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  1. Sivuca

    Hermeto once said to this comparison (look a like, not music-wise) something akin to 'Yeah, we look similar but I'm much more handsome!' Anyways here's some Sivuca meets Hermeto music.
  2. The Miles Davis action figure

    Imma gonna leave this here.
  3. Jean Luc Ponty

    I like Ponty a lot, King Kong, his collaboration with Zappa, is a well-known classic. This one is less known but fabulous stuff still:
  4. King Crimson Collectors' Club CDs

    I have a soft spot for circa 1974 King Crimson so I've picked up some from this era. Got Toronto, Brescia, Pittsburgh, Heidelberg. All pressed CDs and great audio-wise (last three are recent Japanese reissues.) DMG Live web-site is a good place to decide which ones to get.
  5. Hermeto Pascoal

    Unlikely as it seems, there is a time window during which Kirk could have heard this record. It was released in 1973, Kirk died in 1977. Actually I'm pondering what does Hermeto make of Rahsaan? I've never heard him mention Rahsaan in any interviews nor did he dedicate any music piece to him, afaik. And Hermeto is big on making musical dedications to other musicians, be it Miles, Cannonball, Gil Evans, Jaco, you name it.
  6. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Astor Piazzolla with Gerry Mulligan, Summit (1974). I love this one to bits.
  7. Nice. Placed an order through for Japanese version.
  8. How does the box feel, is it sturdy enough to mainstain structural integrity in harsh environment of postal service handling? Amazon tends to use flimsy packing.
  9. From the looks of it, this label specializes in recordings that were made before 1968, for copyright reasons no doubt. One Rolling Stones CD has a super catchy name, I doubt Mick and Keef approved.
  10. Did Volker Kriegel influenced Pat Metheny?

    Attila Zoller was an early teacher of his.
  11. Interesting signature on CD

    I don't think there are many here who don't know Coltrane died in 1967. Better dickish than someone who's been heavily invested in jazz music for 30+ years and not know Coltrane's been dead all these years. No, he clearly states the writing is conspicuous. If anything, this "signature" hinders the value. This gold CD would be quite expensive without it. I would like to know why would anyone ruin a beautiful mini sleeve cover with black marker like that.
  12. Found this item on Japanese yahooauctions, seems to be Keith Jarrett Quartet CD signed by John Coltrane. It's a fine CD and quite valuable in its own right but I'm not so sure Trane's autograph enhances it's value too much. To be fair, the seller only states that the front cover has a conspicous writing on it (表カバーに目立つ書き込み).
  13. Gene Perla's personal collection of recordings.

    Changed the speed -30% in Audacity and now it makes so much more sense.