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  1. Mingus at Carnegie Hall, Deluxe Edition

    TERRY KATH (1) Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (Official) - YouTube
  2. All Things Hat

    Mike, I'm a great admirer of Pfister though on the same page Werner notes that Peter is no longer involved with Hat. (Retirement?) I * was * also a great admirer of Hat going back to the actual Hat logo, the pizza boxes, the superior, mostly red & white designed jewel case CDs etc. We are all in that of debt-- & Credit Suisse or whoever was the big sponsor for years. That Werner feels the need to go public domain for $$ * AND * & to outwardly erase those records true historical / cultural / economic provenance -- ALFRED LION & FRANCIS WOLFF; Reid Miles design Blue Note -- is to me unconscionable. Werner X should bow down to the Blue Note / Impulse etc shrines of his choice to this day; instead, he's playing the common thief, crediting THREE producers on that Tony Williams release... none of whom are named Alfred Lion. Why? Werner's ego? Who's Teo Macero? Eff Werner X. Uhlinger
  3. All Things Hat

    well, what * is * it then? and "remastered" from what? WTF are Hat playing at here, becoming a public domain label MUCH less interesting / intrepid than Fresh Sounds (say) or ?? Even if "out of print," why give them anything doing inferior borrowings from Blue Note and here Impulse (the Cecil half of "Into The Hot," because they know better than Gil Evans / Creed Taylor / Nat Hentoff that one should never mix CT & John Carisi?) Angkor Wat - YouTube wow, it looks like Werner X. has a "statement," in addition to soliciting donations I can't upload a second image but PLEASE, scroll down to their Anthony Williams "borrowing" & note the production credits - Alfred Lion NOT included! (Edit - I got snip of producer credits, sorry the resolution is poor.) Eff Hat. thank G-D Werner X and friends had the artistic vision and means to record young Anthony, old(er) Sam, et al.
  4. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Dan, this is from July 15, 1977 Columbia Spectator
  5. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    No doubt. That subject never came up that I heard but I believe Schaap addressed it somewhere -- one of the academic jazz journals? Whether it was his mistake, others or a combination of factors... the fact that he'd successfully shepherded much larger and more complicated projects (Verve Bird & Billie Holiday boxes; Benedetti; Miles / Gil Sony), as well as many smaller ones (so many Verve discs) strongly suggests it was an anomaly. That does remind me that Schaap and Sony had some dispute over the Hot 5s & 7s set; no details were offered but before the sets original release, Schaap would play what he called "his" remastering, which I took to mean that, following the Goodman Carnegie "controversy," someone kiboshed his "purist" approach to noise reduction-- though Schaap is still credited on that set. Dan, are you aware that Phil helped run a short lived (1977- ?? perhaps only summer-autumn 1977) post-West End club called the Third Phase?
  6. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Among the numerous great memories and revelations heard doing this week's Phil Schaap Memorial Broadcast is * asked to drive Cecil Taylor home from Morningside Heights to Brooklyn, Cecil demanded Phil play his CT's (then) favorite Duke record - "Conga Brava" - so Phil quickly made a cassette they could listen to in the car -- this was recalled third hand by another DJ, I think Cliff Preiss, but it sounded like the late 1970s. * Phil was a teenage Hendrix fanatic, seeing Jimi open for the Monkees at Forest Hills and in Greenwich Village 1967; going to Woodstock (but leaving before Jimi played) and seeing the Band of Gypsies three times at the Fillmore East. * also in rock, Phil was super into Quicksilver Messenger Service thanks for the brilliance of John Cippolina * Schaap was super into baseball and had a similar command of its history / stats as he did with jazz dates. For some reason he was a youthful fan of the Baltimore Orioles though it's unclear if that was in addition to the Mets, which instead of after Walter O'Malley took the Dodgers to Los Angeles and Chavez Ravine. * Phil was also a Coasters fanatic, among other heroes of early rock roll. * Phil was furious when a planned Jimmy Blanton Centennial Celebration was pre-empted in October 2018 for reasons not explicitly stated but likely had to do with WKCR's intermittent flare-ups with sports, as there have been some years when football, and women's & men's basketball knocked out nearly all other programming. One year it was so bad, one of the birthday broadcasts -- Clifford Brown, I think -- was interrupted in the middle for some goddamn game. I believe this madness was resolved in favor of MUSIC beccause it's not happened since. *** Sidenote: it's pleasing to hear the great impact Schaap had upon generations of listeners, WKCR djs, musicians etc. This stands in sharp contrast to the embittered, jealous mewling of one late Organissimo member whose own legacy -- while not, at its best, insignificant -- left few similarly warm tributes & inspired acolytes. Oh, but Schaap messed up the "Such Sweet Thunder" cd!!! Who cares about an eight second Dean Benedetti fragment... blah blah. PHIL LIVES!! Radio (
  7. Chet Baker, misjudged?

    Chet Baker + Duke Jordan -dom = excellence!
  8. Big Joe Turner Is Truth

    a tale of two tv mamas Big Joe Turner - TV Mama (1954) - YouTube Big Joe Turner - 01 - T.V. Mama ("Turns On The Blues", 1970) - YouTube "imperfect" maybe but still astounding Hampton Hawes All Stars ft Big Joe Turner Live at Memory Lane 1970 - YouTube ** Hampton Hawes - Harry 'Sweets' Edison - Sonny Criss - Teddy Edwards - Leroy Vinnegar - Bobby Thompson - Drums.... Special Guest: Big Joe Turner Recorded live at the Memory Lane Steak House, from the T.V. Series "Jazz on Stage", Los Angeles, 1970
  9. Oscar Peterson - RIP

  10. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Bill Charlap says...
  11. Oscar Peterson - RIP

    ODE TO BILLIE JOE Oscar Peterson - Ode to Billy Joe (1969) - YouTube not as great as Nancy Wilson / Oliver Nelson but nothing is Nancy Wilson: Ode to Billie Joe - YouTube
  12. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Young Phil Schaap was a Quicksilver Messenger Service fan, especially - of course - JOHN CIPOLLINA. At some point Phil meets John & befriends, tells him how great his playing behind the (largely mediocre) vocals was, asks if he's influenced by Billie & Lester; John says, "silver penny Brunswicks" - meaning the silver-colored (but really steel) coins of his birth year, 1943. John is also a huge JACK SHELDON fan, tells Phil he needs to hear early Jack he'd not yet been hipped to; Phil in turn introduces John to EDDIE DURHAM, whom he's good friends with and getting work for as manager of the Basie alumni band, THE COUNTSMEN. None of this is "surprising" but I'd not heard the Cipollina / Jack Sheldon connection before... Maybe Phil is "making it up" as some have accused him of doing? Well, early Quicksilver tapes (which I doubt Phil heard) now circulate where they cover TWO tunes from Jack's 1962 album OUT! ** Also, LENNIE TRISTANO became a big DIANA ROSS fan tho' when Phil loaned Lenny his LITTLE RICHARD records, Lennie never played them. (from today's September 13, 2021 broadcast of Matthew "Fat Cat" Rivera interview with Phil this past April.)
  13. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    Schaap has some brilliant acolytes; Charles Iselin is one, Matthew "Fat Cat" Riviera, who's in his mid-twenties, is another. Without personal knowledge, I'm certain Phil's archives will be carefully attended to.
  14. Liner notes to "Harold Land, Westward Bound!"

    Raise Up Off Me is one of great American autobiographies, period, not "just" jazz or music or Black culture. Highest recommendation to all and an excellent companion to the novels of Ishmael Reed, the poetry of Wanda Coleman, and the movies of director Charles Burnet. Having missed the (very) superficial Horace Silver comparisons, I thought the biggest gripe about Hawes' music was his electric piano period but I dig those sides too. Hampton Hawes - Tune Axle Grease - YouTube
  15. Reid Miles - non-BN covers

    Reid MF'n Miles, 1970s Album Cover Photographer (A Partial Sampling): ** Kenny Rogers The Gambler (1978) ! ** Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight (1978) ** The Jacksons Goin' Places (1977) ** Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil '77 (1977)