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  1. Sam Donahue

    ** **
  2. in order of preference: Ben Webster Chu Berry Lester Young Georgie Auld Charlie Barnet Bud Freeman Don Byas Dexter Gordon Vido Musso Sam Donahue Bebe Russian Babe Russin Eddie Miller - New York Age July 19, 1941
  3. The Light Of The World Pentecostal Church, 2717 Carnation Ave, Fort Worth TX
  4. roy haynes is a "pretty good" drummer too
  5. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    And what "name" is that, really? Look at Malcolm Addey's credits and I defy anyone to make the case "Steve Hoffman" has even a fraction of Addey's qualifications or artistic track record. Even if one cares for for the (overpriced snake oil hype) pop rock schlock regurgitations SH specializes in, Addey should get any gig he wants until he's no longer able to do it to his own superior standards. just one of many many dozens of killer sessions Malcolm was * engineer * for- Whip! Whop! - that's he's done brilliant work with 78s, mono, early stereo etc too is remarkable.
  6. Ran Blake

  7. anyone esp sensitive to this issue should NOT read:
  8. was this posted elsewhere & i missed it? mods can redirect or delete if so. i'm dumbfounded, if not 'shocked' insofar as anything is possible; had no personal contact w/ except decades ago mail order on the phone
  9. What Ever Happened to Hazel Scott?

    below from Pittsburgh Courier 1 Dec 1945; note use of the term "DAR-ism", let Daughters of the American Revolution be as offended as they like you know there's a bio by woman named Karen Chilton? i've not read yet but it can't not be interesting
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    arcangelo corelli op 5 x enrico gatto / ensemble aurora
  11. Tomasz Stanko R.I.P.

    peacock, stanko, garbarek, dejohnette
  12. acid pot or pills? why do we have to choose!
  13. Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin (1944-2018)

    Greg Tate obit that doesn't seem to have gotten much attention