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Remnants of an earlier life

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On 5/17/2018 at 6:38 PM, JSngry said:

Kinda wish we had basements in Texas, that would solve a lot of problems.

I have some relatives in Elgin (near Austin, great sausage made there) who had a basement.  Shocked me.  So apparently there's at least one out there.

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10 hours ago, Scott Dolan said:

Houston has their underground tunnel system, and they’ve got to be pretty damned close to the water table. 

Proximity to the water table isn't so much an issue. Houston's penchant for severe rain events and the concomitant flooding is. Granted, this pic was taken during a pretty extreme flooding event, and some mitigation measures have been implemented in the tunnel system since then, but residential basements are still pretty much a non-starter. 


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17 hours ago, Scott Dolan said:

I now see Houston has elevations of 50-125ft. I didn’t think it’d be anywhere near that high. So yeah, definitely no water table issue there. 

My old hometown in Florida had parts that actually sat below sea level. 

From https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=4818 most of Southern Florida is only about 32 feet above sea level. If sea level rose 33 feet, there would be a very different coastline and a new island. :)


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Hard to argue with NASA, but the major cities and towns along the Gulf Coast where I lived are as follows: 

Bradenton - 6'

Sarasota - 16'

Englewood - 10'

North Port - 10'

Port Charlotte (home town) - 7'

Punta Gorda (hometown) - 6'

Cape Coral - 5'

Fort Myers Beach - 3'

Fort Myers - 10' 

Naples - 3' 

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Since most of the major cities and towns are along the coast itself, it makes sense that they'd be closer to sea level, compared to the rest of southern Florida itself.

Like the congressman in Alabama said, let's hope more dirt from the White Cliffs of Dover don't fall into the ocean, or else south Florida will all be under water.


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