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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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23 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

It´s a bit harder for me to listen to Ornette´s trumpet than to his violin. Miles Davis once stated that he hate´s Ornette´s trumpet but can get along with the violin. 

Same here! But nevertheless I still prefer when he sticks to alto 🎷 

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Just now, EKE BBB said:

Same here! But nevertheless I still prefer when he sticks to alto 🎷 

Me to, but let´s say "Snowflakes and Sunshine" on "Golden Circle Vol 2 " is worth listening. 

And there was a later LP that I think never made it to CD "Opening at Caravan of Dreams" where he plays some strong violin on the last track "Compute"......

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Picked this up recently.  Enjoying it very much.




10 hours ago, soulpope said:

❤❤❤ .... for me his best ....

If I had to pick just one, I'd go with Capra Black.  I love how GRAND it is, how all-encompassing and ambitious, Jazz without borders.  

All that said, Soran-Bushi, B.H. is extraordinary too!  ;) 


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6 hours ago, JSngry said:

What about Knowledge Of Self on Denon?

Could not get it at that time.  It is still on my want list. There is another one on Soulnote.

But this one here is  also great and worth to look after with a great group:








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7 hours ago, soulpope said:

Actually I meant Max Roach 4tet on Denon aka "Live In Tokyo", Horo aka "The Loadstar", Victor Japan aka "Nommo" and Baystate Japan "Live In Amsterdam" ....

Thanks for the Info. Live in Tokyo looks very interesting. From the rest these are here:


2 hours ago, BillF said:


One of my favorites . There is a part 2 (one side Mulligan / one side Getz)

4 hours ago, Referentzhunter said:


Another favorite LP here today

4 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

Oh yes, this was the first Ornette Coleman I purchased in 1978, and also my first so called "Free Jazz" record.

Now listening to the incredible guitar of Wes Montgomery 

images (2).jpg

Download (6).jpg

And these of course too.

Someone has spyed in  my collection




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