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  1. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both!
  2. Hey, Elly Ameling, she is famous in my country! Philip Glass, Alfred Schnittke, Gideon Kremer, Christoph Von Dohnányi Wiener Philharmoniker - Violin Concerto/ Concerto Grosso no. 5
  3. You're hilarious! My kind of guy! Years ago I won a prize with a poem which I called "Valentine". I had used a title of my favourite band, who's fanclub had set the contest, which was "weekday" and basically I did tell a girl prefers to be surprised unexpectedly on just some day of the week rather than on a day where it seems to be obligatory and somewhat an commercial event. In my country it is not custom btw to do anything at Valentine's day. I did get a card today from a friend. My guy suggested to go out tomorrownight and go see some poetrymovie which got great reviews. I've forgotten the title now, but he knows I like poetry.
  4. Song Identification: Vintage Soul

    Hey Justin! I'm curious which song that would be. E.W.F. was what I first thought of, but you've said that was not it. Well, I don't think it is weird to ask at all, especially not at a CD store. I think you should just do so and notcare about what someone else might think. It could be that they are just happy to help you out and willing to answer your question. I hope you'll tell here as soon as you've found out. I still carry warm memories about the time I was in this E.W.F cover band, 15 members and being one of the 5 singers. It was so much fun taken part. Good luck on your hunt! Kind regards, page
  5. What passes for jazz vocals these days is pitiful

    Ah, nice! I didn't know her. Thank you for pointing her out. She plays multiple instruments I see, autoharp included. I looked into one some time ago but they are quite expensive, so I didn't get one yet. I see Efraïm among her sidemen. He's a great player. I talked to him when he was playing in Enkhuizen last year.
  6. [Playlist] Femmes fatales & Detectives

    A friend of a friend recorded an album years ago named "Noiresque, the lonely fate of the femme fatale". You might like some of her songs. her name is Sandra Lawrence.
  7. [Playlist] Femmes fatales & Detectives

    Nice. I see some songs of my repertoire and my alter ego is playing a part in that movie as well. lol. Some suggestions I can come up with right now: - Come-on-a-my house - Julie London - Marvin and Miles - Gare du Nord - Temptation - Diana Krall - You turn me on baby - Nichaud Fitzgibbon - Experience Unneccessary - Sarah Vaughan
  8. Perfetti Sconosciuti, 2016 Italian Good story. The tilte means "Perfect Strangers", it is about not knowing people who are close to you and I think that there can be quite some truth in it.
  9. Happy Birthday tkeith!

    Happy Birthday, Thom!
  10. Jazz ukulele?

    Hi Hutch, thank you, that is helpful. I did notice the similarity about the baritone.That will be easier. I heard someone tell about the instrument being warm of sound as well, so I might just choose that one. I am looking further into this all, including what strings etc. Thanks again. Hi Bill, thank you for pointing him out. I will check out his music. Do you know which type he played? It doesn't look like a baritone to me, it is smaller I think.
  11. Jazz ukulele?

    Hi HuchF, that would be great. Thanks. I didn't know about your son playing, I rememberi him from the photo you've showed me. Nice! Ah, wait a minute, you have two! Which one? Kind regards, page
  12. That is not what I've said, H.P. You misunderstand me. Nothing secret about it, just a working area and only during the process of making. Of course it was intended for all to read, with approval of the family. I suggest you go to Tm with your questions. I can't tell you more than I have. Thanks Big Beat Steve. The forum was hacked indeed on a few occasions. Nothing happened to the project at that time as far as I know.
  13. Hi HP, I'm happy to hear that. Maybe I reacted a bit over protective, that is because I care a lot about this.. I'm not suggesting I was her only friend, far from that. The thread you are referring to was not the private section, it was password protected so members couldn't get in except for those working on it. As far as I know it hasn't been hacked. I don't know about the work Jeff did, maybe he was one of us in that case under a nickname probably if he had one, or maybe it is just my mistake not remembering his name. He can contact Tenorman as well should he want to continue. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you, but you know how it is with stories on the internet, they grow bigger by the minute. We were careful with the project, really.
  14. Sorry for getting upset, but Sandi was my friend. Reading about her makes me miss her so much again. For me the only way to do this was being sincere and thorough about it. It is what she would have wanted. sincerely page