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    If the Candid LP was to be included in the originally planned Max Roach Verve box set, did they have to license it or does Verve or whoever owns it right now have the rights to the Candid label? Or who DOES own Candid right now?
  2. Javon Jackson - Easy Does It

    It was favorably reviewed in the July/August issue of Jazz Times. Any other opinions, please?
  3. Favorite "chordal instrument"-less LP's, pre-1970

    Ted Curson recorded a nice LP with Bill Barron, Herb Bushler and Dick Berk for Fontana, if I remember correctly. I've always the Steve Lacy LP with Don Cherry. Of course the few tracks Coltrane did with Steve Davis and Elvin on the Atlantic Plays the Blues album.
  4. Fred Jackson, "Hootin' And Tootin'"

    For my taste, Jackson's strongest playing besides his own two sessions on the Connoisseur CD is on Baby Face Willette's Face to face, also a Connoisseur CD. Besides, Willette is a more original organist than Van Dyke. Or perhaps I prefer his more boppish approach ...
  5. What would like to see get re-issued?

    I'd love a (box set?) reissue of ALL the Music Inn material in one package! Of the stuff mentioned, these top my list: Don Ellis, Essence - Pacific Jazz Chico Hamilton Trios - Pacific Jazz the Horo twofers: the Sun Ra's are great! Other stuff not yet mentioned: Jon Hendricks - A Good Git Together w. Wes Montgomery, Pony Poindexter, the Adderley Brothers - World Pacific all of Clare Fischer's Pacific Jazz albums, first of all So Danco Samba the Johnny Rae United Artists album (have an LP, but a CD would be nice) Dorothy Ashby's Jazzland LP the last Prestige LP of the Latin Jazz Quintet with Bobby Capers the Arnett Cobb Okeh sides Ahmad Jamal's Chamber Music of the New Jazz (Argo, originally Parrott) Johnny Griffin's first LP (dtto., both in "legal tangles") Don Patterson, Funk You, Mellow Soul and the other Prestige LPs not yet on CD Buddy Montgomery's Impulse LP John Lewis' Columbia LP P.O.V. Luis Gasca's Blue Thumb LP For Those Who Chant Lloyd McNeil's first LPs for his own Asha label the Riverside Jazz Stars - A Jazz version of Kean w. Jimmy Heath, Julius Watkins etc.
  6. american/european jazz musicians

    Can you post some examples?
  7. Which giants are still out there and touring?

    Ahmad Jamal is a name that shoulf be on this list as well. Again, I'd prefer if we avoid that superlative term giant - it is pretty subjective as well. I like the way Mike Fitzgerald put up his list and would say, lets's list masters that have reached their 6oth year of age. A master is a musician with an individual style and mastery of his instrument - period. I strongly Cedar Walton's inclusion in this list - saw him several times during the last ten years and he never disappointed and was a model in taste, responsibility for the band and music, and has written a large book of great tunes. Tonight I'm gonna see Al Foster - he'll qualify next year ....
  8. Which giants are still out there and touring?

    Benny Golson Clark Terry Von Freeman Several member of the Chicago AACM scene Milford Graves Al McKibbon Lee Konitz I'd prefer to talk about living older masters, not giants. Master is a term applying to all mentioned.
  9. Picpost

    I knew you'd be the first to post when I read your name in the viewers' list! Whatever pic you feel you have to post, here's the thread to do so. ... as long as it is related to Blue Note, of course, in any way.
  10. BNBB Website

    They're just afraid to link to serious competitors of the bands they signed ...
  11. Unissued Larry Young?

    That's Laura Tequila Logan, not Lewis! Webster Lewis played organ and clavinet on the Tony Williams LP, which I like very much, by the way. If the unissued Young date on Columbia is like the Arista stuff, it's not much of a loss, I suppose .....
  12. Uptown

    I remember I read about the Schildkraut back then, or his "comeback". Sure would like to hear this!
  13. how is Blakey's "Drum Suite"?

    I have the French LP predecessor of the Drum Suite reissue, and it sounds great. Can't tell if it was Columbia's studio, although there are photos on the back. It sounds considerably better than the Orgy in Rhythm, was prepared much better by the engineers - Van Gelder opened and closed mikes often during the Orgy sessions, probably had to as the solo routine was spontaneous, or he had a bad day .... The Blakey Columbia material after the initial Jazz Messengers sessions with Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, Horace Silver, Doug Watkins and Blakey to me looks like Blakey tried tu fulfill contractual obligations after the Messengers had split in the middle of a Columbia contract. Silver was better off, as all the others went with him, he just needed a drummer and had his lone EPIC LP recorded in no time. Mike, what do you say?
  14. Randy Weston Select

    No! There is one more track reputedly from the Five Spot sessions on a large Coleman Hawkins LP box set issued in Italy, but Cuscuna had his doubts about this or it would have been included.
  15. Uptown

    It's one of her jazzier albums, if you like her later singing you will like it. I liked her voice better when it sounded young and innocent, like on the Warner Bros. LP with the late Benny Carter, if I hadn't sold my copy years ago I'd offer it to you ... sorry Dan
  16. Uptown

    Just edited the list above. Thanks Chuck, just had found about the Adams and Monterose/Flanagan. Some nice stuff I missed from the vinyl era... There are still five numbers missing, anybody help? What's the connection between Uptown and Reservoir? Looks like Reservoir started after Uptown had stopped issuing temporarily .... I read the producers' names on the issues before and after and made some conclusions but don't wanna drop any names here ...
  17. I tried an image search at AlltheWeb with Hard Bop, and the first image shown was Wynton Marsalis, which gave ME a headache .... ... or is this Branford?
  18. ... seems like this thread turned into a rehearsal spot for the Organissimo Tap Troupe ... ... first one to grow tired wins a weekend trip with Norah Jones ...
  19. Use Opera to browse, and hit F12, demark animation of gifs activated and save your money ......
  20. I'm afraid this won't help either, although it fits the state of mind pretty well ..........
  21. Oct conns?

    The Flip, as it is the only Mobley session I've never heard, but honestly I'm just as curious about the Hill ....
  22. Greatest Finds

    The left half of the cover is dark violet blue with large letters in white J G with the rest of the names in small type; right half is black with white type. Label is black with silver print and the matrix number is CHESS-LP-8681 or 82, respectively.
  23. Phew! Just ordered my Chico Hamilton set ....
  24. Just started reading Paris, Trance over the weekend: a funny, to the point account of a Londoner moving to Paris in summer when the city is almost deserted. If you've ever been in a similar situation you will recognize at least a part of yourself ....
  25. You should have considered a Boogaloo Sisters Swimsuit Calendar first .....