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  1. Favorite Modern Big Bands

  2. Name Three People...

    Joy Bryan Happy Chandler Pete Jolly
  3. Favorite Modern Big Bands

    never heard Darcy James Argue before I played "Brooklyn Babylon" (borrowed from the public library) yesterday. Wow! Sort of a dark mix of Gil Evans, Willem Breuker, and Benjamin Britten, and Ingrid Jensen definitely can play the trumpet. Are other Argue records this colorful?
  4. Name Three People...

    Moe Bo T
  5. Now reading...

    Neil Gaiman's "American Gods": great characters and dialogue, he really conveys Wisconsin like nobody I've read since Glenway Westcott. I take back the mean thoughts I once thought about Gaiman. The story is long but momentum mostly works for me; the fantasy plot is now and then a mess; the basic idea, that the ancient gods are bums in modern America, is right on.
  6. Dyer's "But Beautiful" emphasizes that he considers jazz a pathology and jazz musicians are people who make him feel comfortably superior. This Coltrane rubbish of his makes me want to take a bath.
  7. Name Three People...

    Jelly James Dave Gelly Elly Ameling
  8. Test your trivia skills

    Wow, I'm really trivial - guessed all the double-or-nothings right.
  9. Jeremiah Wright!

  10. Name Three People...

    Laurie Wright Buddy Bolden Alderman Story
  11. A single, hit batter, sacrifice, fielder's choice and an error: 2 runs - now that's a rally! I love it. Those relief pitchers are heroes, too. Today someone told me that playoffs TV viewership has increased vastly this year because of KC and Baltimore fans. True?
  12. Well Known Jazz Musicians Playing on R&B Hits

    A Big Bill Broonzy session from the late 1930s included a bassist identified as something like "probably Wilbur Ware" or "Wilbur Ware (?)" - even though Wilbur would have been only 14 or 15 at the time, he was precocious, so we shouldn't be surprised. Surely a lot of jazz musicians still play on R&B stage shows. Ike Rodgers isn't thought of as a jazz musician, but his soulful trombone playing on some records by obscure blues singers of 80+ years ago is what (for me) makes those records valuable. Completely off the subject: Charles Brown once told me he was raised to play classical piano, didn't play blues at all until adulthood.
  13. Booker Ervin with Zoot Sims

    Earlier today the radio played some really sweet medium-tempo Zoot Sims on alto sax. I thought it was Desmond until the disk jockey named the record.
  14. The Nessa Juggernaut rolls on

    I've been listening to Silver Cornet - heavens, it's lovely. Gjerstad is a very fine foil / wits matcher.
  15. I love the way Kansas City wins games. This is the tension that baseball is supposed to offer.
  16. Name Three People...

    The Kraken Orrie Cather Crazy Otto
  17. Durium R.I.P.

  18. Ingrid Laubrock

    she is certainly one of the very best tenor saxophonists in jazz these days - she creates symphonies as she improviseds
  19. Not for jazz fans of a nervous disposition

    While I and a lot other white kids of the '50s were growing up with Chicago blues and Louisiana blues on the radio, the black kids our age were avoiding that dreary old music." So I can sympathize with Lennox to some extent.
  20. Things Written On Used LPs You've Picked Up

    Are you sure he is the one who kissed it?
  21. Name Three People...

    The Spaniels Mitty Collier Matty Groves
  22. Don't be pessimistic. Oakland has been losing lately and they're afflicted with the three-ex-Cubs curse. OTOH your Royals came from behind to beat my White Sox today. I was there. Beautiful sunny day, too.
  23. Name Three People...

    The Stepford Wives The Perfect Husband Sons and Lovers
  24. Name Three People...

    Miss Julie Mr. Arkadin Childe Harold
  25. Now reading...

    Earlier this week I quit "the Waterfall" on about page 40. I lost all symnpathy with the childish heroine, she was too much like me.