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  1. I don’t know. Ask Nate. That’s how he put. Maybe he’s being cautious. I’m just not a fan of someone who “aligns” with people advocating political violence. Certainly she shouldn’t be getting a government grant.
  2. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I called her out—not even by name— in a response to Ethan Iverson’s tweet about the award, saying one awardee was undeserving. Iverson’s response was to block me. 🤔 Nate Chinen pointed out that she aligns with groups that oppose the NEA, but has been supportive of the NEA Jazz Masters. Not sure how that works.
  3. AaronG

    Dennis Gonzalez

    He’s had a couple recent releases on Ayler Records.
  4. Sorry, have trouble posting a pic, but at least part of Blood is being reissued by Ezzthetics by Hat Hut.
  5. AaronG

    Frank Zappa

    I’m very interested in this. Zappa is some of the only rock music that holds any interest for me.
  6. AaronG


    My copy doesn’t have those strips or the sticker.
  7. I have no problem with the alternate takes, but there seems to be a lot of vocals which give me pause.
  8. PM sent on Bethlehem 24 Bit Remasters $18.00 NM/NM Charlie Mariano – Charlie Mariano TOCJ-9611. Mono. Includes inserts & obi. This has both “Charlie Mariano” & “Charlie Mariano Plays” on one CD.
  9. Anyone know a good source for these Barney Wilen Elemental releases (CD versions) besides Amazon? No one else seems to have them in stock.
  10. The IAJRC dissolved. This CD was sold out years earlier.
  11. I basically abandoned rock when I abandoned the Dead. Jazz has filled that space ever since. Only now, during the pandemic, have I really bothered to revisit this, even avoiding this thread until today. There seemed to be some magic in the past, but those days are over.
  12. 6-28-74 is one tape I like better than the CD, which sounded very thin. I get not liking Brent. The first half of the 1980’s is probably my least favorite era. There was a lot of deification of Brent later on. But frankly, there was a fair number of people who were happy for a change. All the complaints about ‘90’s Dead strike me as Monday morning quarterbacking, so to speak. It had its detractors at the time, but, as your comments demonstrate, so did every era.
  13. Funny to read some of these comments. With a couple exceptions (Egypt 78 and Austin’71) I stopped buying this stuff after 2002. Bad blood and greed soured me on the Dead. Interesting that some people stop with Brent’s arrival. There’s been so much revisionism over the past 20 years. Also, I swear some of my Maxell tapes from way back sound better than the official releases.
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