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  1. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Young Phil Schaap was a Quicksilver Messenger Service fan, especially - of course - JOHN CIPOLLINA. At some point Phil meets John & befriends, tells him how great his playing behind the (largely mediocre) vocals was, asks if he's influenced by Billie & Lester; John says, "silver penny Brunswicks" - meaning the silver-colored (but really steel) coins of his birth year, 1943. John is also a huge JACK SHELDON fan, tells Phil he needs to hear early Jack he'd not yet been hipped to; Phil in turn introduces John to EDDIE DURHAM, whom he's good friends with and getting work for as manager of the Basie alumni band, THE COUNTSMEN. None of this is "surprising" but I'd not heard the Cipollina / Jack Sheldon connection before... Maybe Phil is "making it up" as some have accused him of doing? Well, early Quicksilver tapes (which I doubt Phil heard) now circulate where they cover TWO tunes from Jack's 1962 album OUT! ** Also, LENNIE TRISTANO became a big DIANA ROSS fan tho' when Phil loaned Lenny his LITTLE RICHARD records, Lennie never played them. (from today's September 13, 2021 broadcast of Matthew "Fat Cat" Rivera interview with Phil this past April.)
  2. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Schaap has some brilliant acolytes; Charles Iselin is one, Matthew "Fat Cat" Riviera, who's in his mid-twenties, is another. Without personal knowledge, I'm certain Phil's archives will be carefully attended to.
  3. Liner notes to "Harold Land, Westward Bound!"

    Raise Up Off Me is one of great American autobiographies, period, not "just" jazz or music or Black culture. Highest recommendation to all and an excellent companion to the novels of Ishmael Reed, the poetry of Wanda Coleman, and the movies of director Charles Burnet. Having missed the (very) superficial Horace Silver comparisons, I thought the biggest gripe about Hawes' music was his electric piano period but I dig those sides too. Hampton Hawes - Tune Axle Grease - YouTube
  4. Reid Miles - non-BN covers

    Reid MF'n Miles, 1970s Album Cover Photographer (A Partial Sampling): ** Kenny Rogers The Gambler (1978) ! ** Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight (1978) ** The Jacksons Goin' Places (1977) ** Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil '77 (1977)
  5. Gary Burton

    this is "pretty good," apologies if already posted in a a Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow, Carla Bley, Chick Corea or other ECM related thread?
  6. Fort Worth kid to UT Arlington to Roosevelt U, Chicago (Eddie Harris, Anthony Braxton) - what a journey!
  7. Bonnie Pointer R.I.P.

  8. Tina Brooks

    Utica 10 Feb 1964, during Birdland gig of (at least) late Jan through mid Feb. Presume the same quartet too, Lefty Simms, piano; George Scott; drums; Hassan Abdullah; bass. Anyone know Lefty or the bassist Hasaan Abdullah? George Scott we "all" know from Mingus "Pre-Bird" the 1969 trio with Ronald Shannon Jackson is likely among the last of Tina's known engagements; that Shannon was himself then "sick" too adds extra dimension to the whole thing; were their connections in Utica that solid or were they bringing stuff up from the city, etc?
  9. Tina Brooks

    Tina Brooks, Utica late-January to early Feb 1969; Rick Montalbano (misspelled ad), organ, is alive-- Ron Jackson, drums, who is almost certainly Ronald Shannon Jackson, is not. I do not have the Mosaic booklet at hand but Tina played Birdland in Utica regularly since at least February 1962, not long after coming off road with Ray Charles? Also not the first nor the last time J.R. Monterose misspelled. May 1966 with belly dancer Mari-Jay (who?!). There is more.
  10. Sam Donahue

    ** **
  11. in order of preference: Ben Webster Chu Berry Lester Young Georgie Auld Charlie Barnet Bud Freeman Don Byas Dexter Gordon Vido Musso Sam Donahue Bebe Russian Babe Russin Eddie Miller - New York Age July 19, 1941
  12. The Light Of The World Pentecostal Church, 2717 Carnation Ave, Fort Worth TX
  13. roy haynes is a "pretty good" drummer too
  14. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    And what "name" is that, really? Look at Malcolm Addey's credits and I defy anyone to make the case "Steve Hoffman" has even a fraction of Addey's qualifications or artistic track record. Even if one cares for for the (overpriced snake oil hype) pop rock schlock regurgitations SH specializes in, Addey should get any gig he wants until he's no longer able to do it to his own superior standards. just one of many many dozens of killer sessions Malcolm was * engineer * for- Whip! Whop! - that's he's done brilliant work with 78s, mono, early stereo etc too is remarkable.