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  1. Complete Miles Davis - 70CD + DVD

    What the hell is this? The Complete Miles Davis A complete set of all his Columbia releases? DetailinformationenLabel: Columbia Bestellnummer: 8969977 Tracklisting 1 Paris Festival Int. de Jazz May, 1949 2 Round about midnight (1955-1956) 3 Circle in the round (1955-70) 4 Miles ahead (1957) 5 Milestones (1958) 6 1958 Miles 7 At Newport 1958 8 Porgy And Bess (1958) 9 Jazz at the Plaza (1958) 10 Kind of blue (1959) 11 Sketches of Spain (195960) 12 Directions (1960-70) 13 Someday my prince will come (1961) 14 In Person: Friday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco (1961) 15 In Person: Saturday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco Complete (1961) 16 At Carnegie Hall / The Complete Concert (1961) 17 Quiet nights / Blue Xmas / Devil may care (1962) 18 Seven steps to heaven (1963) 19 In Europe (1963) 20 My funny valentine (1964) 21 Four & More (1964) 22 Miles in Tokyo (1964) 23 Miles in Berlin (1964) 24 E. S. P. (1965) 25 Live at the plugged Nickel (1965) 26 Miles smiles (1966) 27 Sorcerer (1967) 28 Nefertiti (1967) 29 Water Babies (1967-68) 30 Miles in the sky (1968) 31 Filles de Kilimanjaro (1968) 32 In a silent way (1969) 33 Bitches brew (1969) 34 Big fun (1969-72) 35 A tribute to Jack Johnson (1970) 36 Live at the Fillmore East / It´s about that time (1970) 37 Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore East (1970) 38 At Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (1970) 39 Isle of Wight (1970) 40 Live / Evil (1970) 41 On the corner (1972) 42 In Concert (1972) 43 Dark Magus (1974) 44 Get up with it (1972-74) 45 Agharta (1975) 46 Pangaea (1975) 47 The man with the horn (1981-81) 48 We want Miles + 3 bonus tracks (1981) 49 Star people (1982-83) 50 Decoy (1983) 51 You´re under arrest (1984-85) 52 Aura (1985) 53 + DVD: Miles Davis in Schweden 1967 I wonder... would that mean that the Paris set (#1) and Agartha/Pangaea will be reissued? And the the comeback albums? What are the bonus tracks on We Want Miles? That will be a 2CD set, then... (and it's mighty fine, in my opinion!) Also, #39 (Isle of Wight) and #53 look tasty... but why not add a DVD of "Isle of Wight" as well (I have the DVD "Electric Miles" though, but no audio-only of that). Release date is given as October 26, 2009.
  2. Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club

    Does anyone know where to find more information about recordings made at Ronnie Scott's in London? Lots of music has appeared on Jazz House, more recently some on Candid, as well as on Harkit (all gone now, were they a bootleg operation? I missed out on them completely, too bad about the Rollins discs!) Wiki has a short and very incomplete list:
  3. BFT 215 link and discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised to have some moments of embarrassiert once you reveal who we hear here Alas I didn't have enough time to really participate here, apologies!
  4. BFT 215 link and discussion

    Good catch! Afraid I never heard him So it's all meta releases? Pretty impressive! So gar I mostly knew - and have cherished for a long time - Elina Duni's two albums on the label, but nothing else at all, I think.
  5. BFT 215 link and discussion

    Hm, so not Harald Haerter on #8 then (he's a mere 9 or 10 years younger than Doran) ... I'm pretty much lost there, I'm afraid
  6. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Whoah, just stumbled over this, not being active here any more regularly. That's quite a story Allen - great to hear that you keep pulling through and are back to playing again. Crossing my fingers for whatever is still coming up and hoping for a good recovery!
  7. BFT 215 link and discussion

    What's funny, too, is that the Arbenz brothers' (Michael on piano, Florian on drums) later outfit VEIN (trio w/Thomas Lähns on bass) actually also made a couple of albums with Dave Liebman (and I was sent two of those as well, but only gave the one with Maupin a spin so far - received the package on Monday).
  8. BFT 215 link and discussion

    Huh, Bennie M.? Gave the compilation a first listen and enjoyed it as a whole ... thanks for inviting me over Seriously now, this is hilarious, if just because of the timing! I bought the CD from F. Arbenz and just received it a few days ago - about the same time I finally dl-ed your BFT! (I hope placing a link is ok!). Started buying some of Arbenz' recent/new productions during the pandemic and eventually asked him what old(er) ones he still had, so he dug up one of this for me - beautiful package, edition of 500, numbered ... and a great piano player, too! Kairos is what they call this, right? Now I'd love to pin down the twin-singers on #4 but my first thoughts proved wrong (I think), but I didn't find the time to really search yet.
  9. Got a second copy in the meantime, and it's ok. Gave it a first listen as well in the meantime, and it's pretty good, but hardly any surprises (not that I expected any).
  10. Thanks all! I needn't even return it (which means ... I'll dump it or can pass it on) - probably a consequence of the recent news coverage that these returns are all dumped anyway. Guess I'll try my luck again then, but from a less evil source
  11. @felser Is your booklet correct, too -- not missing pages 3/4 (and their counterpart at the end of the booklet)?
  12. Ok, thanks. It's always foreign shipping and a hassle to get reimbursed for my shipping costs... should really stop buying there. Would be interesting to hear from someone in Europe, maybe?
  13. Anyone got the CD already? EMI quality control was acquired by Universal (or soaked up by Zev F. – the recent Evan's has some minor mistakes, too), my copies' booklet jumps from back of front cover (prob. p.2 but it's not numbered) to p.5 (thus in the back I don't get a track list etc.). Should I even try the hassle of a return with Mr. Space Penetrators empire?
  14. Hasaan Ibn Ali – Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album Omnivore, 2LP/CD, 5 March 2021 Hasaan’s 1965 Atlantic recordings, restored from long-lost acetate copies of the sessions. “He had ideas as deep as the sea. I mean I never heard anybody, even today, play like that.” – Odean Pope – tenor saxophonist “The pianist, Hasaan Ibn Ali, whom saxophonist Odean Pope calls “the most advanced player to ever develop [in Philadelphia],” had practiced intensively with John Coltrane in the early 1950s and is thought, by Pope and others, to have been the influence behind Coltrane’s so-called sheets of sound as well as the harmonic approach that underlay Coltrane’s breathrough Giant Steps, and also, with Earl Bostic, one of the two role models behind Coltrane’s strict work ethic. Yet he was rarely employed, even by musicians who respected his playing and his knowledge, thus leaving him with little chance to develop an audience. When he sat down at the piano at the Woodbine, an after-hours club in Philadelphia, all the horn players would leave the stand for they were unable to play with him, so unfamiliar were his harmonic concepts.” —from the liner notes In 1964, drummer/composer Max Roach convinced Atlantic Records to record him with producer Nusuhi Ertegun at the helm. Sessions were held in December of 1964 and the resulting album, The Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan was released three months later. Atlantic invited Ali to record again in August and September of 1965, but before mixing sessions could turn the recorded material into a releasable album, Ali had become incarcerated on a narcotics possession. Atlantic shelved the album. Thirteen years later that tape went up in flames in an Atlantic Records warehouse in Long Branch, New Jersey. For years a rumor circulated, that a copy of the sessions had been made, but attempts to locate it never turned up a source… until now. Restored and mastered by Grammy® Award-winning engineer, Michael Graves from a tape copy of long-lost reference acetates of the sessions and with notes from producer Alan Sukoenig and author/pianist/teacher, Lewis Porter, Omnivore Recordings is proud to present this long-thought lost piece of jazz history. The project, co-produced by Alan Sukoenig and Grammy® Award-nominated producer, Patrick Milligan, and Grammy® Award-winning producer, Cheryl Pawelski, features the seven surviving tracks from the album sessions along with three surviving alternate takes. Packaging includes photos from December of 1964 by notable photographer Larry Fink, who refers to Ali as, “the Prokofiev of jazz.” Personnel on the August 23 and September 7, 1965 sessions that took place at Atlantic Studios in New York City were Hasaan Ibn Ali, piano; Odean Pope, tenor sax; Art Davis, bass and Kalil Madi, drums and all are profiled in the liner notes. — TRACK LIST: ATLANTIC ONES VICEROY EL HASAAN RICHARD MAY LOVE GIVE POWELL METAPHYSICS EPITOME TRUE TRAIN TRUE TRAIN (Short Version) [Bonus Track] VICEROY (Short Version) [Bonus Track] ATLANTIC ONES (Short Version) [Bonus Track] Cat: OV-411 — source: Yowzah! Mods, please move/merge/delete if this has been posted already, a search only brought up threads on Roach's trio album and Brian Marsella's recent tribute album.
  15. Barney Rachabane RIP Sad news, I like his playing wherever I've been able to catch it!
  16. My understanding is that piano/bass are overdubbed already, but the strings aren't there yet. Alas "Coltrane Reference" doesn't get very specific on it, but I understand it supports my assumption (which is also coherent with the info given on the record sleeve).
  17. Got "Jupiter Variation" ... for the (former) "Expression" bonus track, and for the earlier version of "Peace on Earth". I understand we already hear Haden and and Alice overdubbed instead of Garrison and Tyner on this version, but no strings yet. Gave the disc a spin already but didn't pay attention to any mastering details. I can look it up by the weekend only, as I'm on holiday until Friday. Would really love to see any comprehensive release of the February/March 1967 sessions some day ... maybe Ravi will find some tapes eventually, who knows ...
  18. Taking some time off and finally making my way through all of this ... I was in Wels for the final three nights, and what I heard there is amongst the very best concerts I've experienced so far. Glad to report that almost all of the Wels material is included (not "Bemsha Swing" and "Unforgettable", alas). I put together the playlists of all the sets, fixed some mistakes in the sources (a attributed title here, a switch of sequence there), spotted the mistakes in the booklet (tracks assigned to wrong dates) and marked the tracks that had been shortened. So, the tracks shortened are (chronologically, as performed; dates and CD/Track nos. in brackets): - Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin' (Theme from "High Noon") (Jan 15 / 4-5) - Take Ten (Jan 15 / 3-2) - Minority (Jan 21 / 1-1) - Too Marvelous for Words (Jan 23 / 2-2) - I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together (Jan 23 / 2-4) - Jinkrisha (Jan 25 / 8-1) - I'll Never Smile Again (Jan 25 / 13-1) Wrong dates (the ones in brackets here, I've added CD numbers to quickly find them; check the PDF above for correct sequence) are given for the following titles: "Desafinado", "Why Shouldn't I" (both Jan 17, CD 1); "Invitation" (Jan 19, CD 3); , "Out of Nowhere" (Jan 21, CD 1), "Lullaby in Rhythm", "Impressions", "The 59th Street Bridge Song", "Prelude to a Kiss" (all Jan 21, CD 5). As the AUD versions obviously have applause, I didn't bother to pin the exact amount of music cut for each of the tunes. That "Marvelous" has a cut somewhere in the released part I'd not previously noticed - I think it's the only such edit present, the others seem to just quickly fade at some point (sometimes noticeable, sometimes barely so). That they chose to not include any applause ... well, not sure what to make of it, but it certainly does not spoil the listening experience for me). Either way, while my initial impression has been confirmed that the band grew considerably, got into much freer stylings and grew pretty tight with its leader during those nine nights, and still considering the final nights in Wels the high point here, I love all of what's on this box (okay, maybe not "Who's Afraid of the Big Band Wolf", but that's a minor quibble). I'm not sure it had to be rearranged as it was, also not sure the cuts were necessary (the biggest one was performed on "Too Marvelous for Words", which lasted nearly a quarter of an hour but got cut to 6:30 minutes - what's interesting there is that a portion of Braxton's own solo was cut, too - the bits from around the 6 minute mark only happen around 8:30/9 minutes in the uncut version). -- (And yeah, all well here, just too busy elsewhere to drop by here regularly )
  19. Since the search won't help, I am posting this not knowing if it has been discussed before. Just got the following notification from Chicago University Press and thought it might be of interest here: Sun Ra The Wisdom of Sun Ra: Sun Ra's Polemical Broadsheets and Streetcorner Leaflets. Edited by Anthony Elms and John Corbett. Distributed for WhiteWalls. 144 p., 56 color plates. 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 Paper $20.00 0-945323-07-7 Spring 2006 From the Arkestra to his experiments with synthesizers, Sun Ra was one of the most inventive jazz musicians in history. Yet until now, there has not been a collection of his earliest writings that reveal the beginnings of his work as philosopher, mystic, and Afro-Futurist. This new volume unveils over forty newly discovered typewritten broadsheets on which Sun Ra expounded his wholly unique philosophical message. While in Chicago during the mid-1950s, Sun Ra preached on street corners and occasionally created scripts to accompany his lectures—intricate texts that invoke science fiction, Biblical prophecy, etymology, and black nationalism. Until this point, the only broadsheet known to exist was one given to John Coltrane in 1956. These newly unearthed writings attest to the provocative brilliance that inspired Coltrane. Sun Ra annotated many of them by hand, and together the sheets reveal fascinating new aspects of his worldview. The Wisdom of Sun Ra is an invaluable compendium of writings by one of the most intriguing and influential jazz figures of the century. TABLE OF CONTENTS one of everything: blount hermeneutics and the wisdom of ra John Corbett broadsheet images transcriptions what america should consider jesus said, "let the negro bury the negro." language of gods spo de o de........hoc way..... a spook sho' is a dragg, man..... he's a dragg satan is the god of the spooks negroes are the children of the "devil" the negro is a burden to the white man! message to the spook negroes are not men jacob in the land of u.s. there's a nigger in the woodpile the way of the cross there are two ethiopias days of vengence the light isG the true way to life wake up! wake up! wake up! the bible was not written for negroes!!!!!! the great whore little i's i love you i don't give a hoot big brother left you holding the bag! the stumbling block moms & pops the poor little rich one: the prince of this world neptune is rex... the ruler with the iron fork... johnny one note "a nigger is a mess" why don't you turn again! the god of israel united states at the crossroads solution to the negro problem [illegible title] it is time to discuss basic truths humpty dumpty keys to understanding the hidden meaning of the bible the wisdom of ra the reach for a better world what negroes do to be saved the truth the truth about jesus i have set beore you life and death--choose life lucifer means light bearer zoroastrianism satan the end
  20. Eddie Harris Corner

    I have just gotten Harris' "For Bird and Bags" and do really enjoy that album! There is not Harris thread here, so I thought we could start discuss his music here. One of my favorite 32jazz releases was the 2CD set by Harris including "The In Sound", "Mean Greens", "Tender Storm" and "Silver Cycles". There is a lot of very good music to be found on these dates! Harris' sound is unique by all means. He was truly his own man. What's your opinion about him? Which are your favorite albums? Let's start some discussion of the man and his music here! ubu
  21. New record by Freddie Redd!!!

    Thanks for the alert I've got so much lined up for BC Friday, I'll have to delay some to March and April, I guess!
  22. Mine has finally shipped (along with several other backordered items from CDJapan ... I'm crazy for that Black & Blue Series ), looking foward a lot!
  23. British jazz reissues

    Afro-Jazz is up for takers at Honestjon's (15£) I'm tempted, though it will a while until I'll have a working record player again ...
  24. Covid vaccination: poll

    Would love for option 3 to be true, but Switzerland's handling of Covid is a disgrace. So far, they're slowly starting to vaccinate +75. I'm not expecting to be in line before May or June, and that only will happen if the vaccination campaigns* gain a lot of speed. As it is: I will get a shot (or two or four or whatever it takes until my turn comes), but I have no clue how it will work, where I can get it done, when I'll be able to get it done, if I'll be informed about any of this or will have to trawl again and again websites that look like we still have the 1990's ... -- *) plural is right, it's organized regionally, which has been a huge part of the entire problem of the response since last June.
  25. EMI France 3-CD box sets

    Weissenberg, Chopin Londeix, French music Ferras, Beethoven Violin Sonatas Don't have any of them myself. EMI did lots of series and repackaging (i.e. Ferras/Tortelier Beethoven Violin/Cello Sonatas 5CD)