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  1. Jon Hendricks dies at 96

    My God, Della and Jon in the same week. It seems like all our heroes are leaving us. Go see yours while they're still around, really.. R.I.P. thank you for all your lyrical inspiration, Jon.
  2. RIP Della Reese

    Aw, sad news. R.I.P. thank you for the lovely music! I love her album "Swing, slow & cha, cha, cha". If you like dancing GA, I would give it a try.
  3. I'm afraid that is how it is. The downside about this with the rich and famous is that people talk about it in the way as "thrill seeking". At least that's how it feels to me. Earlier this evening a man talked to me in a conversation about the "me too- hype" , literaly, after seeing a show where a comedian had a piece in his show about it. I understood what he meant to say, but as a woman I felt to warn him not to use that term in that way since that is not what it is about and to people it happens to, it ís a nightmare and has nothing to do with any thrill what so ever. Since it seems distant, since it seems just to be about "the rich and famous" it seems to be not from every day life but well, I'm afraid it is more common than we would want to believe it to be.
  4. I saw a real Da Vinci drawing a couple of weeks ago. It was at an exhibition in Amsterdam which had as topic exceptional drawings from history. I really liked the drawing but to be honest I preferred the ones of Rembrandt which were there as well.
  5. What's the verse that can happen?

    Ah, yes from my favourite "Moon" album, I forgot about that one. Mel is one of my favourite male singers still. Beautiful indeed! Here "the Man I Love". I had a bit of trouble with the lyrics of this song since the attitude is so ... well the "helpless woman-attitude", but I managed to sing it anyway, lol. I like this rendition from the movie "The young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920", The voice you hear is Linda Ronstadt. According to the "" the refrain of this song was first the verse of an uncompleted song; but since they felt it was of such insistent quality the brothers Gershwin decided that it couldn't be "just" an introduction of the song. They converted it to be a refrain and they composed a new verse to the song as it is now. See here:
  6. What's the verse that can happen?

    Thanks Jim, lovely! It still is one of my favourite songs to sing. Any info about the verse is helpful. I must try to find that film and watch it. Yes, I agree on Les Feuilles Mortes. There is no one like Yves Montand singing it. Stunning! I've sung a few songs with verses which always give the performance something extra I think. "Someone to watch over me" and "The Man I love" f.e. Here Ella which I'd prefer above the original version by Gerdtrud Lawrence from 1926 with the first mentioned.
  7. Con Alma

    Your post made me smile. Sounds like you're doing well gigging, Gheorghe! Happy that is the case! I will look among my sheets whether I can be of any help there for the intro and interlude. Haven't played the song myself, so not really familiar. kind regards, page
  8. I'm sorry lipi, I hadn't seen you had already responded. When I read it, it had a sort of a 'red flag'- effect on me and I didn't think of reading the replies. In my country there are all sort of equal stories coming to the surface, also of men who were victim in the past. Yes, a mixture of sadness and anger came over me as well. I'm not familiar with Isham Jones, but will certainly look for this music when it will help to keep hanging on in sad-angry times.
  9. What's the verse that can happen?

    Ah, thanks for posting this. I didn't know about this verse. I've made my own lyrics in my own language to this song and have performed with them. Now I need to do that for the verse too. Do you know about the melody of the verse being in a fake book of some kind? I'm still rather slow at transcribing, at least where the harmonies are concerned.
  10. Although I have trouble with more of your post. The part I múst object to is the last bit. What you are stating there is in the category "victim blaming", sir. No victim, not any of them, can be held responsible for the actions of a perpertrator. Never! She is nót to blame!
  11. Yes, the advertising drove me away too. When it has gotten better like you say, Scott, I will check it out again. Thanks for mentioning that. In the past it has been very useful to me.
  12. Thanks Daniel A! It does happen in Europe like it does in the States too I think it is a good thing that men in particular are speaking up against certain behaviour of other men towards women. That does help a lot. Of course women themselves need to too.
  13. Hi lipi, you did understand my comments correctly, thanks for your elaboration.
  14. Well.. believe it or not, it is not an easy subject to talk about. It may take many years to tell anyone about what happened, even a loved one. It is easy to say "I would speak up straight away" or "I would never go along with anything like that'', but can you really state that when you've never been in a similar situation? It happens in every line of work to a certain extend and not just to women. It has to do with abuse of power, being in a position dependant on someone else. I think the most important thing is creating an atmosphere where people feel like they cán speak up and object instead of wondering how come it took some a long time before they did. That shouldn't be an issue in my opinion.
  15. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both!