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    Okay Jim, what devil has made you tell us all this ?!?
  2. What is your all-time top sax ballad?

    Thanks for the many responses in such a short time! Very nice choices. After the first 50 posts I'll count them and post a list, so far Dexter Gordon and I guess I'll hang my tears out to dry top the list. Puzzles me Lester Young isn't getting more votes .....


    Noone can join you on this couch as long as you're jumping in the middle spreading out to both sides ..... will you please keep still for a moment or two?
  5. Rodney Jones

    I remember this cookin' assistant from the old BBB days who's out of a job at the moment ....
  6. Legendary Cuban jazzman dies

    At least he had his share of success and international fame before it was too late. But he was not a jazzman, but a sonero!!!
  7. Tommy Turrentine hybrid SACD

    AFAIK the Stanley Turrentine Time LP was recorded at two sessions, with Tommy Flanagan at the piano on 4 of the 7 tracks. Couldn't it be that Bob Shad had the idea to have Max Roach back Stanley Turrentine on his debut LP, and Max then offered the brothers the job when part of his band gave notice?
  8. Worst 32 jazz cover

    Yes, they're at least personal, often warm reminiscences. Maybe a trait of aging jazz producers reissuing some of their own work - Orrin Keepnews comes to my mind ....
  9. Got it today, and as usual I thumbed through the book and started reading the afterword first ... What it says about the superfluousness of criticism, based on George Steiner, is brilliant! Too long to quote it here ...
  10. The King Is Gone - Benny Carter RIP

    Nice photo you posted, jazzshrink, and thanks again to Benny. Even German TV 8.00 pm news reported his death this evening, and they mention only the greatest or the most popular.
  11. Tommy Turrentine hybrid SACD

    Anyway, the recording date for the Sonny Clark Trio I found is March 23, 1960! But Steve Hofmann states: "January 6, 1959 is the correct recording date! The later date might be a "record company tapes received" date. Better change those history books!" Tend to believe him. Mike, what do you think? I like this much better than his Blue Note Trios - because of his great originals. Gotta get me this SACD - and a player later on this year, if finances permit ...
  12. billy mitchell

    I'd buy anything by this friends team!
  13. Ebay craziness

    It's not crazy, it's ridiculous!
  14. The King Is Gone - Benny Carter RIP

    A role model for all of us! As great a jazz life as it can be. Just played a Keynote recording of his for my wife this morning, she wants to learn saxophone and I used it as an example of pre-Parker alto playing .... R.I.P. p.s. Jim (B-3er, that is), can you install a smiley with tears in his eyes ....
  15. ***Joe Henderson***

    I found the records I used to keep at the time with the personnel of each group I saw perform: at that concert it was Kim Clarke on bass.
  16. Jamal: One Crying Shame

    I too mailed Mosaic about Chamber Music of the New Jazz, and I understood the legal tangles referred specifically to this LP and not the other Argo Jamal Trio records, maybe the fact that is was originally recorded for Parrot has something to do with this. So the Argo was kind of a licence issue, although it was "sold" to them. Of course it's a shame such a classic date is unavailable. A similar case is Johny Griffin's fine Argo LP, which also was recorded for Parrot. The fine web page The Parrot and Blue Lake Labels gives some insight; scroll down the page to find the comments on the Jamal and Griffin recordings. A reissue should certainly combine the 4 pieces with Richard Davis with the 12" LP.
  17. Bobby Timmons' DAT DERE. Who wrote the lyrics?

    Sheila Jordan indeed used Oscar brown Jr.'s lyrics! He was a hip guy with a wild sense of humour, dig "But I was cool" on the "Sin & Soul" album ... when I first heard that one on German radio many years ago I broke up!
  18. Rodney Jones

    According to AMG he was born August 30, 1956! Here's bio AMG bio: An underrated cool-toned guitarist who sounds at his best in straight-ahead settings, Rodney Jones had his highest visibility during his period with Dizzy Gillespie (1976-1979), when he was in his early twenties. Jones had previously worked with Jaki Byard and recorded with Chico Hamilton, and he would follow the association with Gillespie by working for a time as Lena Horne's accompanist. As a leader, Jones has recorded for Timeless (in 1978 and 1981), the RR label, and in the late '80s for Minor Music. Not quite up to date .....
  19. Rodney Jones

    My copy of Soul Manifesto has 9 tracks and runs 68:10 .....
  20. Rodney Jones

    Thanks for the recommendation, just ordered it! Sound very promising! I have only the companion to Pieces of Blue, Generation, and only can say I like it very much, which means a lot because guitar usually is not one of my favourite instruments .... (nevertheless I end up playing with guitarists all the time ) Any body has a picture of Generation ? Couldn't find one on the web ...
  21. member: Chicken Shack

    I'd say with triple registration he was the ultimate enhanced CDP 8534280!
  22. Elmo Hope

    I'll never get tired of linking Noal Cohen's Elmo Hope Discography, not only because I wanted to write it but he was faster, but because I dig Elmo's music. I think he could have reached much greater artistic heights hadn't he been so frustrated. My fav's are the Complete Blue Notes and the Riverside/OJC Homecoming, which has more tracks than are on the All Star Sessions Milestone CD and contains one of the greatest improvised blues trio performances I've heard in all my life, One Mo' Blues. His compositions of the Blue Note CD are terrific!
  23. Organissimo reviewed on AAJ!

    Very nice indeed! Nice to see the ORGANISM is alive and well!
  24. Larry Young Mosaic

    Yeah, well said: he overdid it!