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Finished this superb four parter. Each episode focused on four or five lesser known figures to try to tell a story of the black experience in Britain (though Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson was one in the last episode known to followers of early British jazz and light music). About a year ago David Cameron was using the abolition of the slave trade as an example of British exceptionalism to wave about, desperately trying to out-chauvinise UKIP - episode three here really brought home the role of the British cotton industry in sustaining slavery in the States after abolition.

The series did use some of the annoying 'popularising' habits that can really jar -  David Olusoga (the presenter) weeping over the place he'd been driven out of by racist intimidation in his teens (he had every reason to weep but we've seen too many celebrities weeping over their great, great half-uncle twice removed to remain uncynical about such scenes), a little bit too much of the plaque celebrations (nice idea but gets repetitive) and those godawful recaps (now you may have forgotten what we told you five minutes ago...). But this was powerful TV. Hopefully we'll see more of Olusoga (and rather less of Lucy Worsley telling us about Tudor handbags). 

A timely series.

A couple of other series have returned - 'The Unforgotten' (interesting but the first episode hasn't yet got things airborne) and 'Endeavour' (the latter as creaky and mushy as ever but makes for undemanding Sunday night watching). 

Finally into the last series of 'The Good Wife' which I wasn't too excited by to start with but it's starting to grip; and Series 3 of 'Cheers' which is priceless. 

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I found this at the library and have been watching some episodes.  TBV was not a show I paid much attention to as a kid.  Even then, it seemed to me like an obvious rip-off of Bonanza, only with a grey haired woman as head of the clan instead of a grey haired man.  I had no idea that in addition to Jarrod, Nick and half-bother Heath, there was also another Barkley boy, Eugene.  He was quickly sent off to school and disappeared from the show as I guess they had no idea what to do with the character.  Linda Evans was a really lousy actress back then.  I don't know if she ever improved by the time Dynasty rolled around as I never watched that show.  Lee Majors must have been selected as the sex symbol because they did show his butt a lot and found ways to get him shirtless pretty often.

But of course the main reason to watch this show was the one and only Miss Barbara Stanwyck.  Thank goodness for TV, because even though she should have still been making major motion pictures at the time, she at least had the opportunity to work her craft on the small screen after the offers for roles on the big screen stopped coming.  Some of the episodes here don't give her much to work with, but in one episode, due to an earthquake, she is trapped underground with guest star Charles Bronson.  Well, in a head to head match up between Charles Bronson and Barbara Stanwyck, any smart person would know whom to put their money on -- and it ain't Mr. Majestyk.  When she finally has had enough of his attitude, Ms. S unleashes a verbal tirade upon him that is a wonder to behold.

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2 hours ago, jlhoots said:

Bring back Zilpha!! :ph34r::alien:

Maybe I have a minority opinion but I found it all very silly and pointless.



5 hours ago, jazzbo said:

Legion on FX and the final season of Person of Interest on Blu-ray.

How are you getting on with Legion?

I've no idea what's happening most of the time but it's visually arresting and more-ish.

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1 hour ago, kinuta said:

How are you getting on with Legion?

I've no idea what's happening most of the time but it's visually arresting and more-ish.

I'm enjoying it. I think I know what's going on, and I love the cinematography and the writing (enjoyed both seasons of Fargo from the same show-runner). 

And it has Aubrey Plaza in it and she's well presented. . . I think that girl is a big talent.

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