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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Asked a clerk at the local CD store about it last week, and he said it was scheduled to be out last Tues (Sept 27). As it was out of my price range, I neglected to follow up on this info.
  3. Sorry 'bout the short explanation. Was short on time and meant to get back to it later, but it looks like Jim filled y'all in better than I could. Anyway, Rasputin's Stash, yeah, good funk album. Remind of War just a bit, rather than Parliament/Funkadelic style. Found it cheap at a used record store and bought it solely for the cover (which I think is priceless)
  4. Bought this just 'cuz I like the cover. Music was pretty good too.
  5. Jazz in movies

    Duke and the Count in Paris Blues (Paul Newman and Sydney Poitier), can't actually remember if they make an appearance, but the score is Duke's. And Duke shows up jamming with Jimmy Stewart in Anatomy of a Murder.
  6. Ginger Baker

    Heard the album he did w/ Frisell and Haden, and at the time it didn't work for me. It felt he was a little too heavy handed on the drums, and didn't fit with what the others were doing.
  7. Listenin' to him blow on "Jacknife" right now.
  8. Bozo Brit blogger calls Miles a fraud

    "Kill Your Idols" style of a piece, that has a few points I actually agree with (I've felt Bill Evans is more responsible for the feel of KoB than he gets credit for, and the Gil Evans albums should've had Evans' name over Miles', but that's marketing for ya) but to outright dismiss everything he's done is irresponsible and ill-informed.
  9. What's for Dinner?

    But it tastes like pumpkin pie!
  10. War Of The Worlds

    Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even with the convenient plot devices. Totally bought into it, way more than I thought I would have. The only big gripe I have was the cage scene. I felt the movie was dipping too much into "action heroics" here and was totally unnecessary. And it would have been cool NOT to have seen the aliens in the basement. Save 'em for the end. Yeah, when I finally make a movie, I'll know exactly how to do it.
  11. Batman Begins

    I'm sure that "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be exactly the same way...but I'm gonna go see it anyway! ← Yeah, I'll probably end up seeing it to. My son is almost done with the book, so we're both looking forward to it.
  12. Now reading...

    Nisenson's book on Sonny Rollins Open Sky. Quite engaging.
  13. Haven't seen AA Attanasio mentioned here yet. His writing has always struck me as being on the more "literary" side of the fence, as opposed to writing strictly for "genre". His Radix books have been favorites of mine for awhile, and Solis is one of my hands-down favorite books, period. Gonna stick in a favorite fantasy writer as well: Just finished the third George RR Martin book in his Fire and Ice series. What a fantastic storyline, all the way around. Too bad it's so long between books. The downside of epic series writing, I guess. Someday, I hope some writer has the patience to finish a storyline BEFORE he/she starts publishing. Five years between books is a long time to wait.
  14. Batman Begins

    My only gripe was with the fight scenes, esp in the temple at the beginning.Why the need to shoot it close up? Pull the camera back, let's see what's going on. It felt too claustrophobic. Up til now, the Burton Batman was my personel fave, but thinking back on it now, the best thing about it was Jack Nicholson. I really didn't buy Keaton as the Batman, and he wasn't enough of a playboy as Bruce Wayne either. Come to think of it, the best thing in ALL of Burton's films are the visuals. I've seen a lot of his films, and I'll be damned if I can remember what any of them are about.
  15. I Need Recommendations

    Another Fela rec; Everything Scatter/Noise for Vendor Mouth I thought the intro for the title tune was SMOKIN'!! Then the horn line kicked in. HELL YEAH!! Had me jumpin' round the room.