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  1. David Crosby tells great Coltrane story

    And then the effect of drugs wore off?
  2. I do. Interesting album and the reissue has attractive presentation but definitely not essential.
  3. Collections

    Currently probably this one: There were only 500 pressed and I think it's kind of rare by now, some 45 years later. Maybe some recent release I've got among something 6000 CDs and 1000 LPs I've got is more rare, so to say, but pressings nowadays are more scarce anyways so they don't count.
  4. It’s common for Japanese to import CDs and print Japanese translated inserts and OBIs to them and sell them under new catalogue numbers, considerably more expensively.
  5. YEN 200.000 (=USD 1.900+) ....

    I dropped a $3 bottle of whisky yesterday and it shattered. I was so mad.
  6. Massimo Urbani - thoughts, recommendations?

    Funniest clip and interview here, where Calvin Hill says he came to Italy to play with the greatest trumpeter he's ever played with, Enrico Rava, but it's worth it even if he has to play with two of the worst musicians he's ever known, Massimo Urbani and Nestor Astarita: Of course, things are not quite as bleak as can be attested from this absolutely smoking outfit, which consists of Enrico and Massimo alongside with three Scandinavian beasts, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen and Bobo Stenson (a Dane, a Norwegian and a Swede) :
  7. Rock exploded in 1971?

    But those voting for 80's or 90's are just idiots or trolls.
  8. British jazz reissues

    Afro-Jazz was reissued on vinyl. Did not expect it, but it was not a disagreeable surprise.
  9. Jazz royal?

    More likely by Archie Leech from A Fish Called Wanda.
  10. LPs that have never made it into CD

    The topic here is LPs that have never made it into CD, not "never made it into cheap CD".
  11. LPs that have never made it into CD

    This Hannibal album has been out on CD. Japan 1997.
  12. Rendell Carr 5tet rides again

    I am currently in Japan and the vinyls were available in various jazz shops in Osaka and Tokyo as of today (try Disc Union.) A bit more expensive than elsewhere, though.
  13. Trumpeter Ted Daniel?

    Also this Japanese thing
  14. New reissues from Ace/BGP

    Looking at the tracklisting of those 2 albums, Fantasyjazz has only 11 tracks (no "Du" there) vs. 12 tracks on Ace, while Ace's "Blue" is missing 2 minutes from the end. Tough decision. Even worse is the Japanese paper sleeve version of Uhuru (UCCO-9465) that would have room for all the music but still uses the same edit as Ace. Pathetic.
  15. Dave Liebman - Fire (Jazzline)

    Liebman's albums flow under the radar easily, since he releases so many of them. This cast is almost the same as on "First Visit," one his 1st solo albums from 1973. (Richie Beirach instead of Kenny Werner.)