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How is Walt Dickerson's "Lawrence of Arabia" (Dauntless)?


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Does anyone know this record? I've been listening to Dickerson's OJC recordings and like them a lot. And I am a big fan of the movie "Lawrence of Arabia", including the music. But the LP seems fairly uncommon and quite expensive when listed on eBay. Wanted to ask people's opinions before taking the plunge.

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If you're into film music, try:


Have and like it! Esp. Sun Ra's piano playing.

Thanks everyone. I am keen to hear the 1960's stuff first, so will try to get "Lawrence" and "Unity".

So, I agree with the SteepleChase comments. But if you are looking to the 1960's, consider "To My Queen", which I think is his most creative 1960's album. Plus you get a pretty good dose of Andrew Hill which is never bad. Plus to me the vibes/bass duet track kind of shows where his later style is going.

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Love his playing, I think I have all of his recordings, and I second the recommendations of To My Queen: the very best of his 60s recordings. Tell Me Only the Beautiful Things from 1976 (I think Candid has reissued this) with WILBUR WARE and Andrew Cyrille is another favourite. Lawrence of Arabia OK, but as Felser pointed out, good to have it with the even better Unity on the twofer. A unique, uncompromising voice, and uses the vibes in a way that takes the instrument to a different place from most. The two Steeplechase duet albums with Richard Davis also go to different and marvellous places. And I'm very fond of the duet album with fellow Philadelphia resident Sun Ra...

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