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  1. I did wonder ... no worries! Good to hear you will be receiving a book, but will it have a number?
  2. Is it not the book that contains the number as in previous boxes? If not, where is the number printed?
  3. Pleased that you got it sirted, hopefully your box will arrive soon. I'm also pleased that Mosaic acknowledge that the shipping has been a 'fiasco', maybe they will take action to improve next time.
  4. I received the same email yesterday. If you open the link it takes you to a different Asendia website than previously. I entered the tracking number (same as the one originally provided) and it did give me updated tracking information. My box arrived this morning, no extra fees to pay. Unless Mosaic change their shipping provider for (hopefully) subsequent boxes, I will use JM in future. I hope you box arrives soon; I should contact Fred if your tracking number still leads nowhere.
  5. Interesting to read that, thanks for the input. That explains why my tracking info hasn't updated. Fingers crossed mine arrives in the next day or so. Out of interest, did you have to pay any customs/VAT fees etc?
  6. I have sent an email to Fred and repeated again via the contact form, so far no response.
  7. Have you tried the universal tracking - parcelsapp.com? It gives more information than the Asendia site although my tracking hasn't ben updated since 19 July.
  8. I'm sorry to say I now regret having supported them. The carrier they are using, Asendia, get dreadful reviews on Trustpilot. I'm still waiting for order to ship, a week after being notified. Neither have I received a response to my emails from Mosaic to find out what is going on. I asked if I could cancel my order so I could order from JM but doubt if that will happen. Very disappointed to say the least.
  9. VAT and courier charges are always a lottery. I've ordered from Mosaic directly before and not been charged, so who knows? With tax deducted by JM, the box just creeps over the £135 limit for VAT to be charged by UK customs, so again a bit of a lottery. Whatever, at least I can say I have supported Mosaic. Looking forward to listening to meterial that will be mostly new to me.
  10. My order from Mosaic to the UK shipped yesterday, but looking at the JM price I wish I had waited and ordered from them. A less tortuous shipping journey, plus deduction of VAT probably makes it more economical. Should have had more patience!
  11. I hope that at least the order will show as dispatched on my account so I can keep a look out for it - I don't want the parcel being left on my doorstep while I'm not at home.
  12. I'm in the UK and my thoughts were the same as J.A.W. regarding the price of the new set, when compared to JM. I'm hoping I might avoid a customs charge but you never know. My order is also still 'processing' - so much for shipping the last two weeks of June!
  13. Juno Records stock selected Astral Spirits releases, if you weren't aware already. I pre ordered this one and it's now on the way, although now showing as out of stock. They also stock selected 577 releases from the US, the only UK distributor I have found. Some good stuff on there too.
  14. I have not yet received a reply from Jorge at JM to my question about shipping post Brexit. From what has been said in previous posts, it appears they are deducting Spanish VAT but then not accounting for UK VAT at point of sale, as is supposed to happen. I presume they haven't signed up for the whole post Brexit VAT registration fiasco. So there is an advantage of no VAT, but if the package actually arrives in the UK there is a likelihood of VAT being added (which is fine) but then also the standard £8 Royal Mail fee for customs fees. That's just my take on it. I might try a small order to JM to see what happens.
  15. Trying to remain positive is admirable, but Honest Jons do not stock any of the Polish labels such as NotTwo. I have also found Jazz Messengers to be a useful source for Mosaic boxes. I contacted Jorge at JM who asured me they would still be supplying items to the UK but having read the Guardian article I will seek further clarification from JM on the tax situation.
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