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  1. Kind of weird in this situation that somebody in Finland would get his before geezers in America.
  2. Mine arrived today. Haven't got to listen, yet. But I expect it does not disappoint. The Artist House "Live" album has been a long time favourite.
  3. Frank Zappa

    I like most Zappa from the beginning until "Zappa In New York" but those Flo and Eddie sides elude me. What's the deal here? Those guys can't sing, nor they are funny. The crazed fan who injured FZ in 1971 and forced him to change direction did world a great favour, in hindsight.
  4. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    The Japanese version of this box set is very different design-wise, both inside and outside.
  5. Miles Davis - Complete Sessions available again

    I sold my US / European Plugged Nickel box set a few years ago when I found the Japanese box in a Disk union store somewhere in Japan. I know, the Japanese version has 1 disc less and probably does not sound as good, but it has a special meaning to me. I used to drool over it in 1990s when I was poor and could not afford one, plus I like it's design a lot better.
  6. --- and 1 hour after posting this, I've got confirmation of the order shipping.
  7. Ordered last Friday, not shipped yet. But I have confidence in Mosaic, I remember there was a problem with a disc from Andrew Hill Mosaic Select set and they sent me replacement. The replacement had the exact same issue, and they sent me still another. Which was fine. Tzadik on the other hand did not even care to answer me when I reported one of their CDs was missing a booklet.
  8. Alice Coltrane/Pharoah Sanders

    Yes, Zawinul's excellent biography makes it quite clear. Burton plays practically all percussion on WR 1st album. Airto just added few minor touches (he can be heard vocalizing somewhere, if I remember correctly.) So this unreleased thing is basically Weather Report with McCoy instead on Zawinul. :-)
  9. Aketa Disk/Deep Jazz Reality reissues

    Just dug this one out, hadn't listened to it in ages. It's fine, but not too interesting or memorable, similar to the other piano album he did in the 1980s.
  10. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    Only time I witnessed Lee Konitz in concert he was playing in trio with Marc Johnson and Joey Baron. I feel privileged. R.I.P.
  11. Trombone/Guitar Duos?

    Yes, a nice one here. 3 tracks by Albert and Scofield.
  12. Trombone/Guitar Duos?

    Good call, similar instrumentation is this long time favourite of mine: [edit] Now, it would be cool if Lewis and Frisell did a duo session. [whew... saved ]
  13. LPs that have never made it into CD

    This John Abercrombie Trio album, thank you very much.
  14. She made some records as well. Haven't heard any of those, though.