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Jazz On Film The New Wave – Two competing products Moochin About &


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Looks like two box sets have been released. Seems to be some animosity between the folks involved in creating the sets. Different companies, overlapping material, same photo on the box.

Does anybody have any insight into which set to purchase? Both claim to be remastered.

Moochin About 6 cd;s with 13 scores


Jazz On Film 5 cd’s with 7 scores


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There is a note on one of the first of the two amazon pages linked:

Please note this is not the French New Wave Boxset with just the 6 scores on... Moochin About would like to distance itself from this release as much as possible... ENJOY...!

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Looking at the moochin and jazz on film websites and trawling through all the amazon reviews, it appears to me that the set from jazz on film (www.jazzonfilmrecords.com) is getting all the press plaudits.

Well the first two Jazz on Film sets were on the Moochin' About label, so it's pretty confusing. Battle of the PD's. I have the first "Jazz on Film" box on Moochin' About and really like it, so will stick with them.

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Looking at the moochin and jazz on film websites and trawling through all the amazon reviews, it appears to me that the set from jazz on film (www.jazzonfilmrecords.com) is getting all the press plaudits.

Well the first two Jazz on Film sets were on the Moochin' About label, so it's pretty confusing. Battle of the PD's. I have the first "Jazz on Film" box on Moochin' About and really like it, so will stick with them.

Same here - I have the first 2 "Moochin' About" boxes - very happy with them. Also they are releasing a Chet Baker Set in December (listed on Amazon UK but not on the Moochin' About site yet)


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Here are the next two Moochin' boxes coming up:


Jazz On Film...Chet Baker ICON SERIES, Featuring - I Soliti Ignoti, Audace Colpo Dei Soliti, Urlatorialla Sbarra, Intrigo A Los Angeles & Smog


The first release on the critically acclaimed Jazz On Film series dedicated to jazz icons which features for the first time, all the Italian film scores by composer Piero Umiliani in full featuring one of the rarest soundtracks, 'Intrigo A Los Angeles'... Umiliani was the first Italian to bring jazz to the big screen and experimented by using legendary trumpeter Chet Baker... a collaboration and friendship that gave life to a fine collection of recordings...

Dec. 2 release


Jazz On Film...Biopics, feat The James Dean Story, The Gene Krupa Story, The Five Pennies, Young Man With A Horn, The Glenn Miller Story, The Benny Goodman Story, The Eddy Duchin Story


A fantastic new release by Moochin About compiling for the first time a collection of classic jazz based biopics... It features a string of excellent musicians, from Henry Mancini conducting the all stars on The Glenn Miller Story, to Harry James & Doris Day on the loosely biographical Bix Beiderbecke film Young Man With A Horn ... This box also contains the original score to Robert Altmans The James Dean Story by Leith Stevens along with the sensational Capitol records version conducted by Johnny Mandel, featuring top flight soloists Chet baker & Bud Shank with an array of star-spangled sidemen...

Jan 6 release.

Also, I don't know what "gettin' the plaudits" has to do with which one you rather ought to get ... seems it's pretty clear here that the wrong one gets the plaudits, if the terms "right" and "wrong" need be applied (they're wrong for this entire topic anyway).

Need to add that I don't have any of these so far and am not sure I need them ...

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  • 2 months later...

If anyone is still following this thread just to explain some facts here.

The owner of Jazz on Film Records ('Jazz on Film' column writer in Jazzwise) Selwyn Harris also co-owns Moochin About, that is the company which produced the first two box sets. That company though no longer exists legally. The other co-owner is reusing the name Moochin About as his new company.

The owner of Jazz on Film Records annotated and compiled the first two box sets in the series (Film Noir and Beat, Square & Cool) and the third 'French New Wave' (with editing by Brian Priestley), released on his new label Jazz on Film Records. The remastering engineer behind the first two boxes is the same on the French New wave box but not on 'The New Wave' box which was produced 2 months after the French new Wave boxes and used the same cover image. You can draw your own conclusions from this. The above user is right to say there has been many positive media reviews and also radio airplay of the French New Wave box.

So they look the same but there are definitely differences in quality. So best not to judge on whether one is 'wrong' or 'right' just because one is on the same label as the previous, but on the facts above. Both owners of Moochin About are producing their own version in fact, one under a different label name, that is all.

Please see www.jazzonfilmrecords.com for more information on the 'French New wave' box set.

Hard to keep up with your new boxes .... thanks for the update and info.

well it seems that 'Larry' seems very well informed, or should i say ill-informed when it comes to this subject... and is certainly going out of his way to spread more desperate rubbish when it comes to 'moochin' about' which i own and always have done...

moochin' about was registered by me, under my name back in 2011 and copyrighted as a trademark... so it is not 'co-owned' as you seem to think...

i'll never contest that mr selwyn 'larry' harris was involved and i was really glad of his input when i asked him if i could base the boxsets on his 'jazz on film' page and use his pages he'd already written as text for the booklets... but as someone i thought was a very good friend at the time for nearly 15 years, i unfortunately made the worst mistakes of my life by setting up a limited company and allowing him, by accident to have shares in the company... a company i put in 100% of the money...

and after a turbulant 2 years working with mr harris and in my personal life, his ego got the better of him and he decided to try and steal my idea/concept whatever you want to call it from me... after a discussion, (unfortunately in a pub..) we made an agreement, if he left the company he'd not copy the idea and call it something completely different... but, he didn't keep to that promise and copied the template down to a tee... so when the 3rd moochin about release came out with an identical cover (a cover that was decided on 8 months before these releases came out...) emails started flying out to shops, desperately trying to limit the moochin' about release, calling it illegal and that it was passing itself off as mr harris's box set... when all moochin was doing is releasing the planned 3rd cd it had invested in...

so 'larry', as i'm sure your aware of its been downhill from there really hasn't it... ?

even stooping to new lows by even sending disgusting, slanderous letters,trying to break up my new family out of spite, by him and his delightful girlfriend...

as for the limited company was dissolved in september because NO tax returns were done in the 2 years of trading by the in house accountant at the time....errm, what was his name again...?

so, i guess by seeing this quote by 'LARRY', there's going to be no end to it... moochin about wants to leave everything in the past and continue with its 4 planned releases this year, but when lies continue, its hard to ignore... and as for you 'LARRY', as you know so much, you'll remember that over generous friend mr harris (who never seems to appear under his own name for some cowardly reason..) used to have and if it wasn't for him, he'd have no box sets to lay claim too... !

and just to let you know mike and everyone who still cares about all this pathetic argument .. 'jazz on film records' has only released one cd so far ok... moochin about has 5 cds out at the moment,soon to be 6... just check the moochin about website... the chet baker~italian movies has just received a decent review in the observer... the new wave wasn't sent out as it would of been a waste of time as mr harris managed to get his slightly similar product out with an identical cover out a month before... so nobody would of reviewed something as similar...despite having 6 more new wave soundtracks on...

its a sorry state this has to be played out in public and i can only apologise.. but i hope you find some honest answers here and not desperate and egotistical lies from 'LARRY'...

and "LARRY', if you want proof on everything i've written above, you know where to get me... i'm always happy to discuss matters further... and if you bump in to mr harris, give him my best wishes and to keep up the good work...!

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and one last thing to anyone who really cares about this subject ... i've never hidden behind any other name and distance myself from anyone who criticises jazz on film records and its owner... and anyone who hides behind names is a complete coward and has something to hide if they can't be themselves and argue their own case... i understand there is 2 sides to every story and am sure bad decisions were made by me also.. but underhanded and desperate attempts to wreck my investment and hard work with my label moochin' about, will always be met full on, by me and only me...

and i & my label will try to release good value product in the future.. it may not always be perfect, but i'm sure it will be done to a high standard and will be appreciated by most people...

right, i'm starting to bore myself and need some food...!! night, night..

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I'm lost, though I always like a good and only semi-coherent internet fight.

So somebody tell me, which box should I get?

well i've had enough over the last 10 months and thought my counterpart had stopped spouting rubbish to people and moved on like i had (or tried to...)... but i'm up for it if 'larry' , as you've so much reliable info to bore people with...

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Not sure myself ... most of the contain quite a few things I already have (not that Chet Baker one from Italy though, that one's tempting).

I've love to get "Shadows", but it's just too much duplification everywhere.

well i'm biased obviously, as all the moochin product is great...! especially the chet baker if i do say so myself... and thats not down to me compiling it, its down to the amazing piero umiliani soundtracks...! all remastered, they sound great... and seeing what your already into, i thin you'd love it... but the one that this guy 'larry' is taking about (by the ex-employee of moochin about) must be great, as 'jamie cullum' loves it so much as he keeps reminding people of...!

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