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  1. PM sent on Ogun 010/011 and 021.
  2. IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    The IAJRC dissolved. This CD was sold out years earlier.
  3. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I basically abandoned rock when I abandoned the Dead. Jazz has filled that space ever since. Only now, during the pandemic, have I really bothered to revisit this, even avoiding this thread until today. There seemed to be some magic in the past, but those days are over.
  4. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    6-28-74 is one tape I like better than the CD, which sounded very thin. I get not liking Brent. The first half of the 1980’s is probably my least favorite era. There was a lot of deification of Brent later on. But frankly, there was a fair number of people who were happy for a change. All the complaints about ‘90’s Dead strike me as Monday morning quarterbacking, so to speak. It had its detractors at the time, but, as your comments demonstrate, so did every era.
  5. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Funny to read some of these comments. With a couple exceptions (Egypt 78 and Austin’71) I stopped buying this stuff after 2002. Bad blood and greed soured me on the Dead. Interesting that some people stop with Brent’s arrival. There’s been so much revisionism over the past 20 years. Also, I swear some of my Maxell tapes from way back sound better than the official releases.
  6. Steeplechase burn!!

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the last batch of Steeplechase CDs I got from Tommy, the Johnny Dyani Song for Biko 31109 is a CD-R. The rest were true CDs but no one is safe.
  7. Tommy's Jazz On Hands offer - IAJRC Cd's

    I recommend the Al Cohn and Milton Jazz Concert CDs, in particular.
  8. Patty Waters - An Evening In Houston

    I was there. Recorded on my birthday.
  9. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Anyone have a recommendation on where to get Uptown releases (besides Amazon)?
  10. Source for OOP Mosaic sets

    Not sure. They say to DM them but I’m not on FB or Instagram and Twitter requires they follow you in order to DM.
  11. Source for OOP Mosaic sets

    Buddy Rich up now.
  12. Source for OOP Mosaic sets

    They’re not on the website itself. Click the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter icons. They are there.
  13. Source for OOP Mosaic sets

    They mentioned that they have some but haven’t posted any yet. They seem to be doing a couple each day. I’m hoping for a Bud Shank or Phil Woods set. I’m in San Antonio but stopped by there several times pre-pandemic. You can find some crazy stuff there, often cheap.
  14. Hey ya’ll, Antone’s Records in Austin is selling some OOP Mosaic boxes, currently Earl Hines for 119.99, Condon Mob for 59.99(!), etc. Posting new ones daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can find links to any of these sites at http://www.antonesrecordshop.com Yes, same people who have the longtime Austin club and record label. Just a heads up. Also, support an independent record store.
  15. So, I can get King Crimson "On (And Off) The Road" for about $106 total right now on ImportCDs versus at DMG for around $150. My question is can ImportCDs be trusted shipping an LP sized box set? Cheap is great but not if it comes damaged.