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  1. Zoot Sims

    Listening to "Loose Bloose" for the the Bill Evans thread, I found a bit of unison playing between Evans and the Sims got stuck in my head. In particular, it was something about Sims' tone - like it spoke to something in me. At the moment, I've just got one Zoot record - "For Lady Day". Any recommendations? Simon Weil
  2. Wynton and women (yet again)

    I'm a long-term hater of Wynton - and my criticism of him has focused around his treatment of women. I wrote a couple of articles about that 20 and 14 years ago. It has seemed blindingly obvious to me that he's a sexist and gets away with it. That's in the past. What is current is the flow of anti-sexist drive in the wider culture right now. I'm looking at Wynton - and specifically him as a sort of figure-head for Jazz in the wider culture - and going "This is an accident waiting to happen".
  3. Wynton and women (yet again)

    It really is something else I'm talking about - I mean it's to do with what gets people to take an interest in specific facts at a specific time. That is, for years, I've thought that when (and I think it's when) the anti-sexist tide hits Jazz, Wynton is a terrible guy to have in place as its figurehead.
  4. Wynton and women (yet again)

    Can't you see your post put me in a box? Either I replied to it honestly with as much as I could say from my experience or I left you (and others) with what I thought might be a false sense of security.
  5. Wynton and women (yet again)

    My post was an answer to that. I thought "well, I don't know that it's so absolutely clear - at least not in my mind".
  6. Wynton and women (yet again)

    I was being honest. Strangely.
  7. Wynton and women (yet again)

    My intent has simply been to draw attention to this issue. If people don't want to confront it that's up to them. It seems, to me, akin to sticking your head in the sand when there's a wave coming up the beach.
  8. Wynton and women (yet again)

    This is hard for me - It seems to me there might easily be women out there. I did have one engagement which suggested to me that the specific woman might have had an experience along those lines.
  9. Wynton and women (yet again)

    The two articles I had suggested (2001) that the lack of women in his band was down to sexism and (2007) that he had a deep-seated negative view of women that required them to be "offstage".
  10. John Coltrane - Love Supreme: Live in Seattle

    For me, the question was how does this relate to the studio recording - in that that seems to have some sort of perfect settlement of form with content, which I think is defining for a lot of people who listen to it. For me, so far, the big difference is the tension between the form and the content. It's like wherever Coltrane and his musicians are, the settlement of the studio album doesn't work anymore and they're striving for somewhere beyond. The sort of "perfect answer" of the studio album isn't there anymore - which I think is going to be a disappointment for a lot of people - but it's still amazing to be there in the club listening to them going beyond.
  11. Wynton Marsalis

    I'm a long term Wynton-hater. Much more extreme in that than the average, I'd say. Yet, in the last few years I've come to the conclusion that the trend has been thoroughly in my favour. That is I am picking up a sense that, for most Jazz listeners, he's past his sell-by date. Is this wishful thinking (might be) - Or is there something there? Simon Weil
  12. Rock appears in Jazz's history as the competitor that drove it off the popular stage. So it would be rather unusual for Jazz historians to look at the sudden explosion of this competing form in the late 60s and early 70s to see if one could glean any insights as to how new musical forms appear - and thus an insight into how Jazz might have appeared. But it strikes me that Rock is so microscopically recorded in the process of its gestation, that...Well, it might help us make up for the lack of any recordings at all in Jazz's parallel period.
  13. I once bought the 6CD Mingus Atlantic set from for a similar price. They had it down as 1 CD. Even though has this as 6CDs, I'm guessing somewhere they have it down as one.
  14. Sauter-Finegan "Memories of Goodman and Miller"

    Oh lord, it's the other way around...the things that so many people think that they themselves can't's frustrating beyond words too many times. It's reverse-snobbery. The assumption that I cannot possibly understand X because it's not my profession, C'mon people... I think both happen. I'm guessing, but the root of it is people don't want to think outside their box, because then they'd have to look at the whole. If you apply "be true to yourself so as to be true to the world" (reversed), you end with they'd have to look at themselves. Which is why we live on the surface, to avoid that.
  15. Sauter-Finegan "Memories of Goodman and Miller"

    We live in a society where the analytic is privileged above the instinctive. And I see that in the "I'm a musician, I see stuff" approach. Musicians have privileged access to specific analytic musical skills and da da da...Not that I disagree. But I also think there's a line somewhere where people decide "I'm a musician [Or photographer or whatever] and you're not and therefore you can't understand." My people do have the required non-analytic skills, undeveloped, repressed - but we've created a society which desires to live on the surface, so such skills are not deployed. I also think it's been past its sell-by date for a few years.
  16. Sauter-Finegan "Memories of Goodman and Miller"

    I don't know - whether "most people" have that skill set or not. I observe - not in music, but in a general way, that people can pick on things in a highly nuanced way when they care to.
  17. Sauter-Finegan "Memories of Goodman and Miller"

    It depends what you mean by "cumulative sound". That is certainly how I listen to the music - and perhaps things - in general . But, on the other hand, and for whatever reason, I can pick up on things down in the mix (both in music and in the wider arena) in a below the surface way.
  18. I Cant Find My MLK Jazz LPs

    I once suggested there's some MLK behind Bitches Brew: Bitches Brew
  19. Difficult week

    Maybe..."People in Sorrow"...
  20. Nowadays "contrafact" is going to be bring up "alternative facts" (and etc.). But...In previous years I've seen it dropped in places and not known what it's meant (being a non-musician there's loads of examples like that) - never particularly bugged me.
  21. "Reharm" is horrible...I know you don't mean this, but..."harm again"????....Gawwd, please stay away from this.
  22. I guess....There's the process of getting to where you can say something (which is how I read JS's comment - as about process) - and there's what you say.
  23. "Nobody knows anything" are the words by William Goldman which made me "look at the world in [a] new...way".
  24. Does it matter whether we own music?

    It feels like a party political broadcast (or whatever the equivalent is in the States) on behalf of "people like me" [Ted Gioia]. There's something very narrow about his vision, as though he's wearing blinkers. It's dressed up with a potted history of the economics of the music business - but what struck me was how he'd left out the people who'd bought Beatles singles etc..