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  1. BFT 197 Discussion

    Track 3 is 'Ask Me Now' (as recognised above) by the Chilean sax player Melissa Aldana from her Crash Trio album. Track 11, (agreed, a catchy piece), is bass player Ben Allison from his album 'Think Free'. It's the opening track,"Fred', with Shane Endsley on trumpet and Jenny Scheinman on violin (the Americana connection). A great album for a summer day, feel good jazz!
  2. Indeed it is - the city was much quieter than usual and there was only one other customer in the whole HMV store when I was there
  3. My pleasure! I would think there will still be stock available - it was lucky as I am visiting my son for the weekend so called in to see wht was available. Also picked up the new Charles Tolliver CD.
  4. For folks in the UK, some CD versions have made their way to HMV stores. I was able to pick one up in HMV Bath today, they had three copies on display. I'm guessing other branches may also have stock but for how long before they are withdrawn is anybody's guess. I haven't had chance to listen yet.
  5. Quite a few years ago HMV had the Herbie box in their sale for £25. I knew some of the albums were not my cup of tea but bought it anyway as it was such a great price. A couple of years later it was still unopened so I decided to sell it - as is always the way, I now regret that rather hasty decision!
  6. Emanem still with us?

    http://www.emanemdisc.com/emanem.html I didn't have a problem using my saved bookmark
  7. Which 'Messenger' is that please? I assume you're not referring to Jazz Messengers in Barcelona? Thanks
  8. What music did you buy today?

    In the UK, you will find that a Polish seller called serpent.pl will also offer a very reasonable combined shipping charge. You can either use them direct or via their page on a ceratin auction site. I have used them on numerous occasions and found their service excellent. (make sure you use the 'English' version of their website!)
  9. I received an email from Amazon UK earlier today telling me that the delivery date on my bargain price set (£13) has been brought forward, now due between 25th and 28th February. The current price has dropped from the previous high to around £19, if anyone is still interested.
  10. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    Thanks for the suggestions - I was hoping to find a Euopean distributor and avoid import taxes from the US. I'll have a more thorough search.
  11. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    I would very much like this set but I'm having a problem finding it for sale from anywhere in Europe, let alone the UK. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.
  12. Question about Mosaic CDs

    It seems to be an across the board thing, not unique to Mosaic. I've noticed for a while that CDs generally are lighter, I even suspected some might be CDRs which turned out to be genuine CDs. If you compare an early CD to a current one, they almost always feel more substantial. I guess pressing plants have changed their spec.
  13. I would have been tempted to place an order before this box disappears. But this week I picked up a 'like new' copy of the original 10 CD Japanese Toshiba box on which the Mosaic is based - for £15 inc shipping! The Mosaic supposedly has superior sound but for what I paid I'll stick with my bargain - especially given the number of alternate takes.
  14. The way I understood their reply is that the Savory set is due on Wednesday this week - give or take a day or so maybe. I've purchased a number of Mosaic boxes from JM over the last few years and found their delivery and customer service (Jorge) outstanding.
  15. Thanks very much for that, couldn't say no at that, I had been waiting for the new one to drop in price. Looks like this one had been falling all month, now back up to £48!