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  1. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    "Soul Symphony" came out on CD in 2008. I got it cheap, didn't keep it, but wish now I had.
  2. I've especially always enjoyed Lawson. Ronnie Mathews and Joe Bonner would also make my list.
  3. I've never heard them say "we remastered the material, but it doesn't really sound particularly different/better than what's been out before", even though I would argue that's the case often enough. This is an easy pass for me, as were the Mobley and Morgan. $ and shelf space are not limitless, and I have everything except the three new alternates on CD already (also have all the Mobley and Morgan material on CD), and they have the (subjective, for me) magic of the Blue Note artwork, which the Mosaics never do.
  4. Jacknife - the 2 LP set

    For CD, to my knowledge, the first album is only on the McLean "Vertigo" CD, the second album is only on the Moncur Mosaic Select.
  5. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    Helping Ozzy Osborne, the world-renowned reality show superstar, keep his groove through a hectic day?
  6. Name Three People...

    Duke Snider Duke Ellington Duke Duke Duke Duke of Earl Earl Earl
  7. Sonny Simmons RIP

    Me too!
  8. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    She won't. My 91 year old stepfather in Lakewood Ranch will.
  9. Highly recommend those Superblue CD's. Great Don Sickler arrangements of classic BN tunes and other gems. Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Renee Rosnes, Wallace Roney among the participants.
  10. Charles McPherson

    Had to smile at the huge orange Morris Levy Roulette Records sticker on the one.
  11. Sonny Simmons RIP

    Sorry to hear this. He was a monster, and will be greatly missed. Shocking and a great disappointment to me that 'Rumasuma' has never been reissued.
  12. I highly recommend the Blakey Impulse twofer. And the Hutcherson is two good 80's Landmark albums.
  13. This looks great to me. Pre-order coming up: ROBERTO MIRANDA'S HOME MUSIC ENSEMBLE with Bobby Bradford, John Carter, James Newton, Horace Tapscott LIVE AT BING THEATRE Los Angeles, 1985 ✭✭✭ Previously unpublished live recording! This CD includes a 16-page booklet with liner notes by David Keller, photos by Joel H. Mark and some rare documents. ROBERTO MIRANDA'S HOME MUSIC ENSEMBLE ROBERTO MIRANDA, b, cga; BOBBY BRADFORD, cnt, tp; JOHN CARTER, cl; JAMES NEWTON, fl; HORACE TAPSCOTT, p; THOM DAVID MASON, as, ts, bcl; LOUIS R. MIRANDA, SR., voc, perc; LOUIS R. MIRANDA, JR., dm; DAVID BOTTENBLEY, g, elb, perc, voc; ELIAS "BUDDY" TOSCANO, dm, timb; CLIFF BROOKS, timb, cga, bgo 1- Platform for Freedom 2- Faith 3- Agony in the Garden 4- Prayer #1 5- Deborah Tasmin 6- Improvised Bass Solo 5/25/85 7- Dance of Blessing, Happiness & Peace ✭✭✭
  14. Happy Easter!

  15. That Blakey Impulse twofer is a nce set, and great price.
  16. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    Speak for yourself. Here's what will stand out for me: