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  1. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Long T-shirts and some hoodies.
  2. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    @ $9.90, I ended up getting multiple Lee Morgans... Almost feel like ordering more. LOL
  3. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    $9.90 sale price, but limited sizes
  4. VMP exclusive pre-order $45/$40
  5. Thanks! I'll buy the LPs, if the price drops to $120.
  6. Saw the Mosaic #260 The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (9 CDs) Box, booklet, cds At Amoeba in Hollywood for $100. A couple of CDs have slight scratches/blemishes. I was going to buy it, but then was able to access my file on the phone (at the counter) and noticed I already had it. My phone didn't seem to work inside the store. I assume you can call Amoeba and inquire about buying it.
  7. Looking for the last Record of the Mosaic Benny Goodman Capitol Small Group set, Record 6. I found the other five loose in a used record store.
  8. Mosaic partials ...

    wanted; #148 Benny Goodman Capitol Small Groups, 1944-1955, LP #6 #249 Modern Jazz Quartet, CD#5 + CD#6 #253 Charles Mingus, Jazz Workshop, CD#6 + CD#7 #256 Clifford Jordan, CD#3, CD#5 Mosaic Select #MS-037 Charles Tolliver Big Band, CD#2 + CD#3, booklet needed too
  9. Rick,

    DId you ever get the Commodore III booklet?

    Might have a zerox copy somewhere?

    Any interest?



  10. Selling Taylor Swift 2LP LOVERS (color vinyl) BRAND NEW, Sealed. $36 (free shipping to anywhere in USA) Payment by Paypal.
  11. Blue Note SACD are selling for $15. Also a group of (10) SACD blue notes for $100, free shipping.
  12. So somebody is selling MP3 on ebay. He sold a couple of Maynard sets for $250!!!
  13. Maynard Ferguson? I'm still waiting for $150 or less.
  14. Mosaic Open Houses

    Did they find more stuff?
  15. Found Grateful Dead : Crimson, White & Indigo (Philadelphia, July 7, 1989), but Disc#1 was missing. Can anybody help? Thanks
  16. Bob,

    Did you find the Mildred Bailey CDs?

    I'm looking for Disc#3,#5,#6 of Clifford Jordan Mosaic set.



  17. It's still availabe. In the glass counter.
  18. It's at
  19. Missing CD

    I ordered a cd box set from (shipped to USA). It didn't arrive after a month, so I inquired and asked for a replacement. sent a replacement and the replacement arrived normally. Then a couple of weeks later, USPS delivers an 'unsealed cd box set' wrapped in a clear plastic bag with a note from USPS stating the package was damaged. It was a book-style cd box set that had 4 cds. CDs looked ok. Very strange.
  20. Saw a used Nat King Cole Mosaic CD box set. About $275 (if you buy it at the store, which includes the sales tax) Not sure how they handle the price on mail orders outside the state. (sticker is about $251). Give them a call. Pretty sure they do mail orders. I didn't inspect the CDs or box. Talk to them. I would assume it's in decent shape. Record Surplus Grateful Dead 6 LP box $69 plus tax. Long Strange Trip Motion Picture Soundtrack (6LP)(Amazon Exclusive)
  21. Thanks for the reply about Disc#1 and Disc#6 of the Clifford Jordan set.   Let me see how some ebay bids settle, if I still need the discs.

    1. Tjazz


      Do you have any wants?  Maybe I have something to trade?

  22. Thanks for the info. Looking at the booklet, I see what you're saying.
  23. Just got a partial Mosaic box set of Clifford Jordan. I need disc #1, #3, #5, #6. Can trade other odd Mosaic discs or buy. Thanks, Tjazz
  24. Reckless is selling it for $179.99
  25. Mosaic Open House

    Any shoppers?