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  1. Gene DiNovi is still with us, alive and well and playing in Toronto. Well, playing....y'know: covid 19. I loved Junior Mance's playing, and him personally. A lovely, sweet man was Julian C. Mance Jr. I recorded him for broadcast many times at Cafe des Copains and the Montreal Bistro in Toronto, then would go in to hear him again and again the same week. He was a great dinner companion too, with lots of stories, some of which can't be repeated in polite company. In my always-changing list of top-five Favourite Piano Players Junior and Ray Bryant are always included.
  2. Wow, I'm naive. I'm not Murcan (wtf is Trudeau Tea?) , so therefore stupidly ignorant. Thank you for explaining that everything I've ever learned and appreciated about jazz for the last 60+ years is wrong, wrong wrong, and that everything needs to be viewed through your/Organissimo's lens. I bow down to your superior knowledge and world-understanding. I met and talked with Dizzy. Did you? I met and recorded/interviewed with Duke, Basie, Braxton, Lloyd, Cannonball, Chet, Bill Evans, Carmen McRae Russell Procope, Ella, Paul Desmond, Jay; McShann, Duke Pearson, Cedar Walton, Zoot Sims, Buddy Tate, Don Pullen, Ed Bickert, Flip Phillips, Kenny Barron,Martial Solal, Earl Hines,James Moody, Kenny Wheeler, Moncef Genoud, Geoff Keezer, Cab Calloway, Rob McConnell, Don Menza, Jimmie Rowles and several dozens more, yet have never bothered to try to understand about jazz. I'm naive. I'm also out of here. I just can't take the JSangrey-only worldview any more. You're right, everyone else is stupid/naive/wrong. Bye.
  3. I always understood that Dizzy believed he gave his music to the world, that it was not stolen by his followers. If you want to ignore that, and bring Filthy Lucre into it, that's up to you.
  4. ...and I remember when RCA Victor said Dynagroove and Dynaflex was 'the schitz...'
  5. There's a really good radio show about marketing on CBC called Under The Influence hosted by Terry O'Reilly (no relation) which covered that topic a couple of years back -- and it's available here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-70-under-the-influence/clip/12424026-when-madison-avenue-met-broadway-the-world-of-industrial-musicals-an-encore-presentation Lots of the music stands, if you drop the lyrics...
  6. I think you've described him perfectly: about his music, and his personality.
  7. That's one I recorded for Sackville, so I took that one off the shelf too, John. And followed it up with this one we did at Don Thompson's comfy home studio. Ne I see Delmark, who now owns Sackville has kept this duo album of Harold Mabern and Geoff Keezer (which I recorded) in the catalog...
  8. Yeah -- Adrean is FINE! and the youngest guy here... Rob Piltch is a terrific guitarist, sort of musical son of Ed Bickert, as all guitarists should be... with a great range... Andy is a deep musician, playing all the reeds with a great knowledge of styles, and is a fine writer and orchestrator for all band sizes. Great teacher, too. Should be much better known, but is as so many Toronto guys are, quite happy to live and work at home. Neil and Terry are of course internationally known, as they should be.
  9. A new release from a Toronto stalwart Andy Ballantyne, with hommages to his influences. A set of rewarding originals from a gang of greats... You'll be able to get it here: https://www.andyballantyne.com/playlist/play-on-words/
  10. Died earlier this week...not as well known as he should have been... https://thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/vic-vogel-emc
  11. Here's a link to a very recently released CD of Harold, with some great Toronto players led by Kirk MacDonald. It's from 18 months ago, and must be among Mabern's last recordings. I was delighted to be asked to write the notes for the album... https://kirkmacdonald.com/album-item/generations/
  12. The great Canadian reedman P J Perry, in a duo setting with Bill Mays...
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