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  1. R.I.P. Ed Shaughnessy

    thank you, Ed, for all you've given to us over the decades. you will be missed by so many. sincere condolences to all his family and friends, of which he had many.

    wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Birthday, Jim, with many more to come, youngster!! and thanks for all you do for us!
  3. R.I.P. Ed Shaughnessy

    Brownie: I can only identify that drummers Jeff Hamilton and Paul Kreibich are standing beside Ed.
  4. Get well soon, Mulgrew Miller

    Amen to all said above. i'm sending very strong prayers out to Mulgrew and his family, as I know tons of other folks are. he's the most special man, aside from his enormous talent.
  5. Don Was has just been running Blue Note for a relatively short time. he's the one that got Wayne Shorter back. I think he's producing Aaron Neville as well as many other good talents.
  6. Gregory does not sing/write "sexy" songs. and he's always a gentlemen on and off the stage. he's really a serious, humble cat but with a good sense of humor as well. his songs have a spiritual quality more than anything else.
  7. yes, Catherine Russell is quite wonderful. I was introduced to her singing last year. I doubt that many videos exist on Gregory Porter that I haven't seen. I also really enjoy his interviews very much. Dee Dee was sitting on the floor near my feet at Monterey last year when Gregory performed. she was actually crying during his set. he really took us to church that night. not all his shows have that emphasis, but it was fabulous. he'll be at Monterey again this year and featured on the Main Stage/Arena, as well as on one of the Grounds venues. I plan to see him in a few weeks at the Playboy Jazz Festival. and he'll be on The Jazz Cruise next Jan. sounds like my fantasy come true, hearing him during an entire week!!!
  8. thanks so much for this video, Jazzdude! I really enjoyed it. I met Was for the first time recently at a Wayne Shorter/Herbie Hancock concert. I started talking about my enormous love and appreciation for Gregory Porter and didn't even realize at the time that he had just signed Gregory to Blue Note! it was an amazing conversation we had. and obviously I appreciate his taste in music!! LOL!
  9. MIngus Speaks

    Well, Chris, I recall Mingus telling me that we were going to be together in our next lives. do you think he's waiting for me?!? I don't want Sue to be mad at me! LOL!
  10. Happy Birthday Chuck Nessa!

    Happy, Healthy Birthday, Chuck, with many more to come.
  11. are any of you guys familiar with Gregory Porter or Robert Glasper or Wayne Shorter?!?
  12. Lottery fever

    help support a lot of jazz musicians!!
  13. it almost sounds like the saga of the Kennedy's!!! very, very sad, indeed!!
  14. jazz musicans playing the same set each night

    the only groups that do that these days that i'm aware of are ones that haven't been together very long and haven't had time to increase their set lists and rehearse.
  15. Doris Duke Foundation Artists Awards

    I am so thrilled for all, but especially the jazz folks, and very especially for Billy Childs!!!! YEAH!!
  16. today is international jazz day

    I thought it was absolutely fabulous, even with the flaws. what an enormous event to pull off!! just amazing! BRAVO to all involved!
  17. What happened to Bill Charlap?

    as others have said, he definitely gigs around NYC. i'm looking forward to hearing him on next year's Jazz Cruise where he will play with his trio.
  18. Guess who?

    Eryka Badhu (or however you spell her name)!!
  19. I've already donated to this very worthy project on Wayne. just wish it could have been more! and i'd bet a person of ANY age would have been cold in Sonny's very old, drafty house!
  20. KD gets his due

    so glad this precious jazz legend is being honored. i'm extremely grateful that I got to many of his gigs in NYC in the '60s. no one else like him!
  21. Lee Morgan's Got A New Commercial Out

    I think I knew her too if she's the same lady who owned a dress shop on St. Mark's Pl. in the '60s right near the Five Spot. i'm wondering who gets royalties on Lee's tunes.
  22. RIP Virgil Trucks

    can't possibly remember what yours or mine looked like!! i remember though that he dated a girlfriend of mine! LOL!! i could be a very comfortable retiree these days if my mother hadn't given away my baseball card collection from the '50s, including signed baseballs by Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Herb Score, etc., plus lots of copies of The Sporting News and programs from games. makes me sick to think about it!
  23. RIP Virgil Trucks

    i think i had his bubblegum card in 1957!
  24. Get well Sonny...

    sounds good to me!! thanks for the good news, BT!!
  25. Get well Sonny...

    can't think of any musician who needs a healthy, strong respiratory system more than Sonny!!! here's to a complete recovery!