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Same Letter - First Name and Last Name


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Gene Goe ( lead tpt w/ Basie in 70s ..RIP )

Hey Hey Humphrey

Tom Talbert

Karl Kiffe

Grant Geissman

Tony Terran

Paul Plimley

Butch Ballard

King Kolax

Buddy Bolden

Bobby Breaux

Bill Bruford

note: Buck and Bubbles ..


chitlin circuit song/dance duo, not musicians

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Son Seals, RIP

I can't believe I missed Pete Peterson, since I live in the D/FW  area.

Although he is seen wielding a baritone sax from time to time, I personally wouldn't refer to Pete Peterson as a jazz musician perse, although he does lead a good big band here in the D/FW area.

He IS however a damn good pilot! (retired from American Airlines)

Five pages and no mention of Bobby "butter" Burgess...deceased lead/jazz trombonist. Played in many big name bands, most notably as lead player for the Kenton band in the early 50's (the best incarnation of that band IMHO)....the one that SWANG! (I know, it is SWUNG, but swang sounds better!)

And one more in the sub category of alliteration:

Flip Philips

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