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  1. Name Three People...

    Mrs. North Eddie South Frank Wess
  2. Posters and adverts in my files

    ah, memories...
  3. Name Three People...

    Lucas Duda Carol Doda Toto
  4. Seeing that "Martin Williams near nightmare" title made me expect you'd tell about one of his nightmares. In real life 2 piano players threatened to kill him if he wrote another review of their albums. Also he said that one night he was to take a plane from Boston but while he was at that airport by the ocean, his flight was delayed than cancelled and he was moved to the next flight. Weather somewhere in the East. 2 hours later that next flight was cancelled and he was moved to the flight after that. Which was also cancelled. Martin got the fear that night and said he never took a plane anywhere again.
  5. Alexander von Schlippenbach recommendations

    Two that immediately come to mind tonight: I'm very fond of the arrangements by Schlippenbach and Aki Takase in the CD "So Long, Eric: Homage to Eric Dolphy" and of the Schlippenbach trio's part of Evan Parker's birthday concert. "Monk's Casino" was a noble project, but jamming 72 Monk songs onto 3 CDs sounds to me like trying to view landmarks from an express train.
  6. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Having lived for half a year (in 1964) halfway between Menomonie and Eau Claire, WI, I wonder/how EI got exposed to jazz in his youth.
  7. Name Three People...

    Huey Dewey and Louie Uncle Scrooge Bob Cratchit
  8. 2015 MLB Season - Let's Play Two!

    Did that announcer really say "f-----" over the air?
  9. How to download eMusic?

    Success! Thanks mjzee and Bev.
  10. How to download eMusic?

    So I bought a download of a Hatology album from eMusic, my credit card paid for it on Sept. 24, and I thought I downloaded it back then. Haven't found it among the music or downloads on this computer, though. Did they hide it somewhere on my computer? Or didn't they really download it to me? How to find out? Their website is completely uninformative. How can a customer contact a human being at eMusic?
  11. Joe Castro Box Set on Sunnyside

    Does Anthony Ortega solo on any of those big band pieces? Larry, thanks - never heard this Getz LP before.
  12. Name Three People...

    Dear Ann Landers The Man I Love The Man You Love to Hate
  13. Name Three People...

    Nosy Parker Banana Nose Bonura Chiquita
  14. 2015 MLB Season - Let's Play Two!

    I take it back, Scott may be right, I don't remember having to huddle in my seat so much on the most recent airplane ride plus the airplane seats were cleaner..
  15. Ten inch LPs; do we know the full story?

  16. 2015 MLB Season - Let's Play Two!

    Last month for the 2nd time this century I went to Wrigley Field. Again, for the cheapest seats, paid twice what the cheapest White Sox ticket cost - nothing wrong with that, Cubs were in a wild-card race - but again wound up in the lower deck behind a post, had to watch most infield plays on the scoreboard replay. Had to go down 4 long flights of stairs to the mens' latrine and wait in a long, long line to stand in urine. The stadium was dirty, food selection small, seats airplane-tiny. A really lousy experience. It was a dump compared to where I usually go, the current Sox Park where it's clean and there are plenty of room for all, restrooms with dry floors and a variety of concessions on both decks, and the only thing wrong is my mismanaged (from owner on down) baseball team. I love these young Cubs' opportunism - the bunting, stealing remind me somewhat of the Go-Go Sox of my teenaged years, plus they hit home runs now and then. No doubt there are still some old drunks who get moony over the Lovable Losers of the Sandberg-Grace-etc. years, but these bright young guys seem to have a future. Maybe Arrietta vs. Greinke next week?
  17. Brian Lynch and the MSU Bebop Spartans on tour

    somehow the ideas of bebop and Spartan don't seem to go together
  18. Name Three People...

    Little Boy Blue Big Girl Yang Guifei
  19. I prefer cultured buttermilk.
  20. 2015 MLB Season - Let's Play Two!

    You and Jimmy Yancey, the greatest White Sox of them all.
  21. Ornette!

    Promising, yes. It would be better if the Caravan Of Dreams music was on CDs. In fact, a scholar-archivist-recordist needs to listen to Ornette's collection of tapes, identify the musicians and dates, get permissions, and arrange for the release of all that music on CD. A few years ago (well, more than a few) I'd been eagerly awaiting the imminent release of the Ornette-Ayler-Tyler-Fred Lyman session (ca. 1965) on CD. Denardo probably knows about this aborted project.
  22. Neville Marinner recordings are good if you go for big lush orch. sound and swooning crescendos. For me, perfection is tiresome.
  23. Steve Lacy

    Clifford, what do you mean by "more or less"?
  24. Name Three People...

    Phantom Dancer The Shadow Invisible Man