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Dear forum...

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I responded today Joel when I saw the news for the first time. I hope it all went well, seems it did. Hoping this gets posted by C.J. somewhere I can read it, looking forward to it. I have never listened to a single podcast in my life unfortunately..

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I really appreciate Joel's time with me as he spoke about names largely neglected by the history books.   Barry Harris, Tommy Turrentine and C Sharpe were very important to Joel, and its important these names are discussed for extending the jazz history narrative.  I wanted to give him the chance to speak freely (nothing is censored in my interviews) and he did so quite well. 

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2 hours ago, fasstrack said:

I am a principled man living by a strict moral code. I reached out to an administrator. If I do not hear back, I wish you all the best, but I shan't participate here any more.

I would have to ask what kind of moral code has been violated here. All kinds of people make all kinds of posts here that get next to no traffic. Community-wise, there is no mandate, explicit or implicit, that anybody respond to anything, nor that board staff highlight or respond to any topic out of any sense of obligation to individual members, the music, or even to life itself.

For the record, there is only one active board member that has the actual title of Administrator, and that is Jim Alfredson. If you did not reach out to him, you probably reached out to a Moderator. Whichever one it was (it was not me), will respond to you or not as they see fit if/when they are available.

Regardless of any of that, nobody can force posts out of other members. Your disappointment is understandable, but another option would have been - and, actually, still is -  to continue bumping up the original thread with fresh enthusiasms instead of creating a new one to express your hurt at the absence of response to it. This thread, in about two hours, already has more than half the views of your other thread, which was started on Wednesday. Is this the thread to which you want to drive the traffic?

Also, it looks like CJ has not yet posted the material on his site, nor has he made any announcement here (at least not that I'm aware of) of any upcoming feature. CJ is very good about announcing his work when he sees fit, and from my experience, he gets a certain amount of "sure" traffic when he does so. The man does good work and is not bashful about presenting it when he is ready. He also exhibits a very high level of quality control over and ownership of his content. Despite the absolute worthiness of the subject matter as you describe it, you did the interview for him, not the other way around. Ultimately, it is now his content,and he certainly seems to have game/life plans both long- and short-range, so, maybe...chill out and let him handle it going forth?


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Good lord. 

Jim put it nicely, and you lash out at him. 

I'll put it more bluntly. 

In recent weeks you've gone off because people walk around with earbuds in listening to music/podcasts. It's simply galling to you that everyone else doesn't share your life view when it comes to public behavior. 

Then you wrote a letter to the MTA complaining that your right to ...something... had been violated because a lady was talking loudly on her cell phone. One can only imagine the emotional scarring.

Just a few days ago you lashed out at a few of us because we passed on what we knew concerning the Magic Jack and made it seem as though we were somehow oppressing you and not allowing you to make your own decisions. 

And now this senseless pity party where you have to crow about being a man of principles living by a strict moral code, an insinuation that no one else here does because they didn't take time to praise you for your interview? Well my friend, I'd say it is certainly time to fuck right off. You are becoming more strange, bitter, and emotionally unstable week after week. 

It is high time someone explains to you that the world does not revolve around the thoughts, habits, and actions of Joel Fass. And no one, I'll repeat, no one is under ANY obligation whatsoever to listen to any interview you do, any music you play, or anything that you have to say. 

So, I hope for your sake that you really are leaving. A place like this will never meet your absurdly high personal demands. 

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On 10/8/2016 at 7:57 PM, fasstrack said:

All my posts deleted in deference to the goodness of CJ Shearn and the sake of his career...

I thought you deleted your posts because you later realized you were wrong. Admitting that would be a step in earning the respect you seek from this community.

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