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  1. Bought from Sound Records Stroud at the weekend. Recommend the shop, interesting jazz selection.
  2. Arv Garrison

    Wow, that is incredible Jim. I will order a copy. Hope the Jazz West Coast list is surviving. I miss all the cranky old sods! best wishes Anthony London
  3. Khan Jamal: Infinity

    Paul Murphy puts some good stuff out. Got my copy a while back. Beautiful pressing too.
  4. I would be smiling too if allowed to witness that rehearsal. Is Simon well known?
  5. I thought it looked too good not to have been in circulation before. New to me, I am in a state of excitement over it. I have now watched it about 20 times. Excuse me.
  6. So many great things on that film, Dolphy hooking the bass clarinet over his shoulder while he helps to reassemble Dannie’s drum kit. Mingus sneaking an appreciative glance at Dannie when Dolphy is absolutely flying. Jaki pointing straight at Dannie to come in after his solo at about 22 mins, and Dannie wandering off towards the end, waving at the the band, it’s finished. I love it.
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Quite partial to this at the moment
  8. On a related subject, this colour film of Mingus rehearsing in Sweden, with Dolphy, Jordan, Coles and Byard is stunning. Sad dialogue about 5 mins in between Mingus and Dolphy about how long he was planning to stay in Europe. Only seen this recently, not sure if it has been around before. Anthony London Pardon my ignorance but was this grouping recorded officially at all, Coles sounds beautiful, Jordan is powerful and Mingus so strong.
  9. I recently came across Jane Getz’s interesting recollections of her time with Mingus here Anthony London
  10. Bobby Timmons - The Soul Man

    I bought this on LP today for a modest amount, from Honest Jon’s, W London. It looks like a perfect copy of a Prestige LP, heavy vinyl, but no Japanese insert. I think it is a digital transfer. Shorter on great form. Anthony london
  11. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    My wife and I had our second Pfizer shots last Friday. This was slightly earlier than we had expected, coming only 2 months after the first. I was lethargic for the weekend, horizontal on the settee listening to football and music and reading the papers. So didn’t inconvenience me at all. Anthony London
  12. British jazz reissues

    I have this LP and don’t have this problem. Anthony London
  13. Tina Brooks

    I have been exploited massively by Blue Note over the past decades (Japanese reissues, DMM vinyl, Connoisseur Lps, CDs) but I have to admit the Tone Poets reissue of Minor Move sounds great, and is a beautiful thing, despite the shocking editing of Lawrence Kart’s sleeve notes. Anthony London
  14. Tina Brooks

    From looking at the Connoisseur Cd reissue, unfortunately your sleeve notes on the Tone poets reissue end after the description of ‘the way you look tonight’, missing your words on the final three tracks and your rather poetic final paragraph. What a shame. Anthony London
  15. British jazz reissues

    Interesting, thanks. I vaguely remember that programme. Was rare at that time to hear non classical music on Radio 3. I also remember an academic having a series on Bob Dylan’s lyrics on R3 late at night. Felt very radical at the time!
  16. British jazz reissues

    Being nosy perhaps, how did you come across the correspondence and what is the gist of it? I vaguely remember Derek Jewell being quite taken with this period of British Jazz, in the Sunday Times.
  17. That is such a great record. Nearly every tune has a memorable and original theme, leaving you whistling them for days. Also such a great live sound to it. I have two copies in case I wear one out. Anthony London
  18. Prince Lasha - Insight

    Really interesting background from John Altman. I bought Insight from a guy who used to have a record stall outside the jazz cafe in Camden Town years back. The easy listening harp makes it a very strange record. Anthony
  19. XANADU Records

    I hear that but at 9.55 there is a v odd non drumsticks related sound. Perhaps I am just looking for an excuse to clear out my CDs. Any UK member wants this CD, let me know and I will send on free. Anthony
  20. XANADU Records

    Roots 4FB from around 9mins to 11 mins, for example. 9.55. Elemental 2015 edition. The sleeve notes refer to damage to the Xanadu tapes, related to Hurricane Sandy.
  21. XANADU Records

    Recently listening to Dolo Coker, California Hard, and reading all the bumf on the CD sleeve about digital remastering and wondering why there are pops and clicks throughout Frank Butler’s drum solo. Elemental music 2015. Hurricane Sandy referenced by Zev Feldman. Tapes destroyed?
  22. British Big Bands and Large Ensembles

    Sounds like that could have been the Country Club, Belsize Park same postcode as Hampstead, NW3. Now a tennis club and housing. A hop skip and a jump from me. Anthony
  23. Covid vaccination: poll

    That’s good to hear, same experience over here. Medical staff doing their job well but smiled a lot, knowing they were doing something out of the ordinary. Emotional experience, still feeling it. Anthony London
  24. Covid vaccination: poll

    Took my wife as she is disabled for vaccination in London today. I asked nicely if they could do me too, without appointment, and we both got vaccinated, no problem. Nice staff and smooth operation. I am very grateful. Anthony
  25. Art Pepper

    I find Milcho Leviev really tiring over 4 CDs on that Blues for the Fisherman set. Sounds like Pepper allowed him to ramble (so he could have a break?). I know a lot of people love him but he is too much. All his solos leading to the same raptures. Vanguard sessions are much more balanced.