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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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Now on my turntable (prompted by Peter's Sonny Stitt post above):


Sonny Stitt - Blues for Duke (Muse, 1978)
with Barry Harris, Sam Jones, and Billy Higgins; rec. 1975

A heartfelt tribute.  One of my favorite Stitt albums.


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1 hour ago, HutchFan said:


Attila Zoller - When It's Time (Enja, 1995)




Arthur Blythe - Retroflection: Live at the Vanguard (Enja, 1994)



1 hour ago, HutchFan said:

First listen:


Egberto Gismonti - Música de Sobrevivência (ECM, 1993)


Jazz in the '90s blog upcoming? 

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15 hours ago, HutchFan said:

It's been a piano trio morning.








I love to see that you spin Fritz Pauer, really astonishing for a young guy from the states to even know about him ! 
So I like to tell you that he was my mentor, there were times we met every night, when not playing then just hangin´out  and I wouldn´t know about music what I know now, without his help and kind support. And I wouldn´t have had bookings at age of 18+ if he would not had let me sit in. 

How´s Herbie Hancock-Ron Carter-Tony Williams ? As a freak of VSOP when it happened I had all of it, but I was not aware of a trio record. How does Williams sound on it ? If it´s not a record where the drums is only in the background as happens with many studio albums, I would dare to buy it. 

P.S.: Thanks for the advice with Hubbard at Keystone, you right, this is MY music. Got it shipped yesterday ! 

9 hours ago, mjzee said:


I love it. All those arrangements, the band, the fantastic choice of ballads, that fantastic voice. 
It´s a pity there are so few male singers around there, you find ton´s of female singers, but to add a good balladeer to a good instrumental group would be a very interesting thing. 

This is one of the few albums I listen to quite often. And you play those ballads much better if you have heard it sung with the lyrics. You just get what you need to know to play that ballad properly....

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