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  1. windmill tilter!

    Interesting news, not familiar with Namislowski’s ‘Lola’, what is that?
  2. Gabor Szabo

    The article has now been tweeted:
  3. Gabor Szabo

    The June edition of Jazzwise has an interview with Charles Lloyd where he explains the problems he experienced on tour with Gabor and Albert Stinson. Anthony
  4. Rashied Ali / Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

    I bought my copy plus the live at slugs direct from Honest Jons recently, a smooth transaction. I was not familiar with Duo Exchange, but am now captivated. Very lively sound on the LP, good pressing. Anthony
  5. Jay Migliori/Dick Twardzik CD

    Jazz Workshop Quintet session, Harvard WHRB broadcast, recently issued on Fresh Sound, claims to be unreleased. Sounds interesting. Anyone heard this, any comments? thanks Anthony
  6. what are you drinking right now? pale ale delivery, courtesy of local shop caps and taps Kentish Town. Tasty. anthony london
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Jitu Pharoah Sanders. On repeat. This will get me through the lockdown. Only takes 1 min 30 for Pharoah to go stratospheric. anthony london
  8. Henry Grimes RIP

    I saw Kevin Le Gendre interview Henry on the South Bank a few years back and ask him about what CDs he listened to during his period away from music. There was a long pause and then Margaret intervened to explain Henry didn’t have the means to follow music, wasn’t aware of the latest format. A really awkward moment, and daft question. But brought home how cut off Henry had been from the world.
  9. Lee Konitz R.I.P.

    RIP was privileged to see him numerous times, from a gig in Bristol in 80s where he said the band had just eaten in a Greek restaurant so the improvisations might include some bouzouki music. Ronnie’s early 90s with Kenny Wheeler where he looked hacked off with noisy yuppie crowd, same era Jazz Cafe with Atilla Zoller where he made everyone stop smoking while he played, good on him, Rebirth of the Cool tour where I couldn’t clap as my companion was bootlegging (nice stereo recording), his 80th at Carnegie Hall with Ted Brown compered by Phil Schaa, and more recently Cheltenham where he spent most of the gig scatting but then let rip on the alto on 317 E32nd. If I only I could play that now as well, never mind in my late 80s. What a player. Do I recall he fell out with Mulligan on the rebirth tour and pulled out part way through the European leg? Anthony London Some amusing recollections from someone driving Lee to Cheltenham Jazz one year
  10. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    Excellent! Good to not be dependent on the big stores.
  11. what are you drinking right now?

    DEYA cask beer in a growler from the Southampton Arms London NW5, after a bike ride in the sun, life goes on, I live in hope. anthony london
  12. COVID-19 2.0: No Politics edition

    My local making life liveable, only one person allowed in at a time, sanitizer bottle at the door
  13. RIP Laurie Morgan

    Probably not well known outside UK but Laurie Morgan was key in spreading the bop message in England, and was the last surviving member of Club XI, the collective (which included Ronnie Scott) that established modern jazz over here in the 40s. He ran regular jam sessions until fairly recently. anthony london
  14. Lennie Tristano - The Duo Sessions

  15. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    Poor old Benny Goodman. Has anyone written more than a footnote or two about Jack Sharpe? Intriguing figure, what with playing with Tubby etc, sorting out Paul Gonsalves and working as a London cabbie. anthony london
  16. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    Change of setting, similar personnel, is so much better, I think.
  17. Paul Gonsalves - HUMMINGBIRD

    The second tenor is Jack Sharpe, Paul’s mate in London, according to Simon Spillett, courtesy London Jazz Collector. Makes sense. anthony London
  18. Support for Jimmy Cobb

    To see these begging emails for someone elderly and famous is so weird for the European members of this Board. Hope UK not heading this way. anthony london
  19. Steven Cerra blog

    Anyone come across these? Interesting subjects but will make some massive clangers, and never replies or corrects obvious errors when pointed out. ‘Jim’ Heath for example. Was Jimmy Heath ever known as Jim??
  20. Steven Cerra blog

  21. Terry Jones (1942 - 2020)

    Used to see him, with dog, with Michael Palin, all jolly, in local pub, Southampton Arms. More recently, when he lost his voice, would see him in pub, quick pint then leave.
  22. The 2 Redial CD reissues live at Ronnie’s were from the masters, but I think hard to find these days.
  23. Did you find this in Stroud ? Recent record shop there seems to be stuffed with 10” records.
  24. saw the band at the Vortex on Wednesday night, absolutely stunning. Gig of the year. Las Vegas tango, for django brilliant. The Kenny Wheeler piece, didn't catch the name, was the highlight, solos from all the trumpets, Henry Lowther on flugelhorn but Percy Pursglove's solo was perfect. I hope someone is recording this band. Anthony
  25. British Jazz Festivals 2015

    We may be talking about two different concerts here. The Braxton concert at RFH with Mary Halvorsen etc when they were on before Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley was in 2004. I was there and got the CD (which is recommended) There was a Braxton concert at RFH playing with Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley in 2007, I think.