/Joe LaBarbera, Marvin Stamm, Martin Wind; Monty Alexander Trio, Rebecca Parris, Kristin Korb, Virginia Mayhew, Kevin Mahogany, Houston Person, Ingrid Jensen, Don Sickler, Eric Schneider, Eddie Higgins, Patti Wicks, Red Holloway, Freddy Cole, others. Quite the week! Each peformer had 2 sets per night, 4 out of 7 nights, so it was easy to catch everyone at least twice and catch your favorites more times, even though many sets overlapped.

Many of the musicians were taking advantage of the ship's offerings and were quite friendly/accessible, though I'm not one to approach folks.


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Last night, double program concert in the Madrid Jazz Festival (more than 3 hours of live jazz!!!):

-Larry Willis (p) & Miguel Ángel Chastang (b) Sextet, with Tony Moreno on drums and a front line of Eddie Henderson (tp), Frank Lacy (tb) and Sonny Fortune (as, fl), paying homage to the late Elvin Jones

-Ron Carter Foursight, who started (and almost ended) their concert with a 65 minutes suite.

Very enjoyable!

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Not tonight, but Friday Nov. 26:

The small but really nice "Unerhört" Festival taking place here in Zurich, with:



Savina Yannatou Voice | Barry Guy Bass


Chris Wiesendanger Piano | Christian Weber Bass | Dieter Ulrich Drums


Conrad Bauer Posaune | Johannes Bauer Posaune | Uwe Kropinski Gitarre | Joe Sachse Gitarre



Lol Coxhill Saxophon


Tommy Meier Leitung, Komposition, Tenorsax, Bassklarinette | Peter Schärli Trompete | Hans Anliker Posaune | Jürg Wickihalder Sopransax | Co Streiff Altosax | Hans Koch Bassklarinette, Sopransax | Peter Landis Tenor-, Basssax | Stephan Thelen Gitarre, Loops, Samples | Irène Schweizer Piano | Chris Wiesendanger Keyboards | Christian Weber Kontrabass, Electronics | Jan Schlegel E-Bass | Fredi Flükiger Drums | Marco Käppeli Drums | Chris Jäger Percussion | Joke Lanz Turntables, Electronics



Françoise Kübler Voice | Irène Schweizer Piano


Roscoe Mitchell Saxophon


Simone Vollenweider Vocals, Electronics | Dominik Blum Rhodes-Piano, Piano, Electronics | Remo Signer Drums

Nat Su (sax) and Fredi Lüscher (p) will play late night chill out sets with free admission, though I think even if I don't go to the Saturday afternoon concert, I will probably have my share of music without Su/Lüscher.

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Tonight (Hollywood Jazz Festival, night 1):

Manuel Valera Quartet with Seamus Blake

McCoy Tyner Trio featuring Stanley Clarke

Tomorrow night (Hollywood Jazz Festival, night ):

South Florida JAZZ Collective

featuring Ira Sullivan, Turk Mauro, Dante Luciani,

Silvano Monasterios, Don Miller, and Duffy Jackson

Bobby Hutcherson Quartet

And next Tuesday night:

Mingus Big Band at the Iridium in NYC

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Good but not great concert last night (Chris Potter). They seemed not so inspired but they are great musicians so it's good when they are playing not their best. The old Bim huis closes down the end of november to reopen on a new location in february.

They played a nice version (arangement) of Giant Steps and a tune by Ornette Coleman (which I forgot).

Further of course tunes from the Lift CD. Don't recall any in particular.

Anyway a pleaseant (but not special) evening.

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Speaking of Chris Potter... I saw the Dave Holland Quintet last night in Philly.

This was the easily the best show(out 3 times) that I've seen the DHQ perform. Actually, I really was not that thrilled about the first two times I saw his band and was pretty much going last night to hear Steve Nelson his vibe player. Anyway, he has replaced Chris Potter w/ a flugelhorn player whose name escapes me at the moment. Also, he replaced his drummer Billy Kilson w/ another great drummer named Nate Smith. I don't know if it was the new players or just that the band was "on" last night but man they cooked. They played a lot of stuff from the "Extended Play - Live at Birdland" cd. "Free for All", "Bedouin Trail", and "The Balance" were all outstanding. Robin Eubanks, his trombone player took a 10 minute solo to begin "Bedouin". And when I write "solo" I mean the rest of the band walked off stage while he did his thing. I don't really like the trombone al that much but Eubanks was playing his ass off. And I think when the trombone is paired w/ the flugelhorn the sound blend can be quite beautiful. Nothing against Chris Potter, whom I like, but this band just sounded so much better last night w/out him.

FYI...the DHQ will be in Boston for 3 nights in early December.

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