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Blindfold Test Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes it is impossible to calculate but I still think that if the compiler waits a week or so after his initial mailing to the farthest reaches and maybe even knows, via communication, that a majority have gotten the disks then he or she begins the initial "discussion" thread post. My only strong opinion is that it is decision of that BFT 'testor' to begin the next phase. After all shouldn't the one who has responsibly pulled it all together be given that perogative? Shoot, I guess if it's the way that DG expressed, if somone knows all the tunes they might as well just go ahead and finish it off by starting their own "testee answers thread".

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It seems the BFT scene is undergoing something of a transformation with the advent of up/downloading facilities. If MP3 files are considered satisfactory, I guess we could have giant BFT's about ten times as big as hitherto, put onto computer data discs instead of audio CD's for those who need them in the mail rather than as downloads :D . But seriously, maybe we should have some kind of approved procedures in place. I would suggest it's not a good idea to post links for the downloads publicly as this could make difficulties re copyright - just send in PM or email to those who are officially signed up. If the links are posted, can anyone then download without any commitment to participate? Presumably the limit on the number of downloads allowed would soon be exceeded?

Any thoughts?

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in base principles I would agree to use MP3 to distribute the BT's and with rapidshare, you can e.g. get a delete link that allows you to remove that after all participents have confirmed the download. Distributing the link via email should be fine as well. EDIT: the files are removed after a certain period in any case automatically.

Note that there is anyway a restriction to download ma 100MB per 24h with a free, public access to Rapidshare. Up to now that has worked for me small amount of data. The 100MB limit is ok when using max 128kbit/s encoding rate on normal sized CD-R

Cheers, Oliver

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