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  1. Todd Cochran

    Do members here now have license to link to sites that contain download links to copyrighted material, or is this to be exclusively an executive privilege ?
  2. Jack Lewis R.I.P.
  3. BFT #82 Discussion

    I don't think anything of significance can be inferred from this, for two reasons. First, most established leaders don't take a lot of sideman gigs, and second, many young musicians leave bands to pursue musical directions that differ from those of their erstwhile leader's.
  4. BFT #82 Discussion

    On a first, cursory listen, the only instant recognition for me was the opening track, which is Buckner & Burrell doing the title cut from Milt's Mighty High record.
  5. Most bizzare band names of all time.

    Even better, is the band name they inspired : The Dead Kenny G's Some of the guys from that group are also a part of the cleverly-named , Garage-A-Trois.
  6. Chet Baker - Baker's Holiday, Verve SACD

    I think it's easily the stronger of the two Limelight recordings. Unlike Baker's Holiday, I think the addition of the other horn soloists on Baby's Breeze really brings out the best in Chet. Frank Strozier in particular I think spurs Baker in the way he did Conte Candoli in the Shelly Manne quintet of the time. While Baker and Strozier share solo honors on the instrumental tracks, pianist Hal Galper leaves his mark by way of his pen, providing some catchy melodic frameworks for blowing. I do however find that drummer Charlie Rice is sometimes, especially at tempo, overly busy and distracting.
  7. The Jazz Version of....

    Another one that should be on the list is Oliver Nelson's Impressions Of Phaedra (United Artists 1509) which contains his interpretations of the score from Jules Dassin's 1962 film, Phaedra.
  8. When did you buy your first CD?

    I bought my first CD purely by accident in 1993. Mosaic mistakenly sent me the 2-CD Freddie Redd box instead of the 3-LP Redd set I had ordered. Rather than send it back, I took it as a sign that it was time to be a little less zealous in my rearguard action against the digital onslaught, notwithstanding the fact that at that time the economics still favored analog music (I was buying 3 or 4 LPs for the price of 1 CD).
  9. Chet Baker - Baker's Holiday, Verve SACD

    Is this the ne plus ultra of audiophilia - trying to find the best sounding version of music you don't like ?
  10. The Jazz Version of....

    Another one that should be on the list but inexplicably isn't :
  11. The Jazz Version of....

    Hmm....this one isn't on the list either, and it's not even obscure (or groovy for that matter) :
  12. Maybe It's Because

  13. Those who left us in the world of jazz in 2010

    Looking over the just published Village Voice Jazz R.I.P. List there are a bunch whose passing escaped our collective notice.
  14. Lennie McBrowne albums discussion

    Jordi lurks here
  15. Can You Please Merge My Staccato Threads?

    Maybe add them to the existing Staccato thread found here
  16. The Jazz Version of....

    Here's an obscure one not on that list :
  17. Lennie McBrowne albums discussion

    I imagine a few people here will be interested to learn of the new double-CD issue of the complete recordings of Lennie McBrowne And The 4 Souls. Details here.
  18. Dreck the halls with Pomo folly...
  19. Google Launches New Book Database

    Looks like interest in jazz increased with the arrival of Wynton Marsalis and decreased with the arrival of Ken Burns
  20. Blindfold Test Master Signup Thread

    BFT Grand Pooh-Bah is now Jeff, and he's compiling BFT # 82 as well (see here).
  21. That Peggy Connelly cover was already posted upthread. Here's one that hasn't made an appearance yet :
  22. I'd read that several West Coast jazz stalwarts appear in various episodes of this series, but this screencap of what looks to be Joe Maini on flute was still a pleasant surprise :
  23. The Jazz Version of....

    Don't have this one so this isn't a recommendation, but there's this one as well :
  24. The Jazz Version of....

    Just thought of one that fits this thread : Rod Levitt's Forty-Second Street album on RCA features his arrangements of movie melodies of the 1930's.