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  1. Not being too young, I was already 7 years into jazz when I saw Lloyd - in 1964 when he was a sideman with the Adderley sextet. Great group - Cannonball, Nat, Lloyd, Zawinul, Sam Jones, Louis Hayes.
  2. Yes, Roach was very articulate on the one occasion I saw him (around 1968). I'm not so sure about "nice to audience" though. He asked the English audience the politically/historically embarrassing question of why the members of his band (Tolliver, Pope, Cowell, Merritt) all had "good old English names".
  3. Track 1 Eric Alexander? Mike LeDonne? Peter Bernstein? Track 6 "Lover Come Back to Me" Hank Jones? Track 7 Pepper Adams? Track 8 "Impressions" Bobby Hutcherson? Track 9 Earl Bostic? Track 11 Rufus Harley?