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11 hours ago, jazzbo said:

I'm really digging Falling Water myself. That and Channel Zero: Candlestick Cove are two new shows I really like.

Perhaps my second sentence really does apply to me. :excited:

In the meantime I'm enjoying the truly original  The Young Pope.

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On 11/12/2016 at 6:34 AM, rdavenport said:

I hate the way the Grauniad has politicised it too, as if it is anything other than a cynical vehicle for relieving folk of their money.

I think they're being ironic! It is a mildly centre-left British paper after all - goes with the territory, 

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I decided to re-watch Deadwood, as it's been a decade or more and I never caught the first season. Very well done, and a missed opportunity on some levels, though I understand the pitfalls of period pieces that tend to befall even the biggest networks. Westworld, also on HBO, is picking up steam and getting interesting too. I wonder what Crichton would think of it.

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On 11/15/2016 at 9:04 AM, kinuta said:

BBC Planet Earth Season 2 episode 1


I loathe the word ' awesome' but I'll make an exception for this.

It's awesomely beautiful and we can use all the beauty we can get these days.

I loved season 1. I don't usually watch nature films, but ended up seeing clips when I had to teach a bit of Geography. I was utterly enthralled. Will wait for the DVD.

I share your dislike of 'awesome' - I used to rant on to kids that the Grand Canyon was awesome, Dayna's new hair style was not. Didn't take long before it was being sarcastically quoted back at me. Then I remembered the tiresome (rather than awesome) teacher I had around 1966 who used to grumble on about the misuse of the word 'tragedy'.  


Finished 'John Adams' last night - one of the most enjoyable history-based series I've seen. Restrained, focused on dialogue and ideas and sparing in 'action' sequences. And completely free of any nationalistic myth making of the 'And this is how our great nation was founded' type (common to history films from any nation that regards itself as 'exceptional'...I hate to think what we're in line for here in coming years). 

I thought Paul Giamatti as the endlessly irascible Adams was excellent but the star for me was Laura Linney as Abigail Adams. 

Favourite bit was them arriving and living in the White House when it was still a building site, their own bodies already looking worse for wear and teeth falling out. Though the last episode - starting with a pre-anaesthetic mastectomy and then focusing on the decrepitudes of old age was unrelentingly grim. Nice bit where Adams denounces the a-historical nature of the famous Declaration of Independence painting - ironic given that the series itself also (inevitably) did its own telescoping of historical reality.

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Image result

NW (BBC1) - 90 minute drama set in modern London based on a Zadie Smith novel. Never read any Smith but I enjoyed this story of interlocking lives in north London, even if my brain could not make it all add up at the end. 

Image result for totes meer paul nash

"Paul Nash: The Ghosts of War" - nice little documentary about the painter. My knowledge of painting is limited and rather scattergun but Nash is someone I've always been taken by. 

Image result for Love and Friendship

Missed this in the cinema. Really enjoyed it on a rented DVD. It doesn't just capture Jane Austen's wry irony but has an extra layer of gentle mockery that seems to be directed at the genre of TV/film 18th/19thC drama in general. Almost a pastiche...but not quite. Nice soundtrack even if it was mainly anachronistic (my 'Irritated' of Tonbridge complaining about the wrong type of steam train moment)  .  

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Image result for bbc4 modus

Scandi-noir returns to its rightful Saturday night slot. Fairly standard death-in-the-snow-with-troubled-detectives based on the first couple of episodes but these things normally only catch fire a few episodes in. Nice pictures of snowy woods and Stockholm roof tops.  

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On 11/12/2016 at 0:43 AM, A Lark Ascending said:

The John Lewis Xmas add:

Typical sentimental extended Xmas add that the big companies in the UK make at this time of year. 

But I had to laugh at this wonderful Guardian write-up:

John Lewis Christmas advert: Buster the boxer is a sledgehammer to 2016

I found this rather confusing.  The music sounds nothing like the Modern Jazz Quartet.  :wacko:




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