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Jim Alfredson

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I thought I did already, but:


The newest song is a co-write with Jimmy Norman, You're my Foundation. He wrote with Bob Marley and Hendrix before, and no, I don't have any ganga. (sp?) The other song with lyrics is a ballad called Not a Bad November. I don't play on either, but on all others.

The personnel isn't all up, so: trumpet, flugelhorn, John Eckert, Ralph LaLama, tenor, Rudy Petschauer, drums (except Topsy), Bim Strausberg; Yosuke Inoue, bass, M'Ferghu, Janis Friedman, Steve Ash, piano, Vicki Doney, vocal (Not a Bad...) On Topsy: James Chirillo, guitar (first solo), John Beal, bass, Eddie Locke, drums

The date with the two horns was a rush job I'm not happy with, and the only reason it's up is it's good enough to present the tunes.

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I've been waiting until this band seemed to be hitting a peak to post about it, but after last night's gig, I think it's time.

I'm a member of the 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, so called because our music is drawn from Klezmer, Afropop, and free jazz elements and because most of us live in or around the Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta. The leader and main composer is trumpet player Roger Ruzow, formerly of the Gold Sparkle Band. Our first CD will be out soon, and we're playing two sets at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta next Saturday, August 15 at 9-ish. It's an interesting band (10 pieces) and people seem to like us. I hope those of you in the Atlanta area/Southeast will consider coming out.

In addition, every few years I lose my mind and start my own band. They usually last about two years, when I get fed up with trying to lead a group and disband. Well, I'm doing it again - the debut of the the new Jeff Crompton Quartet will be at Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta on Friday, October 9. I think it's going to be a pretty good group, playing mostly free-jazz originals that swing/groove, along with tunes by Monk and Ornette. More later.

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Would be interesting to hear what you think about our music. (it's around free jazz and experimental improvised music)

We are planning to release a CD soon, but we are far from the final mix yet.

So what you can listen here at the moment is 5 demo tracks:


feel free to contact me there.

happy new decade!

Erno Z. Rubik

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five premiere recordings including my own Sonic Bloom.



Ives Harrison Coates Cage Beardsley Partch Carrillo Varese Rimsky-Korsakov

American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM)





2.Georgy Rimsky-Korsakoff - PRELUDE FOR STRINGS *

3.Julián Carrillo - I THINK OF YOU *


5.Lou Harrison - SIMFONY IN FREE STYLE *

6.David Beardsley - SONIC BLOOM *


8.Edgard Varèse - GRAPHS AND TIME *

9.Gloria Coates - LUNAR LOOPS

- make that six premieres.

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a review.

"The one recent work is that by David Beardsley. Sonic Bloom (1998) is a halo of soft attacks and microtonal chords. It is inspired by La Monte Young, but its form relies less on drones, more on a continually changing palette of harmonies swaying like slow, decaying windchimes."

not much of a review, more like a description. sorry, no wind chimes there. :ph34r:

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Not that jazzy, but I rap the third verse and sing backing in the chorus in this swing/hiphop


I play alto sax and electric bass, although not on the above track. I'll post more jazzy/funk-stuff where I play more of the instruments in the future. This song was made for fun with plenty of alcohol. We're rapping in Danish, in case you're wondering. :P

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My band Little Jackie Wright recently recorded our first EP in a converted church (gorgeous acoustics) in Hamilton, Ontario (Catherine North Recording Studios). We chose the venue as, among other things, they had a rather a choice B3-Leslie on site.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I didn't get to use the B3 as much as I had hoped, but there are two tracks with B3 on it, and two with my Nord C1. (The last one is dedicated to piano using a Kurzweil PC3X.)

See if you name the two tracks with the C1, and the two with the real B3.





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Despite the general defunctness of this thread: I'm premiering a suite with my duo Grex (www.grexsounds.com is going to be up this week, but most of our debut album is still up on www.myspace.com/grexsounds), Bay Area drummer Jordan Glenn, Grammy Winner/American Indian music expert (and Jim Pepper authority)/bassist John-Carlos Perea, and Asian Improv aRts co-founder Francis Wong (whose album "Ming" is one of the all-time great documents of Asian creative music). Info:


If any of you are in SF and free on April 8 or 9 (8pm, Bayanihan Community Center: 1010 Mission Street, SF), you should come out. The code "friends" gets you a discount.

Also: www.karlevangelista.com

</shameless endorsement>

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Finally I'm putting out a trio album. After years and years of producing and arranging I finally decided to go through with it. An album with jazz treatments of known Icelandic songs (mostly known in Iceland but still some of international fame). Here's a song by Jonsi (of Sigur Ros): Animal Arithmetic.


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