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  1. How do you pronounce.........

    Buddy Featherstonhaugh? Answer here: Qu 2: Can you spell it?
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    brew = booze zonk = booze zonk + y = adjective
  3. Reminded of this one by the recent Johnny Mandel tributes. And what a band! Arrangements not just by Mandel, but also Dameron, Gene Roland and George Russell. And in the ranks: Al, Zoot, Herbie Steward, Frank Socolow, Raney, Fagerquist, not to mention the wonderfully named Porky Cohen!
  4. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Track 12: Ronnie Cuber?
  5. BFT196 Link & Discussion

    Track 4: Now there's a tune I know very well, but can I name it! Track 6: Ellington orch w Jimmy Jones, Dizzy and Jimmy Rushing. Track 7: "My Old Flame" Track 10: Another of those tunes I know but can't name.
  6. Similar in Leeds University at same date. "Milestones" from the 1958 album was a favourite.