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  1. The Rivers is a great set, but three out of four albums have been released in improved sound on SHM-CD at the time of Blue Note's 75th anniversary. From memory, the first album as contained in this set does not sound all that different from the 24bit Connoisseur. The book contains mostly reproductions of the original liner notes.
  2. Wayne Shorter - Emanon

    Now also on offer at JPC and Amazon as an import. No sign of a domestic release yet, I think.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes, like you said, great performance and sound is better than comments on the original Steeple Chase CD release would have you believe.
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Clifford Jordan Quartet Half Note (THCD-520) Steeple Chase 45th Anniversary 24bit remaster
  5. Yes, just drums, piano, and bass on L'Interrogatoire de Julien (5:17).
  6. That's why I waited for Criterion to release their DVD in 2006 before even listening to it. On the other hand, this new edition sounds so handsome, both with (disc 1) and without (disc 2) reverb, that the images won't be missed. The booklet also contains many excellent photos, two essays (Franck Bergerot & Ashley Kahn), a glossy cover, 58 pages in all, so if you are already familiar with the movie, the new packaging will do just fine as a substitute imo.
  7. John Scofield Combo 66

    See here:
  8. John Scofield Combo 66

    According to one Italian site this will be released on Blue Note.
  9. John Scofield Combo 66

    John Scofield's new quartet album Combo 66 will be out this September. The SHM-CD has one exclusive bonus track like for Past Present. Piano Gerald Clayton Bass Vicente Archer Drums Bill Stewart Tracklisting 1 CAN'T DANCE キャント・ダンス 2 COMBO THEME コンボ・テーマ 3 ICONS AT THE FAIR アイコンズ・アット・ザ・フェア 4 WILLA JEAN ウィラ・ジーン 5 UNCLE SOUTHERN アンクル・サザン 6 DANG SWING ダン・スウィング 7 NEW WALTZO ニュー・ワルツォ 8 I'M SLEEPING IN アイム・スリーピング・イン 9 KING OF BELGIUM キング・オブ・ベルギー 10 RINGING OUT [ジャパン・ボーナス・トラック] リンギング・アウト
  10. Probably. It's the kind of music you can pick up at the local record store at your convenience.
  11. I bought the Criterion DVD twelve years ago as I wanted to experience the music as a soundtrack first. It also had a bonus feature on the music. I only picked this up as a Japanese SHM-CD recently, and the new French CD is much better. I never heard the previous EU and US releases, but I honestly cannot imagine them sounding better. The Japanese CD has now been demoted to beer coaster, but one of Super High Material.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I was not as enamoured with this as last week on arrival.